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More PTR Whining

So, yesterday a new PTR build dropped, and I just got around to reading the patch notes/undocumented changes on mmo-champion today. You can read it here.

Death Knight tanks are being gutted. There is no other way to describe it. Let’s review the impending changes between the PTR and Live, shall we?


Frost Presence: 15% magic damage reduction to 10% magic damage reduction. Flat out 5% magic damage mitigation nerf. This is a nerf to all DK tanking specs.


Blade Barrier: Changing from 10% parry to 5% damage reduction. This is a flat out 5% nerf to DK damage mitigation on physical bosses, and a 5% gain on magic damage. Except Frost Presence is being nerfed by 5%, so it’s no gain overall. This is a nerf to all DK tanks, as it is one of the core talents in all tanking specs. This also reduces DK threat per second, as fewer parries means fewer rune strikes.

Will of the Necropolis: A 15 second cooldown is being added to the damage reduction effect. This is one of the changes that just completely floored me. It seems very much like the age old situation of a PvP nerf FUBARing PvE.Blood spec nerf.

Vampiric Blood: Cooldown doubled to two minutes. The, as Blizzard calls us, “cooldown tanks” now have fewer cooldowns available during a fight. Blood spec nerf.

Blood Gorged: Losing 5 expertise, gaining 5% armor penetration. More TPS(maybe?), less damage mitigation on most bosses due to parryhasting effects. Blood spec nerf.


Lichborne: 25% miss chance being removed from the cooldown, making it a will of the forsaken for Death Knights. The “cooldown tanks” now have one fewer cooldown available. This is, for the most part, a nerf to all DK tanks, as Lichborne is taken in almost all DK tanking specs. Upside, 1 more talent point available to blood and frost specs, 3-6 more TPs available to unholy spec.

Unbreakable Armor: The lackluster ability(25% armor increase) this cooldown provides on live is being changed to damage reduction that scales with how much armor you have, and the amount of parry it grants is being nerfed from 10% to 5%. Cooldown is doubling to 2 minutes. So, the cooldown is being made useful for magic damage, but again, fewer cooldowns available during a fight. Frost spec nerf.

Howling Blast: The gutting of Howling Blast has been somewhat reversed, it’s gone from 5 second cooldown double damage on targets with frost fever to first 5 second cooldown, +50% damage against targets with frost fever, to 10 second cooldown base damage doubled scaling doubled. Not sure how this will effect the ability. Also moved from 31 point talent to 51 point talent.


Bone Shield: Cooldown doubled to 2 minutes. Yet again, the “cooldown tanks” have fewer cooldowns available during a fight. Unholy nerf.

So, Blood DKs are getting hit the worst(expected), with Frost and Unholy also getting significantly nerfed with the spec specific nerfs and the general DK tanking nerfs. Now, I understand there are some issues with tanking parity and shield-based tanks falling behind druids and Death Knights. The answer to this problem, however, is not to break Druid and DK tanks so that all of the tanks are subpar for bosses with big, slow hits. Specifically for Death Knights, the tanks with the most Damage Taken Per Second(DTPS) are going to be taking even more damage. I do not envy the struggle healers will be facing healing Death Knight tanks in 3.1.

Oh, and so I can avoid being told that all I’m doing is whining without any kind of suggestions for ways to fix the problem that don’t involve nerfing Druids and DKs to the ground, here we go: Change shields so instead of blocking a set amount, they block a set percentage of damage from a hit. Seems like it would buff a warrior or pally’s capability of dealing with big, slow hits without screwing those of us not using shields.


Horror Story With a Happy Ending

No, not that kind perverts. So, I showed up at Gamestop at about quarter of ten, and was the third person in line. Third! There was much geekery and nerding and I was the oldest person there for the longest time, at the dried up age of 28. After waiting, and chatting, and discussing PvP, and raiding, and all that good stuff, they opened! Hurray!

I walk inside, and give them my phone number for my preorder, and pick up a third copy for a guildmate who’s local that preordered from Circuit City(they gave him a delivery date of Dec 22nd, he cancelled). So, they give me my total, I swipe my card….declined. WTF?! I swipe it again…declined. They run it as credit….declined. Pwned.

So, I ran off to find an ATM, and call Sharon to have her call them and find out how late they’re letting people in, and find out it was happening to everyone. Every card that was swiped was declined. I lost my third spot in line for no good reason! Argh!

However, I found an ATM, scored my copies of Wrath, and am now installing. Happy! Anyone else have horror stories of Wrath day?


On PvP Gear

Dear anyone who thinks S2 gear is easy to get,

Please, go do 30 WSG PUG matches. Then do 50 AV PUG matches. Then do 50 AB PUG matches. Once you’ve done that, please come back and tell me how easy it is to get. Until you’ve done that, your opinion means very little to me.

Tell me how easy this gear is to get after doing match after match of battlegrounds with incompetent morons who want to go all on D in WSG. Who want to zerg the opposing general in AV, leaving no one on D or to guard graveyards or towers. Who can’t be bothered, if they’re the last person at a node in AB, to actually stand there and call out incomings. Who can’t even be bothered to be at their fucking keyboard. After all of that, please come back and tell me this gear is easy to farm, that it’s welfare epics.

The S2 gear has a high cost. It’s not the honor, it’s not the marks, it’s not the time invested. It’s the frustration, misery, and general hatred for humanity you develop in being forced to PvP with the lowest common denominator, the BG PUG player. They don’t know how to play their class, they don’t know how to PvP, they don’t know how to win a BG. There are only two things in the world these people excel at. Acting like douchebags, and making your life miserable.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have 23 more WSG marks of honor to farm.

P.S. The number of BGs I listed gets you 5 pieces of gear. Leaving quite a few remaining to get if you want the whole set. Doing just the BG you really enjoy to get a single piece does not qualify you to make broad, sweeping generalizations about how easy all of the gear is to get.


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