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Malfean has heralded my arrival here, saying, “a blogger with a unique perspective” would be joining you all.  I suppose that is true, as most people in my age group do not play video games, RPGs or MMORPGs.   Most of my peers think I am strange and weird because that is what I enjoy – the mental stimulation and just plain fun.

Hello to you all, and thanks to Malfean and Ally for letting me join a group like this.  I am a 65-year old mother of six, grandmother of 11, great-grandmother of 4.   Ally is the youngest of my six kids.  I have worn many hats in my life – jack of all trades, master of none – and I have arrived at WOW with a background in console RPGs, the most involved, complex and difficult ones I could find.  They, of course, are nothing compared to WoW, which is absolutely great stuff – light years beyond anything I have experienced before.   Malfean and Ally are helping me power level, and they are VERY patient with the difficulties I am having in converting from controller to keyboard, and vision/perspective issues.

I watched you all do the Obsidian Sanctum raid, and it was terrific!   I look forward to reaching level 80 in the distant future, and going with you to screw up everybody else doing all the wrong things … “more dots, many dots! …  many whelps .. many whelps .. handle it!”

I am tickled to be here, and thanks!

BTW, Iga, thanks for your response, welcome and comment to my previous post yesterday (thus, this recap), which I somehow accidentally deleted!    I have not been “speaking” much in the online Guild Chat while playing because I am concentrating so hard on doing the right thing with my character.  Can’t multitask, or multitrack, so well or rapidly any more.  BUT, it will improve as I get better!  I promise to respond, at least a LITTLE, even if it’s only a “zug-zug”.



With the release of Wrath of the Lich King looming on the horizon(ZOMG ELEVEN HOURS), I find myself looking back over the time I have spent playing World of Warcraft, and quite a lot of it, at that. However, looking back, I honestly can’t say that I am regretful of the majority of my time spent in game. A lot of people like to talk about how WoW players have no lives, are wasting their time on the game, etc.

In looking back, and considering how much time I have spent playing this game, and how much enjoyment I have gotten out of it, and then factor in the cost of the game, it becomes pretty obvious.

And there I go, sidetracking myself. The reason I am writing this post is more in regards to history than cost effective means of entertainment. So, here we go.

Four years ago, seems like forever. I played around in the beta, and bought WoW a month after it came out, since money was too tight right at launch. I rolled a human paladin, and got it up to level 20 before getting frustrated with the playstyle, and slow, slow, slow killing speed. So I went and rolled a dwarf hunter, who was the first character I ever raided on.

January, 2007. At this point, I had a 60 dwarf hunter, 60 night elf male, 60 gnome warlock, and 60 night elf druid. TBC launched, and I stormed through Outlands with my old guild, ransacking demons and fel orcs and naga for the glory of the Alliance. I remember, shortly before I took a long break from playing, attempting Karazhan and Gruul’s, and wiping horribly. This was before we really knew what the gear requirements were like, almost no one had the rep for heroics yet, and we were still trying to figure out how to raid in the days of 10 and 25 mans. Now, I look at my old guild, and they’ve merged with another guild to become one of the bigger progression guilds on the server.

November, 2007. I get back into playing the game, this time dragging Sharon into it with me. At this point, I can definitely say that I have not looked back since. Being able to share the game with someone I love, and being able to level and farm and grind and run raids with someone across the room to vent to, laugh with, and in general enjoy the game with is one of the most rewarding experiences to be found in World of Warcraft, in my opinion.

November 12th, 2008. Here I sit, anxiously awaiting the work day to be over, ready to dive into the latest xpack, at a midnight release no less. Last November, I rerolled Horde because Sharon preferred them. Now I’m rerolling DK because they’re awesome. I’m not going to make this a yearly thing, I swear.


As an aside, if any of you five people who read this are going to be at the Arsenal Mall in Watertown, MA for Gamestop’s midnight release, I’ll be the heavyset guy with beard and glasses, black wool coat and black hawaian shirt…screw it, I’ll put up a picture when I get home. Although the black with red highlights Patriot’s hat might be a good distinguisher.

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Thanks, Bansidhe and Imaya

So, this post serves two purposes. The first is to introduce everyone to our new home at Sharon and I have made the jump to self-hosting, thanks to a donation of webhosting from one of our favorite guildmates. Imaya, you rock.

Also, I want to thank Bansidhe the Museful for her awesome banner she provided for us. It’s pretty kickass(that’s Bourguignon, my druid and Allysera, Sharon’s rogue displayed).

Expect things to go through some changes, here, and just about everything to get moved around, jumbled, and generally disarrayed while we figure out this whole selfhosted thing.


Sharon’s Intro (Drumroll Please)

Evidently a girl gets in trouble when she cajoles and whines and otherwise harrasses her significant other into working on a blog and then neglects to do so herself. So, without further ado or guilt bombardment, I shall introduce myself.

I’m Sharon. Y’know, that girl mentioned in the post previous by my fiance who was being very sweet. (Of course he’s got to be sweet. It’s his first post! Not to worry, I’m sure you’ll see us arguing later.) I was never much of a video game player, to tell you the truth. I dabbled a bit with old NES when I was a kid and then, when I had my own kid, I got him a system and I dabbled some more. I was never glued to it like the boys in my family were, though. Ironically, I got my mother involved in video games by introducing her to Animal Crossing on Gamecube and now she’s an admitted Final Fantasy junkie who made my father buy her a PS2 and an XBox. She has arthritis in her thumbs for God’s sake. If they ever get broadband out in rural Texas where she lives I know she’ll be on WoW in seconds.
Now, I grew up in a family of geeks and you might say that it rubbed off a little. My family believed heavily in sci-fi and fantasy. I grew up watching Logan’s Run, Barbarella, Night Gallery, that awesome 60’s Time Machine and my mother started me out reading Anne McCaffrey and worked me up to Heinlein and Asimov. To say that I’m open to geekery would be an understatement.

I guess you could say, then, that when I saw Malfean playing World of Warcraft that it was easy to see that I’d get interested. We’d done our share of roleplaying (mostly in the White Wolf vein on my end) and this seemed to me to be the pinnacle of what all that roleplaying was about. Of course, that was then and this is now. We do no roleplaying and, honestly, I’m not sure if I want to. Occasionally I have a yen to go back to those roots and give it a try, especially when I look at Ratshag, but then I think of all of the cyber-monkeys and I get gunshy.

Right now I have a 70 Rogue (Allysera) as my main. I just recently respecced combat daggers to take advantage of the nice badge loot that came out in 2.4 and am currently trying to do the good old rep-grind as much as possible to get the remaining enchants I haven’t gotten. Malfean and I raid about 3 times a week at the moment, hitting up Kara badge-farming and the occasional 25 man raid. I’m working on a mage alt (Arcanie) as well, since ranged DPS is so damned much easier than melee. So far I’m only at 55, though, so I’ve got a ways to go with that and already I want to start up a new alt.

I did have a blog of my own, much as Malfean did, called “Rolled Yesterday: Journal of a New World of Warcraft Player”, however we did decide that this would be a much more interesting and fun venture for us, since we made each other read all of our blog posts anyway. Besides, this way we can argue in front of you all.

So that’s about it for present for introduction. You can look forward to much ranting, venting, anecdote-relating and general commentary and bitchery from me in the future. I’ve already got a few topics in mind, so hold onto your butts.

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Welcome to the new home. Watch out for boxes and broken links, we’re still in the process of moving in. This is going to be our(Malfean/Bourguignon/Martin and Allysera/Sharon) joint venture into the blogging world. We had fun maintaining our own blogs, but after discussing for a bit, realized we could blog together and maybe bring a unique viewpoint to the table together.

So, a bit about myself if you’re not familiar with me(that is, you’re not being directed here from my old blog). I’ve been playing World of Warcraft since beta, and bought the game a month after release. My original toon was a dwarf hunter who made it to 60, and was the first character I raided on. Then came a warrior, and a lock, and a druid. Those are just the 60’s. The druid was the only one to make it to 70.

Now, mixed in here and there was me taking breaks from the game. During one of these breaks, I met a wonderful girl named Sharon, and we moved in together. Then, Thanksgiving rolled around, and I started coming down with the mmo bug again. I didn’t want to reactivate quite yet, so instead I set up a trial account for myself to screw around on. Well, she saw me doing this and decided she didn’t want to be left out, and wanted to try it. A couple days later, we bought her the Battlechest, reactivated my account, and we were good to go.

Now, why do I include all of this? Well, I had always played Alliance, except for one priest I rolled with RL friends and made it up to 55. Sharon, however, was more interested in playing Horde. So, I went and rerolled Horde, we found an awesome guild, and we’re on our way to having a second set of 70’s now.

Which brings us, more or less, to current day. My main is a druid(Bourguignon) whose spec changes more often than is financially intelligent, but I have fun exploring the different aspects of the class. My most recent stint was Boomkin, and damn was that fun. I’m actually considering going back to it for leveling up to 80, but right now I am back to feral due to a need for tanks in the guild at the moment. I’m also working on a hunter alt, currently 52, who’s coming up with Sharon’s mage alt. I hope to have them to 70 well before Wrath lands on us.

That’s pretty much it for now. You should be seeing a similar type of post from Sharon in the extremely near future. Until next time, keep your pimp hand strong.


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