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Death Knight Tanking Spec

So, it’s been way too long since I posted…this seems to be becoming a bit of a trend for me, unfortunately. I’m hoping now that I’ve hit 80 and things have become a bit more relaxed, I’ll have more time(and inspiration!) to post.

Today, I bring you my Death Knight’s tanking spec. Here’s a talent calculator link.

Right now, I’m specced 23/48/0, and quite happy with it. The highlights of the spec are Guile of Gorefiend for the boost to Icebound Fortitude, Acclimation, Frost Aura, and Spell Deflection for caster mitigation, Improved Icy Talons for buffing the party/raid, Howling Blast for aoe tanking, and Unbreakable Armor and Lichborne for the talented oh crap button.

So far I’ve tanked most regular 5 mans with this spec. Frost is far and away the best tanking spec, in my opinion, as the aoe rotation is much cleaner, and the mitigation is much better, at least at lower gear levels. Once I’ve pushed my avoidance higher, I’ll try Unholy again to see how the uptime on Bone Armor is enhanced.

My basic rotations are Icy Touch, Plague Strike, Blood Strike, Blood Strike, Obliterate, Frost Strike, wash rinse repeat for single target. For aoe tanking, the rotation alternates. Icy Touch, Plague Strike, Pestilence, Death and Decay for the first rotation, then Icy Touch, Plague Strike, Pestilence, Howling Blast, Blood Boil for the second rotation, with some RP dumps thrown in the end of each, situationally.

So, that’s my extremely basic Death Knight tanking guide. Hope this helps some of you.

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