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The True Victims

So, while Sharon was browsing the official forums, she has uncovered a post that has revealed the true goal of the Lich King’s conspiracy, and this news will shake the very foundations of the world…..of warcraft.

This zombie plague, it is not about conquering Azeroth, nor about attacking the mighty adventurers who have plumbed the depths of Karazhan, slaughtered the naga and blood elves of Vashj and Kael’thas, and kicked Illidan’s skull in. No! This is economical sabotage, the likes of which has not been seen since 9999 gold stacks of linen cloth! Read about it here.

It makes me wonder, will the Lich King’s next cunning plot involve subprime mount loans?


Only You Can Stop Zombie Plagues

So, it has come to my attention, through a guildmate speaking with a GM, that the Scourge invasion/zombie plague stuff is not actually on a timeline, but that the duration is based upon how many Scourge necropoli are killed by players during the Scourge invasion. What this means is, for those of you out there who are so vehemently against this whole zombie plague(I’m not, I think it’s fun and awesome), the power to end it is in your hands. Go out, and murder the minions of the Scourge. Lay waste to Shadows of Doom. Massacre oceans of undead., The faster you take out the invasion, the less you will have to deal with zombies.

This public service announcement has been brought to you by the letter Z and the number BRAAAAAAINS.


On Warhammer and Distractions…

So, it’s been quite a while since I last posted, and there have been a couple major contributing factors to this.

One, I gave Warhammer a whirl. It was pretty cool for PvP, and having read over the highlights from Blizzcon, I’m happy to see that Blizz will be incorporating some of the features into WoW, notably queueing for battlegrounds anywhere. Unfortunately, Warhammer’s PvE was sorely lacking, and a game whose only major merits are PvP-based can’t hold my attention for very long.

Two, must…level…alts. Trying desperately to get alts up to 70 before the xpack hits. I should easily have my shaman up to 70 by the time xpack hits, and my mage should be well along the way. This makes me happy. Options are always a good thing, although I very likely will be rolling a Death Knight on launch day. I’m about 90% on that. Which leads me to thing the third…

Beta! Got into the beta a while back, and really enjoyed messing around with stuff. Actually spent very little time on my druid(never even hit 71), however I did tank a bit of Naxx on a premade druid, and that was fun. Most of what I did, however, was play around with DKs. I wanted to get a good feel for how the class plays, and decide whether or not I would play one, and where in the roster it would go. I am sorely tempted to make my Death Knight my new main, and make it the first thing I do on launch day. They’re extremely fun, with quite a few cool abilities.

So, the main reason I’m making this post is to break the radio silence. I plan on posting in the next day or so regarding Death Knights, so if you’re interested but don’t have access yet, I’ll be breaking down some of the cooler/more fun abilities and aspects of being a former servant of the Lich King.


Vote, Damnit!

Video Game Voters Network

Don’t worry, I’m not going to get all political on you here. This post is for two purposes. One, I want to apologize for slacking off so bad and failing to blog. This will hopefully be rectified in the next week or so.

Secondly, on the politics front…I don’t care if you’re left or right, if there’s one basic tenet of our system of government that we can agree on, it’s that one of the most important aspects of the system is that everyone have a voice and be heard. I’ll be keeping a link to the Video Game Voters Network on the sidebar at least until the election is over, possibly permanently. With the internet and video games becoming more and more political issues as well as entertainment, we are actually seeing legal issues and laws surfacing surrounding the world of video games, and especially MMOs. Check it out.


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