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Attack Frenzy

Okay, so here I am doing all the grind things you have to do – cooking, fishing, first aid, alchemy, herbs, etc.  for MY char – at Tarren Mill.  I was there because that is to be the next jumping-off point for our joint leveling (Ally, Bourg, myself).

Minding my own business, catching sagefish in the pond down the hill when the “Tarren Mill is under attack!” message appears.  As you know, that appears for one location or another continually, and you just sort of ignore it unless you happen to be involved.  It went on for a while, and I asked Bourg and Ally if I should try to help.  Since it was just up the hill and all.  They laughed (we are at Level 31 now with these characters.)…. said they would all be 80s.

BUT … the attack message went on for 15, 20, 25, 30 … finally,almost 45 minutes!  So,I went up into town to see what was what, and the Alliance bunch was killing everyone and waiting for each to rez, and then, killing them again.  They would just gang up in the center of town and wait for most to rez, then blast them all again.  This went on two or three times, and I told Ally and Bourg.

They assembled all of you who could come help at that time, and I just sat back and watched.  What a bloodbath.  What a firestorm.  I got to see incredible spells, sure, including finally understanding what use shaman totems (maxxed out) are, and what a draenei shadow priest does.  A bunch of assorted alliance, including and most especially a killer shaman,  shadow priest, death knight and rogue wiped out everybody several times, until reinforcements arrived.

It was a terrific battle, yes, and it was incredible to watch, but why would those people do this?   It was shooting fish in a barrel.  Bourg and Ally said they do this intentionally BECAUSE they know a bunch like DN will come to the rescue, and that it’s FUN.   Just the battle itself.  It that’s your goal, it seems a rather uncertain and disorganized modus operandi to me, but I guess it’s the unknown factor of the thing – if, when and who will come – that is the draw.

I especially liked the part where you all hightailed it to Southshore and retaliated, so that they went running back there when they rezzed!  I cannot wait!

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Raid !

I watched you all raid last night and listened to all the gab while it was going on.  It’s easy to see why everyone loves it = what camaraderie!  What hilarity!  What joie de vivre!   Of course, you want to be there!

I was especially impressed with the Thaddeus/Feugen/Staggerlee (Stigmata, Sabbata – can’t recall his name) battle – that was epic.  And I still can’t get over how you all chat while chopping – incredible.  Oh, I don’t mean the calm, controlled constantly-changing stat quotes that Malfean and others insert, but the casual, off-hand comments; e.g., Iga’s “the chick who hit her is going to JAIL! – Ha, ha!!”  while simultaneously rezzing and/or healing and buffing 79 people (it seems) 79 times while under attack in the midst of furious battle.  Incredible.

And Iga, I was only laughing at your Frogger Annihilation because of the irony of it – I mean, you all had JUST discussed whether or not you were going to continue to make incessant fun of all who cratered at the Frogger crossing (quiet snickering from all)  with comments about how maybe it ought to be changed to the Thaddeus Leap, and you immediately went and Frogged out.  The humor of it just struck me, that’s all.    Just WAIT until I get my warlock out there, with her Doom Guard, and I will make up for it.

Whatever foul creatures you go after tonight (or tomorrow?), I will be cheering all of you on in the bleachers, here!


Intro …

Malfean has heralded my arrival here, saying, “a blogger with a unique perspective” would be joining you all.  I suppose that is true, as most people in my age group do not play video games, RPGs or MMORPGs.   Most of my peers think I am strange and weird because that is what I enjoy – the mental stimulation and just plain fun.

Hello to you all, and thanks to Malfean and Ally for letting me join a group like this.  I am a 65-year old mother of six, grandmother of 11, great-grandmother of 4.   Ally is the youngest of my six kids.  I have worn many hats in my life – jack of all trades, master of none – and I have arrived at WOW with a background in console RPGs, the most involved, complex and difficult ones I could find.  They, of course, are nothing compared to WoW, which is absolutely great stuff – light years beyond anything I have experienced before.   Malfean and Ally are helping me power level, and they are VERY patient with the difficulties I am having in converting from controller to keyboard, and vision/perspective issues.

I watched you all do the Obsidian Sanctum raid, and it was terrific!   I look forward to reaching level 80 in the distant future, and going with you to screw up everybody else doing all the wrong things … “more dots, many dots! …  many whelps .. many whelps .. handle it!”

I am tickled to be here, and thanks!

BTW, Iga, thanks for your response, welcome and comment to my previous post yesterday (thus, this recap), which I somehow accidentally deleted!    I have not been “speaking” much in the online Guild Chat while playing because I am concentrating so hard on doing the right thing with my character.  Can’t multitask, or multitrack, so well or rapidly any more.  BUT, it will improve as I get better!  I promise to respond, at least a LITTLE, even if it’s only a “zug-zug”.


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