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So, I was doing dailies tonight, running around the Isle as a Crit Chicken of Death, and I guess it hadn’t really occurred to me just how insane Boomkin damage has become. Is this going on with all of the other classes, as well? I’ve primarily been playing my resto shaman since the patch, and doing dailies on my druid was crazy fun. Almost nothing that did the melee thing was able to hit…no roots needed. Starfire, starfire, moonfire, dead. And that’s when the first starfire didn’t crit. I actually one-shotted a Blood Knight with a starfire crit. It was pretty insane.

Bring it, Ret Pallies. Just don’t hit me in the face.

P.S. As an aside, flipping through the wow blogosphere, at first I thought some of the QQ I was seeing about pally nerfs was ridiculous. I saw at least a couple posts that were pure whining about Ret being nerfed, and this was when Ret was obviously and retardedly overpowered. However, that said, the Ret pally(and pally in general) nerfs have gotten out of hand, and I really hope that things get turned around, and soon. Ret pallies were stupid when 3.0.2 first came out. Now, they seem to be getting closer and closer to becoming retardins again, and that’s not cool.

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