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Lord, it’s been a while since I’ve posted here. I really am terrible at the whole blogging thing, apparently.

So, big things are afoot in the RaidedM household…mainly, it is changing locations. I was laid off in November, and we’re moving to BFE, Texas so Sharon can be closer to her family…down the hall closer. We hit the road March 10th, so things have been and will continue to be hectic. Also, we’ll be without ‘net access probably for about a week or so once we get down there. Is there a way to set up an intravenous WoW drip?

On the WoW front, Blood has surprising become a very viable tanking spec. I’ve been main tanking Naxx 10 using this spec, which I’ve been extremely happy with. Sadly it’s getting a slight nerf in 3.1 as of the PTR right now, losing the expertise on Blood Gorged and gaining armor pen. On the upside, it gives some more liberty to not go 51 points deep in Blood, and play around a bit more in the other trees. Once 3.1 lands, I’m considering going with a Blood/Unholy tanking build that uses Death Strike for it’s U/F pair, skipping Annihilation for more toys in Unholy.

Also, in news from the PTR, Frost is taking it in the ass. Not only is Howling Blast getting moved to the 51 point talent, it’s taking a 25% damage cut, nerfing aoe threat generation for frost tanks in a big way, which will push more people into Blood or Unholy for tanking, and push the majority of DK DPSers to Unholy, pretty much killing Frost’s viability. The good news? Unholy is being buffed, so we can expect a nerf to Unholy and a buff to Frost shortly after the patch, if things remain as they are on the PTR.

And why is all of this taking place? Because Blizzard can’t seem to figure out how to make dual wielding a non-viable raid dps spec. Now, granted, the HB/Impurity/Crypt Fever build has been pretty broken for some time. Tossing on some rep blues/mostly greens in 3.0.3 and rocking 1800-2k DPS in heroics was a tad broken. However, there has to be a way to kill the DW specs without gutting Frost tanking in aoe situations. If they’re that determined to nullify dual wield in raiding situations, just remove the ability from DKs and compensate one handed weapons in inventory somehow.

Why do I say Blizzard is trying to remove dual wield viability entirely, rather than just balance it? Let’s look at the facts. Back in beta, Blizzard openly stated that they wanted 2h DPS to be superior to DW DPS. Also, let’s look at the tree. With Howling Blast moved to the 51 point talent, it is no longer possible to obtain it and Impurity, which was the main talent boosting the damage on it so high for DW DKs. You’re also no longer able to pick up desecration, another cut to the HB damage. I believe these changes would have brought DW spec in line with 2H DPS. However, to remove those talents interacting with Howling Blast -and- cut the damage on it by 25%, you’re gutting the ability, yet again making a substandard ability for the 51 point ability in Frost.

As a disclaimer, all of this ranting is regarding PTR patch notes/changes, which are subject to change at any time.

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  • en: @maccarelle Was jst popping in here with 1 tweet as I'm still the same. Waiting 4 tests in few weeks then hospital treatment in month or two 07/13/09 12:29pm
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  • en: @natalieannem my future husband! Don't mention his name on here or you will curse our love hahaha think am still drunk.... 07/13/09 12:28pm
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  • en: Or can u just get that far deep under ppls skin all by your attitude and actions. 07/13/09 12:28pm
  • en: @alpwriting Lots of spammer. Autobots follow keywords you type. Can be funny sometimes. You can block them if they're dodgy, or just ignore. 07/13/09 12:28pm
  • en: @sammy_freeman Oh yeah, I know all about that. Guess thats why I've only had the same 6 or so friends for like 12 years now 😛 07/13/09 12:28pm
  • en: @bkbkbk or....fall asleep to it. 07/13/09 12:28pm
  • en: @DJPapas_Akio Dont make me name him dude hahahaha The bald guys class science or something, hahaha 07/13/09 12:28pm
  • en: @onion2k twitpic or it didn't happen 😉 07/13/09 12:28pm
  • en: @zefrog big wishes for ur Monday news, or did u hear about ur interview already? I like ur new pic. Was showing all the girls at work! Cute! 07/13/09 12:28pm
  • en: @lancearmstrong has it been leaked or is it with permission 07/13/09 12:28pm
  • en: deal or no deal is an outrageous programme... greedy greedy humans 07/13/09 12:00pm
  • en: fucking m00t is on twitter now. He reminds me of Charles Bukowski because of the way readers reacted to him, or a little like MSI. I lol'd. 07/13/09 12:00pm
  • en: @wordman1994 or instead of nope not gonna say it... 07/13/09 12:00pm
  • en: Mystery phrase is DI-LOMA-IC -OR-S. Clue: the body of ? personnel. 07/13/09 12:00pm
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  • en: what would be worse, the descent into madness or the foolish attempt to leave the abyss as it consumes. 07/13/09 12:00pm
  • en: woman on deal or no deal is a moron for risking that money - even if she did end up gettin lucky 07/13/09 12:00pm
  • en: RT @emsyjx: "Please retweet: just signed petition 'No Season 4 Without Ianto or Janto' -" 07/13/09 12:00pm
  • en: GAH, just realized there are a lot of projects and homework to be done by this weekend or I 07/13/09 12:00pm
  • en: @MissDimplez lol it was all a publicity stunt.. That negro came right back in a matter or minutes after hittin that kush, smh 07/13/09 12:00pm
  • en: just got in from a loooong day. ppl were deff shooting a music video or some shit at the court i was at. 07/13/09 12:00pm
  • ja: 家を買う or 借りる、どっちがお得? 07/13/09 12:00pm
  • en: Oh man, naps shouldn't be 4 hours long.... or should they? 07/13/09 12:00pm
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  • en: @Lilmissbekah omg i kno! Or like go shopping in nz once in a while 07/13/09 11:59am
  • en: Hmmm "The Novel" Or "Autobiographical and Confessional Writing"? 07/13/09 11:59am
  • en: @HauteCoutureDiv I'm mad as hell. Lol. I'm a have to read a book or something 07/13/09 11:59am
  • en: I don't wanna go to bed. Or work tomorrow 🙁 07/13/09 11:59am
  • en: @Johnnyjuicebox but she'll either get off or go to sleep first. I will keep at it until I finish every song if I have to. 07/13/09 11:59am
  • en: I dnt get male celebs in movies kissin another male or being gay I find it very offensive let real gay pplsz do dat 07/13/09 11:59am
  • en: @twistedthursday or you could also take it simultaneously? That's what I did with BSBA, fashion design and dress making. 07/13/09 11:59am
  • en: Have a day off. I think I might so some strength, and then be a visitor at Lotta on Liseberg! Or maybe go to the Gothia Cup opening. #FB 07/13/09 11:59am
  • en: Lake Placid or The Dead Sea. 07/13/09 11:59am
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  • en: @PBCREATIONZ #truth the TRUTH ain't in HALF OF YA'LL LMAO....((not around them, beside them, above or beneath them)) 07/13/09 11:59am
  • en: @trendsetter86 prolly noon or so now... I can get in house. So I can get the keys later. We missed 11pm flight 07/13/09 11:59am
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  • en: I don't keep negative ppl in my life 4 a reason. If u have a personal prob,go deal wit it 1st be4 u poison me wit it or keep movin 07/13/09 11:59am
  • en: @mike_y13 you could send me a direct message or, i dunno, a text 😛 07/13/09 11:59am
  • en: @johncmayer You HAVE to make this show happen, or I will. 07/13/09 11:59am
  • : Please vote! "Masquade" or "hot Mess"? 07/13/09 11:59am
  • en: Or because I have been drinking? 07/13/09 11:59am
  • en: doing late last minute show prep. Or getting it ready. What did you guys think of the final episode of Eli Stone?? 🙁 07/13/09 11:59am
  • en: @nomad_garrett now or forever hold your peace. *pauses* Alright, please turn and face each other. Katrina, do you take Garrett to be ur <c> 07/13/09 11:59am
  • en: Is it just me, or does Top Gear feel a bit tired and saggy these days? 07/13/09 11:59am
  • en: @jasminetye I ask if girls can or not....let you know later 07/13/09 11:59am
  • en: @BamBamCreative tried Toyworld, Kmart, TM.? U could also try Mainly Toys in Mt Eden or the toy shop on Dominion Rd (don't know the name!) 07/13/09 11:59am
  • en: ...or @murdercity devils. 07/13/09 11:59am
  • en: @johncmayer do you tweet all of your thoughts or just every other one? i think you should include the every other one's as well. 07/13/09 11:59am
  • en: Moving this week, going to miss being close to my kids, at least my ex will not want to kill me, or not as soon 🙂 07/13/09 11:59am
  • en: @jbarsodmg wah u doiin up smokiin sum piff 2 soulja call it kush wah dah fuck is kush every1 kno it as piff or treez 07/13/09 11:59am
  • en: My five favourite tools (unordered): DTerm, git, TextMate, VMware Fusion… and either LaunchBar or WebKit, I can’t decide. What are yours? 07/13/09 11:59am
  • en: Finished Iron Giant. Goes to show, no matter who, or what you are, we can all be supermen. 07/13/09 11:59am
  • en: Listening to 'Black Or White' by Michael Jackson @imeem 07/13/09 11:59am
  • en: Really needs to learn how to go to bed at a decent hour, or be more productive with the time that I'm awake. 07/13/09 11:59am
  • en: What's a short way of saying in 5 words or less...I almost killed him but remember that CSI stuff could get me....? 07/13/09 11:59am
  • en: Watching movies until I die, or fall asleep. 07/13/09 11:59am
  • en: which is worse? the sound of old style matrix printer or long fingernails scratching over chalkboard? 07/13/09 11:59am
  • en: which one was bow legged lou? the one w/the long headband or the "kick some fuckin' ass" dood from house party? 07/13/09 11:59am
  • en: Oh the dieties, the dieties they've all become addicted to twitter. No time to save or balance the world! Zeus quit bothering Mariah Carey 07/13/09 11:59am
  • en: If you live in or around Atlanta and you are in the music industry and you don't have your tickets to The FIRM Music Fest. Kill Yourself!!! 07/13/09 11:59am
  • : as for u, I don't no if u do sleep or not! 07/13/09 11:59am
  • en: @gazedd That he was (only one of em). I didnt think to take a photo, but I think Tom or Pete did 07/13/09 11:59am
  • en: It tastes like shit. Or like sand. 07/13/09 11:59am
  • en: @starphotography did u get wordpress to automatically go to twitter or did u just copy it into bit? 07/13/09 11:59am
  • en: @TheMonkeyBoy only if you mix them with coffee and/or red bull 07/13/09 11:59am
  • en: Watching an epic thunderstorm at my dads. Good thing I got him a lantern for fathers day a year or two ago. 07/13/09 11:59am
  • en: #are you a music student? a teacher or someone 'self learning' at home? check this out: Please spread the word. 07/13/09 11:59am
  • en: getting mixed signals do they love apes and primates or hate them? 07/13/09 11:59am
  • : -xo Julien 07/13/09 11:59am
  • en: @courtjo1991 or something haha 07/13/09 11:59am
  • en: I need a job in the next month or it's back to St. Louis for me... Anyone know any PR firms that are hiring??? 07/13/09 11:59am
  • en: Another day in paradise or Peckham in fact. Nunhead, actually, as I prefer to call my manor. 07/13/09 11:59am
  • en: @BgirlShorty lol idk how i feel about it cant decide if i wanna c it or not yet 07/13/09 11:59am
  • en: Trying to decide whether to go to the @mbff09 cloudland wrap party or the group 6 show! What should I see? #fashion 07/13/09 11:59am
  • en: going through my dvd collectioon dont know if i want to watch gladiator with cuba goods or gladiator with russell crowe 07/13/09 11:59am
  • en: New blog post: Who Know How I Can Watch Nba Games On Tv And On Hotbird Or Nilesat Satelite? 07/13/09 11:59am
  • en: RT @MLB For each HR Prince Fielder hits in #hrderby, take $1 off Loge Outfield ticket to Aug. 11, 12 or 13 game in Milwaukee. 07/13/09 11:59am
  • en: Thanks for the sympathy, too morose and lazy to specifically @ retweet you or whatever. Gah. So not cool. 07/13/09 11:59am
  • en: Damn cuh is this male bashing hour or what 07/13/09 11:59am
  • en: RT @jessicaburciaga :geeez ur either 2 skinny or 2 thick, sometimes ppl should just mind their own buisness unless u ask 4 their opinion. 07/13/09 11:59am
  • en: If you're trying to save money or going green, why not join our Facebook group: 07/13/09 11:59am
  • en: @TheChellester Mmm not really, but kinda. things happen in a way that work for you or against you. You gotta be smart about it. ~_^ 07/13/09 11:59am
  • en: @crazysteezyo Yo! im thinkin about subletting in NYC from Aug-Sep or maybe just Sep, if you know anyone who'd be down...hold me down 1 time! 07/13/09 11:59am
  • en: Is Music Getting Better Or Worse? | Swollen Thumb Entertainment #70smusic #80smusic #90smusic #beatles 07/13/09 11:59am
  • en: @MeliiAnn I meant a line from "Move on" or "Dont trust me" not from @TheRealAshleyyy Lmao. 07/13/09 11:59am
  • en: Your Assignment Is Always To A Person or A People. -Mike Murdock 07/13/09 11:59am
  • en: @JayMDee Where is she? I'll do it. Or we can round up other creepy people to do it... as a trap. 07/13/09 11:59am
  • en: "Maybe you should consider cutting your hair, or shaving, if you want to work here" "Maybe I should consider I probably don't want this 07/13/09 11:53am
  • en: Can you believe it, free book, and no email address or money required. 07/13/09 11:53am
  • en: Do not hit or swear at people. #MAO 07/13/09 11:53am
  • en: we are currently in our soft launch and will be in full launch publicly mid August or early September right now we have only launched for... 07/13/09 11:53am
  • en: @jjprojects Or it could show that I'm male, and really don't connect well to most female musicians? 07/13/09 11:53am
  • en: hahaha np:) when are you testing it out so i can know if it works or not? 07/13/09 11:53am
  • en: @francesxo LOOOOOOOOOL or like when I friggin SLAPPED U DOWN BITCH !!! Hiiiiii xoxo 07/13/09 11:53am
  • en: Why have you not at least wrote to me? Have you really just moved on and don't think or miss me anymore. Do you stil love me? I am the same! 07/13/09 11:53am
  • en: @nomadiquemc I wouldn't mind having 5 minutes alone with sicko's like that. I don't like violence but I'd show him a thing or 2 07/13/09 11:53am
  • en: if any of u got steam accs and tf2 hit me up on GA forums forum name miraj1 or pm me on steam xXStealthXx/Stealth610 #agendasource 07/13/09 11:53am
  • en: Cool and useful, no rego or install needed: RT @ianlyons: simple collaboration 07/13/09 11:53am
  • en: @01000101 Are they or are those the ones who get signed? 07/13/09 11:53am
  • en: Ready 2 lynch incompetent classmts, incapable of proper citations, avoiding blatant plagiarism, or even basic writing. #UniversityofPhoe ... 07/13/09 11:53am
  • en: Wilsons back in the OR!? Yep, Jared and Elise are now moved to Portland. Bethany is to follow next month. 07/13/09 11:53am
  • en: My weekend in 140 characters or less 07/13/09 11:53am
  • en: Signing up for this and figuring out how to twit/twat or whatever it's called. 07/13/09 11:53am
  • en: really wants to see Entourage Season 6 epi.1! Anyone know where I can find it online? Or if they show it in Germany???? 07/13/09 11:53am
  • en: @augama Thanks Jason! 😀 Let us know of any local or niche concerts in your city. 07/13/09 11:53am
  • en: @sfoak ... and to take recorded video and convert it to infrared or xray or something like that 07/13/09 11:53am
  • en: @Jonafun I have NEVER in my life been motorboated on camera or video...... #lies 07/13/09 11:53am
  • en: Check my pic it proves dat iAint got ish 2 lie about......not tootn my own horn or anything 07/13/09 11:53am
  • en: he's back. or not? whatever. 07/13/09 11:53am
  • en: Is my boyfriend or his 44 yr old uncle the baby's father? Only Maury knows..... 07/13/09 11:53am
  • en: @johncmayer or retrieve a 60 year old man from 1896, make him beg for mercy and send him to 1935 07/13/09 11:53am
  • en: @jeanese08 Brian said that on the album version or the leaked version? 07/13/09 11:53am
  • en: @KingEarth i know man, i'm so mad right now. i might have like one house show a month or something. fuck ybor. 07/13/09 11:53am
  • en: RT @daebo_08: sooo like im on the phone wit ah friend n she just stop talking....either she sleep or dead.....oh god no>>SHE DRUNK BLEACH 07/13/09 11:53am
  • en: i never said what you did was either right or wrong. @riseonsunshine 07/13/09 11:53am
  • en: @johncmayer Or Bill Clinton, "I did not have sexual relations with that woman... I was over here flying solo" 07/13/09 11:53am
  • en: I think that there is a realistic chance that I'm going to make Marie cry today. It's either that or getting burned alive by her. 07/13/09 11:53am
  • en: @donniewahlberg r u waffle housin' it tonite on mcdowell rd? Let us know if we should party here or head on out!!! 07/13/09 11:53am
  • en: I should really go to bed now; pondering whether or not "tweet-sex" exists yet. ...And now it does. Oh baby. 07/13/09 11:53am
  • en: ah @agthekid, should i sing the hook on summer love or just spit that shit? 07/13/09 11:53am
  • en: new bag arrived today. complete with warning card explaining not to take on aircraft or into banks. 07/13/09 11:53am
  • en: I also do not know how to add friends or maybe I do. ughh 07/13/09 11:53am
  • en: @babymontague ...why dont you or not because i like you :] 07/13/09 11:52am
  • en: @jowyang Terms *not* to use in a job req or job resume: Rockstar, Ninja, Guru, Master + guess, try, happiness, morons. 07/13/09 11:52am
  • en: Cowboys Cleaning offers Twitter special for July-- Tweet CLEANTWITJLY to win a free cleaning in Dallas or one of several discounts 07/13/09 11:52am
  • en: I unlocked the Completed Story Mode achievement on Dead or Alive 4! 07/13/09 11:52am
  • en: working... or acting like it ;p 07/13/09 11:52am
  • en: @scrapbookingpas thanks! Do you also scrapbook your online travel plans or ogranize them in some other way? 07/13/09 11:52am
  • en: Apparently I can only send messages with 140 letters or less. wtf? 07/13/09 11:52am
  • en: @iamnaenae lmgdao hell yeah sample:"is it the rubber up on my wheels or that leather in my seat" 07/13/09 11:52am
  • en: @Quickning Did you write good luck or bad luck on your face? 07/13/09 11:52am
  • en: oh wait isn't her husband patrick dempsey's cousin or something? 07/13/09 11:52am
  • en: Anyone who has had a Great Internet Agrument with me and has a preference on who you would like to portray me, email or direct message me. 07/13/09 11:52am
  • en: Bruno ist like Jesus or Ghandi - ve're basically messiahs mit millions of fans - und all 3 of us look AMAZING in just our unterpants 07/13/09 11:52am
  • no: A lose lover aj haha RT @nsaadr: "Love a Loser" or "Lose a Lover"? 07/13/09 11:52am
  • en: @Leah1210 aww how cool! well temp dallas or irving tx. wit a friend to save up and move to cali, but tx is hot im worried bout the heat lol 07/13/09 11:52am
  • en: Eileen Connolly: Eileen Connolly, For all those searching Google or asking one another why the Season 6 premiere.. 07/13/09 11:52am
  • en: @singing_pigs What movie was that? Or just in general? 07/13/09 11:52am
  • en: INCOME BOOSTER___EARN EXTRA INCOME ___FULL or PART TIME_____ 07/13/09 11:52am
  • en: @dglambert hey you are really david lambert or your pet name is are too cute .so you must also be sweet. 07/13/09 11:52am
  • en: Guess I'll take my behind to bed....or at least listen to some music...text or DM me.....Buenas noches y sue?os dulces:-) 07/13/09 11:52am
  • en: @ABCeCe in what type of ways would I want her? would I want her for her mind or her heavenly body? 07/13/09 11:52am
  • en: @BrittanysChoice you teach people with learnin or social disorders right? well technically i got both. lol what now? lol 07/13/09 11:52am
  • en: getting ready to crash for the night. On the scales of life, which one carries the most weight on your scale? Money or time? Choose one. 07/13/09 11:52am
  • en: @danecook I love you. Ugh why do you have to be a dang celebrity and not my neighbor or something?! 07/13/09 11:52am
  • en: @SteveAndrews I'd settle for a simple book store or coffee shop with WiFi staying open late. 07/13/09 11:52am
  • en: despite all attempts 2 ignore my alarm, I find myself at my desk wondering, drink my coffee&have a twitter or do my TODO list for the day. 07/13/09 11:52am
  • en: Which is better: Behringer 1002B or the UBB1002? I am looking to get one for the show. 07/13/09 11:52am
  • en: @DanAmrich i cant dl the podcast on itunes or the site. ive got my frustrated face on. 07/13/09 11:52am
  • en: Which is better: Behringer 1002B or the UBB1002? I am looking to get one for the show. I'll be getting a MXL 990 condenser microphone wi ... 07/13/09 11:52am
  • en: What would happen if a woman took a bunch of Viagra, or Extenze, or something???????????????????????????????????????? 07/13/09 11:52am
  • en: do ya eva get dat spark wen ya touch da opisite sex well i do wit my ex bf is it luv or just an crush dat will past 07/13/09 11:52am
  • en: @epe2009 as said a few days ago: DM w your email. no way to know ur name or email to check up. but all invites sent so check ur spam filter 07/13/09 11:52am
  • en: @Kbelize That's a classic, but put some @KingJHoliday or @Tyrese4Real on! 07/13/09 11:52am
  • en: @MrsIBeLikeYUP so first tonic next metro and I call fluid or seven next 07/13/09 11:52am
  • en: @OpenMicDGZ don't have the stacks or time for an la trip. I really did call that pirate dude a butt pirate in front of the brass rail, haha 07/13/09 11:52am
  • en: @jaaayneluu CORRECTION! I think I was the one who brought you there, becuase I was the one behind the wheel or your asian car:) 07/13/09 11:52am
  • en: @marclehmann or perhaps 'employers still refuse to accept responsibilty for forcing young staff onto part time and contract work' 07/13/09 11:52am
  • en: And i changed my mind about driving, i guess i had to learn how to do it sooner or later. 07/13/09 11:52am
  • en: Whether you’re a stayathome mom, student, retired or just want to work from home, paid surveys is one of the e... 07/13/09 11:52am
  • en: sooo like im on the phone wit ah friend n she just stop talking....either she sleep or dead.....oh god no 07/13/09 11:52am
  • en: computer frozen, do I switch off and reboot or assume is is doing something in there somewhere, so wait and hope? 07/13/09 11:52am
  • en: @glambert3745 Try some Excedrin or Alieve if u have any. Those have temporarily helped me with earaches in the past until I could see a dr. 07/13/09 11:52am
  • en: Work was crazy, and now I'm ready to sleep forever. Or at least until my guitar theory lesson tomorrow morning... 07/13/09 11:52am
  • en: can't decide if its flip flop weather or not in #brighton today... 07/13/09 11:52am
  • en: or to be exact, blond guys who play musical instruments! now i have a bad feeling for that girl. 😐 07/13/09 11:52am
  • en: @tamzdesigns that sounds great! Please call or email me 🙂 07/13/09 11:52am
  • en: back home 🙂 gonna cool down, then take a shower & hopefully have a dreamless night. or at least they had better be good dreams dammit. 07/13/09 11:52am
  • en: quot;Southern Comfort quot; by Buddy Jewell review in Songs about Arkansas or that mention... by twansalem: 07/13/09 11:52am
  • en: @ShawtyEllo like its true or somethin 07/13/09 11:52am
  • en: @Redbullbengal try it next time))for example at the official f1 site. or at 07/13/09 11:52am
  • en: Congrats, @JasmineMcGregor. You were my 1,000th tweet! Unfortunately, it doesn't come with a free trip to Aruba or a fanny pack. 07/13/09 11:52am
  • en: starting up the day.. Who is joining me for a beer or two tonight? 07/13/09 11:52am
  • en: Wheezy as hell today. Not sure if it's asthma, allergies or swine flu. Maybe all of the above. 07/13/09 11:52am
  • en: @imcudi have you ever forgotten what time it was or had to find out what day it was due to all the traveling? Keep it moving sir! Ur large! 07/13/09 11:52am
  • en: @scottisafool absolutely. Having used both scripted and strongly typed professionally I can tell it's just a matter of good or bad practices 07/13/09 11:52am
  • en: its funny, cause people already think I'm an asshole, or fucked up. 07/13/09 11:52am
  • en: Wondering if there is a little Martian inside all of us. Or are they the creatures and we the aliens. 07/13/09 11:52am
  • en: I wanna change my last name to a nice, simple noun, like Fish or Monkeybars 07/13/09 11:52am
  • en: for those of you who missed my tweets from @mattg00d or @craigeryowens look here: 07/13/09 11:52am
  • en: twitter might eithor start chargin$ or come up with mega advertising. gay 07/13/09 11:52am
  • en: @Jason_Manford Who is chelski and terry and who or what is wright-phillips!?!?! 07/13/09 11:52am
  • en: @VeggieV Not a problem if the shallots are stuck together, dry them as is, or pull apart. they will keep either way if completely dried off. 07/12/09 10:38pm
  • en: @ambugg you should check out Anathallo or Copeland if youre into indy music. what kind of music do you listen to? 07/12/09 10:38pm
  • en: Money running out? Things or situation can change if only you are willing to try 07/12/09 10:38pm
  • en: I want to watch Keroro Gunso SOOOO bad! But I can't find it on Veoh! D8 Or anywhere else for that matter! 07/12/09 10:38pm
  • en: @adamlambert Thanx 4the amazn sho in OR, my fam. n frnds ador u,actually met sum of ur fam. frends in Canada in May a lady with 2 daughters 07/12/09 10:38pm
  • nl: @krister63 in edit or toolbar, look for styles. 07/12/09 10:38pm
  • en: wondering if we ought to smile or cringe about the draw #ashes 07/12/09 10:38pm
  • en: 1$ to start make $500-$1000/ month or more, now until July 13th only! Only $1 ever! Hurry ONLY 3 Days Left! 07/12/09 10:38pm
  • en: #DontYouHateItWhen you've got to meet someone and they have you waiting a good 15 mins with no phone call or text argh. 07/12/09 10:38pm
  • en: If he as a rock star, football star or politician we would be hearing about him for weeks. He was a heroic patriot who sacrificed all for us 07/12/09 10:38pm
  • en: @nashmeg .... shut up. you're so irritating. LOOK i'm not having this over twitter. I NEVER want to talk or see you again. *sad face* YHHH! 07/12/09 10:38pm
  • en: Photo: This big hot mess is 61 years old!? Is it just me or does it look like someone put the tinker toys on... 07/12/09 10:38pm
  • en: is gonna eat sum cereal an go on a jogg for 3 an half miles or so..get my workout bc i didnt get to yesterday..keep fallowing an showin luv. 07/12/09 10:38pm
  • en: I don't what to get iMac or MacBook pro 07/12/09 10:38pm
  • en: Believe it or Not I'm soooooo Happy I Could cry! 07/12/09 10:38pm
  • en: When the hell is Freddy Vs. Jason 2 gonna be made? now that'd be pure movie gold! that or Cloverfield 2 lol 07/12/09 10:38pm
  • en: @thelozano I know right? 🙂 u want me 2 drop off next set of entourage dvds on my way 2 Jane's? or we cld wtch 2morrow... 07/12/09 10:38pm
  • en: If people linking to the beer blog could use the words beer and review somewhere in the link text (or alt text) that would make me happy 🙂 07/12/09 10:38pm
  • en: If anyone saw, or sees, Autopsy, I'd love to talk over the ending with someone. #pqf09 #qfest 07/12/09 10:38pm
  • en: @ALLIEINCREDIBLE plain waffles or a topping? 07/12/09 10:38pm
  • en: Can someone explain how to send a DM to a twigga if your not following them? Or vice versa.. 07/12/09 10:38pm
  • Handcrafted Natural Soap bar sale!: 07/12/09 10:38pm
  • en: Shit! If I'm not family or we haven't been friends for a yr or more...u def shouldn't be askin me for shit! If I ignore ur call..."beat it" 07/12/09 10:38pm
  • en: RT @ldggs01: "Calling me "sexy" is not a compliment...u just let me kno the first thing that's on ur mind when seeing or meeting me&quo 07/12/09 10:38pm
  • en: @UbikYeah Better than Angels but Simon or Louis would've bitched at her. Although what's Louis Walsh know? 07/12/09 10:38pm
  • en: If you're playing at home, chatter about the FSM/SDCC release centers toward either Gremlins or something tied to Star Trek or Batman. 07/12/09 10:38pm
  • en: i believe in people. i believe in love. but i don't believe in myself. i think that may be my problem. that or an awful choice in love. 07/12/09 10:38pm
  • en: GET MONEY OR DIE TRYIN 07/12/09 10:38pm
  • en: is it just me or is mediatemple down all together? i cant even get to load????!?!?!? #mediatemple #downforjustme 07/12/09 10:38pm
  • en: @rubythegreat that's hilarious, was it at your house or down the street? 07/12/09 10:38pm
  • en: been tryin 2 load for past3 hrs-not happenin. saved link 4 a lucky day! RT @Raheelk: @parvathiom ...or better still u post it:) 07/12/09 10:38pm
  • en: @erica_envy777 do you just show up or what? :l 07/12/09 10:38pm
  • en: Thinking about some golf or maybe a RB2 round of games. I love 360 JJSTONER is the name and smoking is my game. 07/12/09 10:38pm
  • en: has no electricity, internet, or tv at home and still no cell phone. Hello 1900's. 07/12/09 10:38pm
  • en: @tommcfly reply me please , @tommcfly I know you like HP and Twilight, but which do you prefer? HP or Twilight? Reply me please! 07/12/09 10:38pm
  • en: @sgtberry is the yogurtland we're going to near boston market or something? D: 07/12/09 10:38pm
  • en: @JeffMajorz best battery to date, 6 hours of talk time or 14 days stand by. That averages to at least 2 days with no charge with normal use. 07/12/09 10:38pm
  • en: I've decided Jane Austen has ruined the world with her amorous idealism. Did H. James or Woolf ever tell such lies? No. The answer is no. 07/12/09 10:38pm
  • en: @m_33 Real Sci-fi is hard to find - there's no current sci-fi series that more deserves another season.or that has such cool fans #tscc 07/12/09 10:38pm
  • en: Okay, I'm trying to remember the last time I've been to a restaurant and finished my whole meal?? I take like 3 or 4 bites n I'm good.crazy! 07/12/09 10:38pm
  • en: is it just me or does @flyguys DJB look like twins from eclipse! 07/12/09 10:38pm
  • en: Is down, or is my work network just freaking out? 07/12/09 10:38pm
  • en: Ok on a budget one cd today electrik red or jeremih????? Help pls almost at the register 07/12/09 10:38pm
  • en: @Karinaland yeah he did! and me too. i think theyre quite similar, hen and oshri. WOW @ or&roni ! they were amazing! 07/12/09 10:38pm
  • en: @wallyskater @msmeleque is willing to pay a little more than what 5* goes for if its still available. Please contact her or me! 07/12/09 10:38pm
  • en: @TashLikesThrust We'll run back to each other some way or another 😉 07/12/09 10:38pm
  • en: @mizrik Ok girl please, and even better reason cuz neither are mine! I can only be responsible for today & pray 2mora is the same or better. 07/12/09 10:38pm
  • en: @LauraRmz Can you apply hot Jalape?o to your body to scare off mosquitos or prefer to apply sweet sticky honey? Let me know which is better! 07/12/09 10:38pm
  • en: people from the diido site are starting to look like chumps! why leave stupid stiky notes asking if twitter is totally usless or what?! eer! 07/12/09 10:38pm
  • en: @heyitsashleyk Panic or the weirdos? 07/12/09 10:38pm
  • en: Who would win in a fight, Mr. T, or Chuck Norris? 07/12/09 10:38pm
  • en: my dog is running in her sleep and chasing rabbits or something - but eyes are open! Spooky 07/12/09 10:38pm
  • en: It's such a let down if you fail to bring all the shopping in from the car on the first go! Or is that just a guy thing? 07/12/09 10:38pm
  • en: @JerryBrown2010 Mr. Obama Need some arm twisting with Blue Dog Democrats, think LBJ. Play hardball get results or we are the lame duck party 07/12/09 10:38pm
  • en: Mona mona mona u said tweeting soon how soon my soon or ur soon if it's my soon I dnt wanna hold my breath :p btw major Jacob news h3h3h3 07/12/09 10:38pm
  • en: @trevordickerson haha or we could try another night so there is no rush. Yes that matt. 07/12/09 10:38pm
  • en: @MrsKnightBerg wouldn't that be great!!!!!! So many places in the US I wanna go to or go back to! x 07/12/09 10:38pm
  • en: @Padt Or start deleting what you'e done for two hours. 07/12/09 10:38pm
  • en: The Feds better not summon me for jury duty or i will find a way to get revenge 07/12/09 10:38pm
  • en: if you have any events going on today in or around LA please let us know!!!!!! 07/12/09 10:38pm
  • en: @shawny_blancs yeah it's called I'm wavvy or somethin...go to 07/12/09 10:38pm
  • en: Do you know how to find jobs BEFORE they are posted or advertised?I can help! 07/12/09 10:38pm
  • en: @tommcfly what you prefer? @dougiemcfly with the purple or blond hair? 07/12/09 10:38pm
  • en: doesnt know how anyones brain is capable or retaining this much information! 07/12/09 10:38pm
  • en: HOW MANY YOGA BLOCKS DO I NEED FOR P90X?: Do we need the single or two? Do we need 2 since yoga blocks scratch/b.. 07/12/09 10:38pm
  • en: @JenniferJaycox We do too-I can't remember if Cols accepts Cleve membership or not. I think not. Cols also has moose though - they are HUGE 07/12/09 10:38pm
  • en: I guess people in real life don't actually look like N, C, S and B or have as much dissapointing : / 07/12/09 10:38pm
  • en: @FRESHLIFEFLEA uhhh duhhhh !!! all boys wear carqo shorts & white tees wi. pradas on or wateva elseee . I thouqht u was a trend setter leiqh 07/12/09 10:38pm
  • en: RT @smashingmag: Poll: As a user, do you prefer a left-aligned or centered layout (not text!)? 07/12/09 10:38pm
  • en: Sundays = My Movie Day Or Chris Brown Day wer i listen n watch everythin of him : ) : ) hehe , xo 07/12/09 10:38pm
  • en: @themadcatlady I do not believe you fake friendly, no. I do think you fake "becoming friends". Or maybe it was just me. *shrug* 07/12/09 10:38pm
  • en: Blogged: Is Twitter useful or a waste of time for authors? Judge for 07/12/09 10:38pm
  • en: @adorebrittanyox no it doesnt dats not even uruguyain or watever they speak 07/12/09 10:38pm
  • en: i am attending a business meeting at 4pm, and i may sing, or go to take a poet to poetry tonight at the silk road 07/12/09 10:38pm
  • en: @SexcPepc Heeeeey lil mama! Did you end up 9oin out last nite? or ya 5on said itz a no 9o! Lol.... 07/12/09 10:38pm
  • en: #iHAVEtoADMIT You could love yourself a WHOLE LOT MORE THAN THAT WASTE OF LIFE YOURE WITH OR KANT GET OVER!!! 07/12/09 10:38pm
  • en: Today shall be spent in various parks, drinking beer from styrofoam cups and/or brown paper bags. 07/12/09 10:38pm
  • en: me n megz are finding boys that we are compatible with. so funny.! i need a gemini or 07/12/09 10:38pm
  • en: @73K I think it's in there (or in the pending box) A later To DO is a review/report of shortening tools, but other stuff B4 that. 07/12/09 10:38pm
  • en: @CatalogThis Oxford: Get the Oxford Food book or a Dictionary. 07/12/09 10:38pm
  • en: RT @RSMIF_GRFX working on the cover for "The Flood Mixtape" by @deap215 hosted by DJ Omega. Dont Sleep or you might miss something serious! 07/12/09 10:38pm
  • en: Is it better to drive your car in all weather and enjoy it, or worry about corrosion and only take it out when the sun shines; it's a tough1 07/12/09 10:38pm
  • en: idt_jo1/4 taxes due: you can spend all your time doing taxes, or you can spend all your taxes and do time that may already be an Eagles song 07/12/09 10:38pm
  • en: I do not need to understand what you do or why you do it. I only need to understand how it affects me. 07/12/09 10:38pm
  • en: Talking about who is better Mario or Luigi at the #mariomarathon watch and donate! (Mario Marathon live > 07/12/09 10:38pm
  • en: @TheDefShepherd just print one from ESPN or cut one out from the paper. Feed your family for free courtesy of Brandon Inge and Clete. 07/12/09 10:38pm
  • en: @Ayeshatakia or say a strong black coffee.i guess i need it now 🙂 why dont you try snaptu on your cell. 07/12/09 10:38pm
  • en: Ugh. I've missed so much in the past day! Haha. Now going to the zoo and or amusment park with @elsystarz xD text it! <3 07/12/09 10:38pm
  • en: i didnt kno whether to laugh or vomit 07/12/09 10:38pm
  • en: good nite @fanyfannyfany or should i say good morning?? 07/12/09 10:38pm
  • en: @ruthreichl How about "Hanging with Ruth" or "The Kitchen Maven"? 07/12/09 10:38pm
  • en: Wondering if Biscuitboozle is just as good via tweets. So, fingers by buzzers and lets play Biscuitboozle! #not grunk or drumpy 07/12/09 10:38pm
  • en: Watching Boondox I miss this and Chapelle, iknow they would have some funny ass skits bout autotune or Gucci mane 07/12/09 10:38pm
  • en: @MelSchroeder Congrats, dearie. How many pages and what's the general story line? Or can't you say? *winks and would understand* 07/12/09 10:37pm
  • en: @mattliptak which one is better - this or or viptweeter (or whatever it was called) site you promoted last week? 07/12/09 04:08pm
  • en: We need an external nudge, an incentive or we won't act to Reduce our Energy use. 07/12/09 04:08pm
  • fr: Restaurant reservations 90 or 180 days in advance? 07/12/09 04:08pm
  • en: @Scarlet_Fields Lol, I actually did think that he was like 7 and a half.. but apparently he's 15 or over. O.o 07/12/09 04:08pm
  • ja: 自民惨敗だな 07/12/09 04:08pm
  • en: now that im single n prego um there isnt much of a dating or going out life to cope wit it. guess icecream n cookies for me 07/12/09 04:08pm
  • en: @bus_it_baby fuck up your day, or play with your emotions. Nicole, i'm sorry for acting like that...i just cant ever say no to you...cause i 07/12/09 04:08pm
  • en: day 2... why havent i seen any updates from @dartron , @jennkuhn , or @mikeymikeymikey ? 🙁 you assholes better be home safe <3 07/12/09 04:08pm
  • en: bitten by the love bugg or was it a mosquito?! 07/12/09 04:08pm
  • en: So going to bed and sleeping forever..or at least until I have to go back to work. blah. 07/12/09 04:08pm
  • en: Someone please tell me that either Libby or painful pregnant chick karks it on neighbours... 07/12/09 04:08pm
  • en: Taurus: You can help a friend out by offering to share -- time, money, clothing or whatever. Yahoo! Astrology. 07/12/09 04:08pm
  • en: need to get new wii games today...or tomorrow 07/12/09 04:08pm
  • en: i'm flexing my bbq cooking skills muscle.. Or just standing next to it drinking cider! 07/12/09 04:08pm
  • en: @lemonade199 oh? why? and aw, he? or she? is very compassionate. and caring. 😉 07/12/09 04:08pm
  • en: Or is this the new era? 07/12/09 04:08pm
  • en: @brouya lol 😀 which is the most that u feel comfortable to walk and to chill out ? marina or avenu ? 07/12/09 04:07pm
  • en: @BlackMediaSCOOP i was thinking to make saturday or sunday a twitter sabbath for me. so far i haven't observed. have a blessed day! 07/12/09 04:07pm
  • en: Brain slowly coming around,thoughts are forming,will soon be formulating some ideas or views opinions 07/12/09 04:07pm
  • en: @Duffs1 I'm not wallowing in self-pity. I pity the poor bastards on twitter who haven't worked out how to unfollow or block me yet. 07/12/09 04:07pm
  • no: gym or straight 2 studio??? ummm 07/12/09 04:07pm
  • en: Who does He exalt? The proud or the humble? Check out Obadiah 1:3-4. 07/12/09 04:07pm
  • en: what will my results be pass or fail?????? 07/12/09 04:07pm
  • en: Gotta b to work @ 9 so ima eat me some cereal watch the news or somethin then hit the road today gon be sooooo sweeeetttt y'all ridin w/ me? 07/12/09 04:07pm
  • en: Who does He exalt? The proud or the humble? Check out Obadiah 1:3-4. 07/12/09 04:07pm
  • en: Had a long weekend, I've watch a new life come in the world, made a decision about a week old relationship should I stay or should I go. ... 07/12/09 04:07pm
  • en: just about to go out for a drive and maybe to catch a trout or 2 07/12/09 04:07pm
  • en: sunday roast agen. i jst want sum toast or sumfin. Dnt feel too gd 2dai. my bro nearly gave me a panic attack last nite...the twat hehe 07/12/09 04:07pm
  • en: Or maybe I should ease up on the puddings. 07/12/09 04:07pm
  • pl: Hmmmmm,Xbox or wii??????! 07/12/09 04:07pm
  • en: @LizKreutz interesting or just strainge?!?! 07/12/09 04:07pm
  • en: @impaulpiccard why can't peple just accept themselves as they are? Large butt or not?! 07/12/09 04:07pm
  • en: @gimmelouboutin what pretzel? Do not say its cheese pretzel named schnider's or something like that? 07/12/09 04:07pm
  • en: So I had the best night ever...Casino...great dinner...good convo...WON as usual...tee to bed IM, DM or Text...i'll hitchu back... 07/12/09 04:07pm
  • en: @Mateth girl listen to IN THE CLUB too... or "punta na tayo sa piesta" 07/12/09 04:07pm
  • en: @iemjoann want to go with me to the movies?let's watch harry potter or hannah montana..ur choice.. 07/12/09 04:07pm
  • en: RT @ShaneCarwin He won't be able to lay on Cain or me. - Please Shane, kick Brock's disrespectful ass. 07/12/09 04:07pm
  • en: Okay, so I didn't do either yoga or belly dancing (DVDs I have) yesterday. But I did exercise this morning! Even though I woke up w/ cramps. 07/12/09 04:07pm
  • en: @laughsoutloud If you are going to reply to ages old tweets can you reference them or something. Took me ages to work that one out! 07/12/09 04:07pm
  • en: @SoulIsTheGoal that was bad 🙁 and. morning! or afternoon rather :> 07/12/09 04:07pm
  • is: Browsing: NHK 2009都議選 開票速報 07/12/09 04:07pm
  • en: @nonsequitir i'm not up on my commandments but i'm not so sure tweeting is a sin.. let's hope it never is or thats another one to my list! 07/12/09 04:07pm
  • en: seeing today what I like/works better for me the new tweetdeck or the new seesmic. so far tweetdeck is winning. 07/12/09 04:07pm
  • en: @akamisspink I borrowed that book from my friend. She had to have it back. I kept it for like three days or so and she needed it. (cont) 07/12/09 04:07pm
  • en: Goodnight and Goodmorning all in the same breath. I always wondered if Chuck Norris sleeps or instead of counting sheep he dropkicks em. 07/12/09 04:07pm
  • en: I wanna write, but I can't decide what..should I work on the story of @fanywinchester and me or on my NY's hard to decide! =P 07/12/09 04:07pm
  • en: feeling ridiculously unmotivated 🙁 parents attempting to drag me up the go or not to go..not sure i'll make it! 07/12/09 04:07pm
  • en: is checking the news online as her boyf won't let her change channel because he's watching the F1 or whatever bloody race it is 07/12/09 04:07pm
  • en: Ready to talk about FREEDOM at Maury Hills today. If you're in town, join us! 9:00 or 10:30. 07/12/09 04:07pm
  • en: I don't push Lotions, Pills, or Magic Portions. NO SELLING. Just Post Ads like this, and make Daily AUTOMATED Cash 07/12/09 04:07pm
  • : is the trailer going to be on the internet or in theaters? omg i can't wait for it!!! this is going to be cool!^^ 07/12/09 04:07pm
  • en: RT @PittsboroCVB: Brunch @CarolinaBrewery, @ChathamMarket, Gen Store Cafe, or Old Granary @FearringtonNC. Then @ Daylily Fest, Moncure 07/12/09 04:07pm
  • en: @xHannahMontana Do u have any brothers or sisters x 07/12/09 04:07pm
  • en: @RPAustralia I'm in Canada. Haven't seen release date for here or US so far. Might use Amaz UK site, did for How To Be, didn't want to wait. 07/12/09 04:07pm
  • en: I really need to clean my room. (or what's left of it) 07/12/09 04:07pm
  • en: @davenice @bjfletcher heaproots or heapanalyzer will work with txt 131 heapdumps, but if it's on a "device" you may not even get them 07/12/09 04:07pm
  • en: @OrangeXW haha! Which was the bigger turn on? that he was cute or that he was as anal about typos as you? 07/12/09 04:07pm
  • en: No one else can think or feel for you .. its YOU .. ONLY YOU. - "The Secret" movie #quote 07/12/09 04:07pm
  • en: @west147 you're too young to be an OG...gotta be like Snoop's age...or be anoyne but Ja Rule. Bebe..bebeeeeeh! 07/12/09 04:07pm
  • ja: 都議選すごい結果になりそうだ!! 07/12/09 04:07pm
  • en: Auto Sales Pros Change to Insurance with Realistic $10... - Portland, OR ( Get Auto Sales Jobs #AutoSales #97253 07/12/09 04:07pm
  • en: @alexialvarez THE SMILE. HAHAHAHA. Or I don't know. Maybe it's just me. I wish I could dance. 07/12/09 04:07pm
  • en: still talking bout #Hottest100 ...... dunno what to think about number 1 tho.... predictable or well earned? 07/12/09 04:07pm
  • en: dear pizza man, please come here right away! Or thou shall not recieve the payment. And all of us are really hungry.. so please! Love, Steff 07/12/09 04:07pm
  • en: @obsidiansnow meaning more chance of lisa or Karly being up. I hope so anyway 07/12/09 04:07pm
  • en: RT @guytustin: watching steel magnolias. call me gay. | if I like it 2, does that make me gay? Or is it all those cocks ive put in my mouth? 07/12/09 04:07pm
  • : or web VISIBILITY 07/12/09 04:06pm
  • en: not right which they were not allowed to say or talk to another briefed member under the bush administration. 07/12/09 04:06pm
  • en: Considering getting in to trackdays with a 2002 Renault Clio 172. How expensive is it likely to be? Bankrupting or merely crippling? 07/12/09 04:06pm
  • en: For those of you who cannot get enough of MJ or are into conspiracies, there is a doc on Channel 4 at 9pm tonight about his last days 07/12/09 04:06pm
  • en: Feeling a little broken. Not really sure if I need to get sick or not. 07/12/09 04:06pm
  • en: @afokkema same speed, or the really top notch stuff 07/12/09 04:06pm
  • en: Outside tight gona wait till 830 or 840 07/12/09 04:06pm
  • en: @Angiesophy ... or take Serge G., my favourite non-singer. Who needs a voice - with such a stage presence 😉 07/12/09 04:06pm
  • en: A difficult decision: Watching Tour or Formula 1..... 07/12/09 04:06pm
  • en: Is it legal to park in the bus lane in Fairview or are people illegally blocking the way? 07/12/09 04:06pm
  • en: @boxdog Canon 5D. Typically shoot w/ the 70-200mm 2.8 lens & or the 24-105mm lens 07/12/09 04:06pm
  • en: @HeartMileyCyrus whoa, you have so many followers its INSANE!!! 😀 LOL. i only have 700 or smth xD but that aint bad either 🙂 07/12/09 04:06pm
  • en: @EverywhereTrip you can get private shuttles (buses) that cost $13 or cheaper if get round trip. Train from airport cost $15 each way. 07/12/09 04:06pm
  • en: @autoimmunelife I know- wouldn't it be awesome to just trade in the parts that are broken-or the entire body if necessary... 07/12/09 04:06pm
  • en: @ERADICATE_DEATH - you too.... in about 10 hours or so? 07/12/09 04:06pm
  • en: ** I just took the "are you KIND or NAUGHTY?" quiz and got: NAUGHTY! <--- Should I be surprised?! 😛 ** 07/12/09 04:06pm
  • en: ...Had more or our western centres continued such a policy we may not have such a heavy greed-driven recession. Need time 2 reflect. 07/12/09 04:06pm
  • en: @gfalcone601 wow! you have tons of disney toys! Are they yours or Toms? awwwww, Marvin is cute 🙂 07/12/09 04:06pm
  • en: @Natazzz well if you ever need help or can't be bothered doing it yourself.. the offer stands 🙂 i really don't mind 07/12/09 04:06pm
  • en: @banibaba @kamizee or he doesn't want to loose his job just yet. 07/12/09 04:06pm
  • en: MY OPTIONS wer SLEEP WITH MY HATEFUL SISTER, sleep woth a room full of girls and a baby, or sleep on the couch. 07/12/09 04:06pm
  • en: Just getting home from the party...contemplating on either sleeping or saying "F" it I'm stating up and going to the gym 07/12/09 04:06pm
  • en: 2nd round of voting for Mozilla Labs design challenge done (or as done as I'm going to be able to do). Some really nice concepts in there. 07/12/09 04:06pm
  • en: Good employers realize it is the employees that make the company. Not the owner, product, service, or clients. 07/09/09 05:14pm
  • en: You can be a sweet dreeeeeam or a beautiful nightmare....i think thats my fav beyonce lyric 07/09/09 05:14pm
  • en: guards are matched but thy x factor is shaq will he take adventage of bynum or gasol 07/09/09 05:14pm
  • en: @avenue_r okay ;D grandparents' or your house ? 07/09/09 05:14pm
  • en: U can b a sweet dream or a beautiful nitemare, either way I dont wanna wake up from u! 07/09/09 05:14pm
  • en: Does anybody have any good truth or dare fics? I really want something funny for some odd reason.... 🙂 07/09/09 05:14pm
  • en: - is it just me or does nobody read anymore? Do we all just want to look at a bunch of words and understand, with no effort on our part? 07/09/09 05:14pm
  • en: "Do you say 'uno' when you have two cards left or one?" 07/09/09 05:14pm
  • en: Sisyphus - I put my heart out there. You take it in both hands, or you smash it onto the ground completely. I... 07/09/09 05:14pm
  • en: Just got on the bus. It's so much cheaper to get around Vegas by bus. $4 for 24 hr pass. Saves tons over rentals or taxicabs!!! 07/09/09 05:14pm
  • en: Any fact facing us is not as important as our attitude toward it, for that determines our success or failure. - Norman Vincent Peale 07/09/09 05:14pm
  • en: @vh1sshowme bc you said you are looking for love.. not was lookin for love or found love.. 07/09/09 05:14pm
  • en: cabling up a nine storey hostel in glasgow... dont think ani or I are destined to be tradesmen 07/09/09 05:14pm
  • en: See my post on the boards. Ddub page or twitter page or general page 07/09/09 05:14pm
  • en: Early morning? or frantic during freeee MFs time? Stressful. 07/09/09 05:14pm
  • en: Break for 2 hrs. text or call me if you are awake. 233-7477 07/09/09 05:14pm
  • en: RT @RevRunWisdom: 2 choices...Either motivate yourself or be miserable!! u choose! 07/09/09 05:14pm
  • en: @perniciously Haha, so i heard, Actually read u got suspended. M so proud of u 😛 😛 hahahahaha... whole batch as in SY or FY.SY,TY? 07/09/09 05:14pm
  • en: aaaaaand @1037kissfm could give away those tickets aaaany time now...i wanna go back to sleep! haha 🙂 (or they could just give them to me!) 07/09/09 05:14pm
  • en: need a new digital camera whats better the Lumix DMC-TZ7 or the cyber-shot DSC-W210 07/09/09 05:14pm
  • en: RT @RevRunWisdom2 choices...Either motivate yourself or be miserable!! u choose!7 minutes ago from mobile web 07/09/09 05:14pm
  • en: RevRunWisdom RT 2 choices...Either motivate yourself or be miserable!! u choose! 07/09/09 05:14pm
  • en: What is your "Dream Car"? What do you consider a "Green" car? Which are you more likely to get (or do you have now)? 07/09/09 05:14pm
  • en: and my three card tarot (Future) says "a reward for hard work" ..... guess I better stop twittering for an hour or so then ;o) 07/09/09 05:14pm
  • en: optimism is the faith that leads to achievement.nothing can be done without hope or confidence. 07/09/09 05:14pm
  • en: RT @steveplunkett: RT @cindy_e_reyes RT @RevRunWisdom: 2 choices...Either motivate yourself or be miserable!! u choose! 07/09/09 05:14pm
  • en: @musosdan or, what about when you hit reply on an email and then realize you've sent it to people you don't want to see it ! 07/09/09 05:14pm
  • en: WOW..I dunno what's more sick..the way mcnair's side piece tried to plan the murder or the burr oak thing 07/09/09 05:14pm
  • en: Trying to see how many people I know on or can get to know on twitter 07/09/09 05:14pm
  • en: Nothing changes your opinion of a friend so surely as success - yours or his. - Franklin P. Jones 07/09/09 05:14pm
  • en: I am currently wondering what i'm going to do this afternoon, will i stay awake or fall asleep like the last 3 days? Hmm, i wonder. 07/09/09 05:14pm
  • en: RT @thequote: @lauralassiter It's not where u go or what u do, it's who u take along w/u.-Unknown #quote 07/09/09 05:14pm
  • en: Its my birthday everyone, have a shot or a blow job on me...but not both! That's just gross. 07/09/09 05:14pm
  • en: listening to my Pandora radio station- all country of course- & wondering if I should start work or keep 07/09/09 05:14pm
  • en: @realmfox she longer has this name or page stop twitting @realmfox 07/09/09 05:14pm
  • en: Well, is it just me or does this week seem to be going by fairly quickly? 07/09/09 05:14pm
  • en: HAHAHA just found out the stuf they use for pill marijuana is called Marenol (or something like that, I just heard my name on tv...) 07/09/09 05:14pm
  • en: What time? 4:10, 7:50, or 10:50? 07/09/09 05:14pm
  • en: Surely the time is ripe for a major display of contemporary art called, I dunno, "Monkey Wank Christ Poo" or something. 07/09/09 05:14pm
  • en: I'm not complaining at all but jeez this day has gone quickly so far. Come on 5.30pm. Or even better, 5.30pm tomorrow. 07/09/09 05:14pm
  • en: @ladytirta spray some parfume .. Hahaa .. Or open the window 😉 07/09/09 05:14pm
  • en: @Cody_K at least if they sped it up we could know if it were a bust or bang 07/09/09 05:14pm
  • en: Nikefied - what happens to decent manly men who start showing up dressed like pink flamencos or wannabes at a Duran Duran concert. 07/09/09 05:14pm
  • en: Just as i thought i had it sussed i went and fucked it typical just what i do best is it me? Or are all men fuckwits? 07/09/09 05:14pm
  • en: I can't decide. The big picture might be today, do I wear purple, blue, or grey? my life is really difficult, feel sorry for me. 07/09/09 05:14pm
  • en: It's so quiet this morning... people must either be super busy or sleepin' from too much work... ick:-( 07/09/09 05:14pm
  • en: Go back to sleep for a bit or cleaning...such enormous decisions to make today 07/09/09 05:14pm
  • en: bed time. . . . . . . . . . or more cod time????? ill see if pheonixinflight is online first XD 07/09/09 05:14pm
  • en: so i walk into work today and im faced with a question... do you want 4 hours off or do you want 100$.. i chose the 100$ 07/09/09 05:14pm
  • en: @pennydist is there still a 5.00 Meetup or have I got totally confused? 07/09/09 05:14pm
  • en: @garyhills a two way megaphone conversation between plinth and ground. Surprised no standups or magicians. Perfect promotion. 07/09/09 05:14pm
  • en: which one is better -- twitterrific or twitterfon? 07/09/09 05:14pm
  • en: I'm not going to sleep tonight.... 😀 like to make lot or friends across twitter 07/09/09 05:14pm
  • en: @plastiqq ehn! who or wat is BF? @SapphireChic, u get boyfriend?...hun? 07/09/09 05:14pm
  • en: @DisneyDean are you in South or Central Florida? 07/09/09 05:14pm
  • en: @stellerrr i know. i am going there( the line) for my pop's birthday. i am looking around for my mom. i didnt really like mezz9 or carousel. 07/09/09 05:14pm
  • en: Tattoo Tip from TLC:The best type of tattoo for tanned or dark skin is one with the least amount of color. 07/09/09 05:14pm
  • en: I've been told numerous times that I should consider teaching and/or motivational speaking . . . 07/09/09 05:14pm
  • en: Why wont God answer me?????? Or is HE and I am just not listening??? 07/09/09 05:14pm
  • en: @maryalmighty Yuck. Di ako nagbasa ng maayos. Onga bukas pa! Am I gonna see you or what! Am I even gonna be there! HAHAHA 07/09/09 05:14pm
  • en: you won't buy me one?? i want an apple iphone...they're only about 500 bucks or're rich!! 07/09/09 05:14pm
  • en: its still follows you around.. i'm not asking for co-op or communication at all or trying to its just I state on this neat pg of mine q's 2U 07/09/09 05:14pm
  • : best ad shot or bestest ad shot? 07/09/09 05:14pm
  • en: @meghkelly I'm not sure I maybe going late or may not go yet...:( I'll keep you posted lil sis:) 07/09/09 05:14pm
  • en: New on Weight or Health, what do you value most?: The thought that more women va.. 07/09/09 05:14pm
  • no: Romantics looking for love or drunks looking for sex 07/09/09 05:14pm
  • en: Lede blogger asks witnesses to #iranelection protests today in Iran to send me text, video or photo accounts 07/09/09 05:14pm
  • en: @Starrybluesky Thanks for the RT & comments. Always nice to hear from you. You home? Coffee klatsch this weekend or lunch next wk? 07/09/09 05:14pm
  • en: If you're never scared or embarrassed or hurt, it means you never take any chances 07/09/09 05:14pm
  • en: Today I'll hear if I can go to amsterdam or not! If they so No I'm gonna run away for a day and my mom already knows that! 🙂 07/09/09 05:14pm
  • en: @ddlovato demi, i can't wait for the live chat tonight!! What are you doing on it? are you gonna talk or answer questions or what? = ] 07/09/09 05:14pm
  • en: @la73la lover! dnt kill me! i have the tire. get it today or when i see u tom whatev works for u. looooooooooooooveee u 🙂 07/09/09 05:14pm
  • en: @jensen_ackles Ha. Classic Cockapoo... Who comes up with these names? I suppose if you have the choice between Cockapoo or cockadoodle. 07/09/09 05:14pm
  • en: if you waited to get short on the 875-880 break and didn't start at the 930 failure or 893- you chased the move $$ 07/09/09 05:14pm
  • en: @kylesellers where do you draw the line between "treating uninsured at ERs costs me money; stop treating them" and obesity or smoking? 07/09/09 05:13pm
  • en: Kansas City Schlotzskys delivers sandwiches, pizzas, soups, salads, and more. 913 782 2867 or visit for more catering info 07/09/09 05:13pm
  • en: @RyanSeacrest are you guys coming to Kansas City or anywhere close this year? 07/09/09 05:13pm
  • en: ok new to this.. is it like a blog or what???? so many things to keep up with... 07/09/09 05:13pm
  • en: @GSouder Hey G.....just read your tweets wtf? are you getting funnier or am I easier to please??? 🙂 07/09/09 05:13pm
  • en: To all the smokers out there Garcia Vega or Dutch Master? 07/09/09 05:13pm
  • en: hmm i just noticed that sumtimes the display views duplicate a post or dont show up at all 07/09/09 05:13pm
  • en: @PaleFire So you've had it examined & got their reports, and now you're doing the final submission? Or getting it examined now? 07/09/09 05:13pm
  • en: @luckyrathen Nooo i cant live without the internet or TV. How will i shop and spend my sunday nights?! I'm gonna miss new House! 07/09/09 05:13pm
  • en: Don't forget to bring shoes in for the "Stepping out for Shoes"! The box will be @ the church til Fri or you can take them to the Park Sat. 07/09/09 05:13pm
  • en: ...or spell for that matter. 07/09/09 05:13pm
  • en: @thegre8_1 Was it N Korea or a scare tactic to pass the Cybersecurity bill allowing the President to control the internet?? (1984...) 07/09/09 05:13pm
  • en: I made this hand printed and painted Aum or Om tank especially for those who love hot style mixed with spirituality! 07/09/09 05:13pm
  • en: @DawnCoxwell you or the laptop or both? 07/09/09 05:13pm
  • en: was pretty surprised by the amount of language in Transformers 2. Maybe I am just getting old or you know, Desensitized. 07/09/09 05:13pm
  • en: ok #rke it's time. the boy is on twitter. @notabadsaint he doesn't know how to approve you or follow you back, but I do.. 😀 so follow away! 07/09/09 05:13pm
  • en: Morning all ..Sun outside my window-am I dreaming -Maybe I need coffee or a kick in the pants 07/09/09 05:13pm
  • en: Free web services for your city or county or school? Lower quality, no guarantee of service, who knows who your neighbor will be... enough? 07/09/09 05:13pm
  • en: jux chillin wit dha besties. hit meh up. text meh or call meh. yew kno who yew is dat got my numba. if yew dnt den let meh kno nd yew cn get 07/09/09 05:08pm
  • en: so um looking for something thrilling to do for the weekend of the 24th...Sky Diving, Para-Sailing, or Hang Gliding...what yall think? 07/09/09 05:08pm
  • en: RT @RevRunWisdom: 2 choices...Either motivate yourself or be miserable!! u choose! 07/09/09 05:08pm
  • en: #it09 @edparsons asks who user tripadvisor.. Are we consumers or publishers 07/09/09 05:08pm
  • en: You all have websites or web pages to promote well do so for free..just place an ad on my site.. 07/09/09 05:08pm
  • en: Do any of you have any guides or websites that are helping you? 07/09/09 05:08pm
  • en: @rayonRichards Man, you need to either start a blog or write a book... 07/09/09 05:08pm
  • en: @BuzzEdition: RT @chrispirillo: Download Anime Studio 5 FREE (Mac/Win) OR get Anime Studio 6 for $20 via [Now!] 07/09/09 05:08pm
  • en: @jessmcguire that apology or whatever you call it was drenched in sarcasm You should probably just stop talking. 07/09/09 05:08pm
  • en: @c13nh2 in ur last status thing or tweet or wat ever u said degrassi was a bitch it think.... 07/09/09 05:08pm
  • en: If u'r preparing a PAP w/me in real time, complete ur cover sheet, & I'll return L8er w/step 2 (abstract, or simple written description). 07/09/09 05:08pm
  • en: Wtf people, ya reply or say a word like "vitamins" on twitter and instantly gain 3 spam followers or company bots, ultimate fail 07/09/09 05:08pm
  • en: @BeachHut81 we get that. Or rather we used to. Their back door and ours are very close and the smoke used to come straight into our house. 07/09/09 05:08pm
  • en: @rjm1994 is it a samsung? or any other form of failphone? 07/09/09 05:08pm
  • en: @Freakonomy Don't believe her, she has tea and/or coffee....just not with anyone 😉 @Freakonomy 07/09/09 05:08pm
  • en: IMNSHO, our tweets should be fully reasoned, analytical and convincing, and not rough, bureaucratic, metaphysical or dogmatic. #MAO 07/09/09 05:08pm
  • en: Looking for a member w/ a truck or van to bring Karma's compost to the Scadding Court garden (Bathurst + Dundas). Work credit! 416.534.1470 07/09/09 05:08pm
  • en: @cbanana17 so excited for tonight!!! Can I pick up some wine or something? 07/09/09 05:08pm
  • en: This is great, fan of MJ or not... 07/09/09 05:08pm
  • en: @kcarruthers That ep 2 or 3? 07/09/09 05:08pm
  • xo: I think that's the most ridiculous question I've ever heard you ask! 🙂 Team Edward or Team JACOB!? your such a funny dude. 07/09/09 05:08pm
  • en: ARTICLE: Is your 30-second Introduction a conversation starter or killer? #networking #job search 07/09/09 05:08pm
  • fr: Luisa owes me $7 no ifs ands or buts! 07/09/09 05:08pm
  • en: @msmissee 🙂 It's on and poppin'! I wonder if JK will give me my bday licks? A girl can wish-or dew can 'pinch hit' for him 🙂 so excited! 07/09/09 05:08pm
  • en: Win a 24 bottle case of Daas Blond or Daas Witte. 07/09/09 05:08pm
  • en: Is it just me or are people RTing @gogoyoko launch like wild fire while it still looks the same and has beta/invite message 07/09/09 05:08pm
  • en: also, debating whether to finally get a blackberry or an iphone, or to keep it simple with a normal phone. 07/09/09 05:08pm
  • en: @ChrisMarlow Not sure if Magdi is stateside or not. The folks at Hope will know, as well as his contact info (702-896-5924) 07/09/09 05:08pm
  • en: @Blogger check out can't remove disqus or sharethis after u guys upgraded =( 07/09/09 05:08pm
  • en: Idk if I handled the situation with dignity or Was I a scaredypussy? 07/09/09 05:08pm
  • en: hence im considering shutting the fuckin thing down again. do people not understand commas? or language in general? im very upset about this 07/09/09 05:08pm
  • en: Having some issues with WordPress. Not sure it is WordPress or my hosting service. Getting invalid server calls and bad DB connections. 07/09/09 05:08pm
  • en: @sprckt thx have been nervous about its acceptance i am so desensitized to it now i can't tell if it is still good or not. though i like it. 07/09/09 05:08pm
  • en: ahh man its so fuckin early as hell ! im at the car dealership gettin my oil changed ! ready 2 go back home or go 2 sleep ! 07/09/09 05:08pm
  • en: Initiations galore! Hopefully new plants galore in a year or two. 07/09/09 05:08pm
  • en: @ottawamom then we would have a bunch of Eddie Murphy's running down the block after us (or are you to young for that) 07/09/09 05:08pm
  • en: need a 3rd DECENT blog for this write up....send me a suggestion if you have one...or two 07/09/09 05:08pm
  • en: @mikeyyy92 Whats your plans for tomorrow, are going in when the bands start or in the morning? 07/09/09 05:08pm
  • en: @superfecta There are so many lunch choices. How about Ramsi's or Mayan Cafe? Saffron's or Santa Fe? Safier or Pita Delights... 07/09/09 05:08pm
  • en: @RissiPalmer def all of your songs but if u cover a song please do "but I will" by faith hill or "when I need you" u would blaze t 07/09/09 05:08pm
  • en: Nominate a CRRA Realtor? as 2009 Realtor? or Rookie of the Year at 07/09/09 05:08pm
  • en: Do you live in the Seattle, San Antonio, San Diego, or Anchorage area? Let me know, I will be passing through next month. 07/09/09 05:08pm
  • en: woke up really sick...and kinda sad. = i need to rent movies or something. 07/09/09 05:08pm
  • en: So here's something I learned. You know that band The Animals? All humans. Not even like a monkey playing bass or anything. 07/09/09 05:08pm
  • en: @failedmuso yep. or try suffok libraries on line. Have lots of stuff and will order in. ?1.50 to hire. 2 copies on shelf 07/09/09 05:07pm
  • en: im hookin up da page or tryin 2 ne way 07/09/09 05:07pm
  • en: RT @RevRunWisdom 2 choices...Either motivate yourself or be miserable!! u choose! 07/09/09 05:07pm
  • en: feels lonely...these taylor swift songs make me sad )= needs a hugg...or some more friends... 07/09/09 05:07pm
  • en: RT @TealaC 1 or our friends @Microsoft_Gov mentions @NBHD_America in his blog on #gov20 Examples: Good and Bad 07/09/09 05:07pm
  • en: @BillySimpson really? Is JK calling SBY or vice versa? If sby calls first, what a shame! 07/09/09 05:07pm
  • en: @tlmasonaea What kind of a truck? A Ford Ranger or a MT-5500? 😉 Hope you feel better soon! 07/09/09 05:07pm
  • en: I'm craving food, but I don't know what kind. Suggestions? Nothing vegan or healthy, people. 07/09/09 05:07pm
  • en: Metro gm john catoe says he is going to change policy when it comes to texting while operating a train or driving a bus. One strike and out 07/09/09 05:07pm
  • en: Is Biden cutting $155 B from Medicare & Medicaid because we don't have expensive lobbyists or because he's never been disabled? 07/09/09 05:07pm
  • en: Our poll Q today...are you a morning person or night owl? I'm a night owl! What am I doing here this early in the morning?? 07/09/09 05:07pm
  • : Best song ever or best song ever? 07/09/09 05:07pm
  • en: RT @RevRunWisdom: 2 choices...Either motivate yourself or be miserable!! u choose! 07/09/09 05:07pm
  • en: @divatheriva I think enough with the mj stuff for now until his lost recordings are discovered-(or other secrets) 07/09/09 05:07pm
  • en: is it just me, or does burnt toast smell the same as burnt popcorn? 07/09/09 05:07pm
  • en: @EvanRoper i hear ya man so do you live locally or just go to school in clemson? 07/09/09 05:07pm
  • en: Only today I realized that IDM stands for Intelligent Dance Music-or how a word can have meaning without understanding where it comes from. 07/09/09 05:07pm
  • en: RT @RevRunWisdom 2 choices...Either motivate yourself or be miserable!! u choose! 07/09/09 05:07pm
  • en: @BarbaraNelson is a great business coach. Highly recommended for anyone looking to start a biz or move to next level. 07/09/09 05:07pm
  • en: Google's Chrome OS: A 'Nuclear Bomb' or Just Noise? from @iNewsApp 07/09/09 05:07pm
  • en: @RadioAmy I think pregnancy tests search for a hormone that ONLY pregnant women have – so shouldn't matter when you take it, period or not. 07/09/09 05:07pm
  • en: Feeling a little motion sick today - or wait maybe it's just a little php in my system....come on baybay! 07/09/09 05:07pm
  • en: @alex252 I nominate you for STFU Ride enforcement. Are you going with the carrot or the stick? 07/09/09 05:07pm
  • : I am looking for developing a.. 07/09/09 05:07pm
  • en: Or LET me help ypu. I'm sure either is fine... 07/09/09 05:07pm
  • en: @ericalovesry She said, and I quote: "i use nars orgasm or nars gina... they are amazing!!! :)" I think I may be ordering some soon :0) 07/09/09 05:07pm
  • en: @heidiheartshugs there is a boat one too called harbour control or something 07/09/09 05:07pm
  • en: @jonasbrothers Does joe have twitter or not. I have kevin and Nick ? 07/09/09 05:07pm
  • en: I will lose 20 pounds, get a sparkley dress, and take up Latin ballroom. Either that or I'll turn off this Pitbull song. 07/09/09 05:07pm
  • en: Can't decide whether to go home today or tomorrow. Decisions... 07/09/09 05:07pm
  • en: Debating whether to go 'demasked' on Stack Overflow: Real Name or continue with online handle? 07/09/09 05:07pm
  • en: @mommaleanne Don't tell me you haven't watched Lost or Heroes?! Medium is also not bad. 07/09/09 05:07pm
  • en: Is this July or October??? 61 degrees? are you flippin' kidding me??? 07/09/09 05:07pm
  • en: @LucyKD That went really well 😀 Feeling sorry for myself so eating sweets. Was either that or vodka 😀 07/09/09 05:07pm
  • en: RT @kristensze: Is acai cardioprotective? are you a locavore or a frenemy? 100 new words out in merriam-webster. 07/09/09 05:07pm
  • en: Looks very unlikely that I'll see the new Star Trek movie before it leaves theaters. Not enough time or money. 07/09/09 05:07pm
  • en: RT @RevRunWisdom: 2 choices...Either motivate yourself or be miserable!! u choose! 07/09/09 05:07pm
  • en: as I am putting on teh final touches of the GMSFJ issue #7 due ot tomorrow (or so). :^D 07/09/09 05:07pm
  • en: RT @The_Tyree I need to finish this project or Ima be dead, real dead, Ed mcmahon ::: somebody woke up in their innapropriate hat this am:: 07/09/09 05:07pm
  • en: wants chocolate. To be exact...a freddo, caramello, choc snack pack, cherry ripe, oreos, tim tams or clinkers. I crave! 07/09/09 05:07pm
  • en: @missgiggly whenever ch7 says 'you'll never guess' or 'who you keast expect' they're guaranteed to tell you immediately... 07/09/09 05:07pm
  • en: @PTIShow Over/Under 81 more games for Lou Pinella. (i.e. either they make the playoffs or is he gone?) 07/09/09 05:07pm
  • en: It doesn't matter if you're black or white... the only color that really matters is green.. 😉 07/09/09 05:07pm
  • en: - FREE daily meal planner or use as a food journal! Enjoy. 07/09/09 05:07pm
  • en: @KobB we're in the process of moving due to their general indifference to us so I can't help I am afraid. Maybe O2, plusnet or virgin media 07/09/09 05:07pm
  • en: @JayanthaA true, we are doing work on that, but also need to cooperate together with local experts,let us know here or email 07/09/09 05:07pm
  • en: yeah!! no schoolwork or anything. just relaxing and enjoying the last weeks of school!!!! 🙂 07/09/09 05:07pm
  • en: should we stay or should we go? 07/09/09 05:07pm
  • en: C'mon freddie. Or is it time for a change?? 07/09/09 05:07pm
  • en: @AdelineLuna Our ports are under siege from foreign nationals or ilegal immigrants; we lack the personnel to prevent this. 07/09/09 05:07pm
  • en: Becccccaa@theteamcolours i know, it'll be awesome. i really hope someone hacked their site or something. 07/06/09 10:00pm
  • en: @darrengibson Get 300 followers a day using Once you add everyone you are on the train or pay vip 🙂 07/06/09 10:00pm
  • en: @FoxDen People have to know me or know of me on Facebook... MySpace ... they all just wanna date me and take my money to Nigeria 07/06/09 10:00pm
  • en: RT @DaveThCat: Because that wouldn't annoy my Dad! I'm a CAT. My job is to annoy or cuddle!<<< so true 07/06/09 10:00pm
  • en: @KarenAlloy Nope that's just crazy... 1st it's the lipgloss then it's the brand of undies and if you get em at K-MART or not .... to far 07/06/09 10:00pm
  • en: if there was such a thing as making badass eggs, they'd be in my job description. or just being a badass. 07/06/09 10:00pm
  • en: if there was such a thing as making badass eggs, they'd be in my job description. or just being a badass. 07/06/09 10:00pm
  • en: @Dannymcfly eat me, danny! ...kiddin! or maybe not kiddin.... hahaha xx 07/06/09 10:00pm
  • en: @chellehbpt aww thanks! I am just me, take it or leave it 🙂 If ppl don't like it they can keep it movin lol =] 07/06/09 10:00pm
  • en: @EdenVonSleaze I felt so sick after!!! Or maybe ur gonna masturbate to me being a make out queen of rouge!! Haha next victim: jeffrey (my... 07/06/09 10:00pm
  • en: In Shape with Cardio Kickboxing: Cardio kickboxing, also known as aerobic kickboxing or fitness kickboxing, can .. 07/06/09 10:00pm
  • en: Do adults like whodunnits more than kids? Kids love action & mystery, but don't seem to love whodunnits. Or is that just my mis-perception? 07/06/09 10:00pm
  • en: @Trivs haha she most definately should... or something like @AKStateIdiotSarahPalin... I like that one... lol 07/06/09 10:00pm
  • en: Is it just me or do others have sunburn limbs, stuff piled up (virtual & real) & slow moving synapses this today? USA! USa: Usa. us.. 07/06/09 10:00pm
  • en: #claritylive Will there be a vinyl release? Of the live version and/or the '99 album? 07/06/09 10:00pm
  • en: @evo_terra : You'd be doing even better if there was a t-shirt to go along with that... or is there already, and I missed it? 07/06/09 10:00pm
  • en: still doesn't really knowww how to "twitter" or "tweet" or whatever it is lol or am i doing it? 07/06/09 10:00pm
  • en: Seeking an MDS Coordinator for a 5 Star facility in Northern NJ. Please call me at 914-345-0455 x304 or email Thanks 07/06/09 10:00pm
  • en: - Make $1600 in a week? or $500 to $600 a day? from home? Unemployed or even part timers.. 07/06/09 10:00pm
  • en: @b1tchkitty Get 300 followers a day using Once you add everyone you are on the train or pay vip 🙂 07/06/09 10:00pm
  • en: @writeonthecusp Did he really die? Love this. Another conspiracy theory to add to JFK assassination, Diana, Moonlanding or not ---- 07/06/09 10:00pm
  • en: @TrentinoGelato Does Spec's serve it or sell it packaged? 07/06/09 10:00pm
  • en: See, @Lizipedia I love the fact that if you Google or Bing me, all you find is me. I think I'm the only Jaremy Rich in existence. 07/06/09 10:00pm
  • en: Hey #MattGiraud fans. U might get a fedora if u see him Detroit or Grand Rapids. Matt rocked it on opening night. 07/06/09 10:00pm
  • en: @maureen_ethos i knooww i was looking foward to seeing you both! we should do brunch or diner and have girl talk again lol 07/06/09 10:00pm
  • en: okay, I won't drop anymore F-bombs today. just had a bad day, or... not a great one at least. I'm gonna think of somthn else now. Be well! 07/06/09 10:00pm
  • en: Not enough fat, carbs, sodium, cheese or bacon in your diet - try Taco Bell Bacon Cheesy Potato Burrito - it'll knock 5 years off your life 07/06/09 10:00pm
  • en: @lenasimone79 that means that the answer is within and u don't need outside influences or opinions. 🙂 07/06/09 10:00pm
  • en: yu kno in times like dis i wuld either dance or eat...BUT ITS SOOOOO DAMN HOT IF I EVEN DO A LIL TWO STEP ILL PROBABLY CATCH A HEAT STROKE 07/06/09 10:00pm
  • en: @susanorlean Who was laughing--bear or cop? 07/06/09 10:00pm
  • en: Wear Aerobics Clothes That Are Not Ill Fitting Or Discomforting: Author : Eddie LambWhen a person feels the need.. 07/06/09 10:00pm
  • en: @malevolentlala need to stress not my legs or pants or cat 07/06/09 10:00pm
  • en: @paperslut yes, just look for a Unicorn store - Authorised Apple Re-seller or even head over to Heera Panna - I'm quite sure they'll do it! 07/06/09 10:00pm
  • en: [BlogNetNewsHR] jessica's universe: is it a dove or pigeon?: among some of us around here, there .. 07/06/09 10:00pm
  • en: Yo u really don't work do u? Or u work but u work for the twitter company. Stop! Lol 07/06/09 10:00pm
  • en: If u dont have a data plan wit bb or iphone u deserve to use a pager and payphones 1800collect nigga 07/06/09 10:00pm
  • en: @bbgeeks Get 300 followers a day using Once you add everyone you are on the train or pay vip 🙂 07/06/09 10:00pm
  • en: Writing blindly and loving it! Trusting the organic process to let me know whether my current WIP will be novel or novella, spicy or not. 07/06/09 10:00pm
  • nl: Shit,telefoon kwijt!Sorry peeps who called or texted me.In mijn chaotische wereld gebeurd dit dagelijks dus ik heb hem snel terug..hoop ik! 07/06/09 10:00pm
  • en: Avoid Flouride and checmical toothpaste, avoid regular soap , use boric acid or baking soda in their place , feel healthy 07/06/09 10:00pm
  • en: Hmmm...which car do I drive today? The M3 or the Maserati? Lol. 07/06/09 10:00pm
  • en: Do you have to be a scumbag to become a landlord, or does the job make you a scumbag? 07/06/09 10:00pm
  • en: Had a weird allergic reaction to either a bug bite or something I ate last night. No clue what it was! 07/06/09 10:00pm
  • en: i'm guessing it was Monica then lol. or idk it could've been someone else. but who's to talk 07/06/09 10:00pm
  • en: RT @robertashley I Come to Shanghai [psychedelic pop music] is now available in name-your-price MP3 or CD: 07/06/09 10:00pm
  • en: Its a secret, I won't tell 🙂 RT @mboll_zouldwyck: Wht things?? RT @restyindira: Curious about you.. Did you or You didn't? Hmm.. Its ki ... 07/06/09 10:00pm
  • en: @kteacher_red Ya ! I got the ruined and onion too! I think I speak english ,spanish ,okie ,texmex , and a bit of redneck or hillbilly!lol 07/06/09 10:00pm
  • en: Is your mind made up or not??? Tell Me 07/06/09 10:00pm
  • en: Or is that the Ford logo?? Hahaha.....I don't even know but its ridiculous no matter what. 07/06/09 10:00pm
  • en: Nope...just 3 letters and 3 numbers.@jasonmontoya @Marleenez - but does it say something cool like 'kimchi' or 'hapa' like our plates? 07/06/09 10:00pm
  • en: I told my mom about Panic! and she laughed and said, "YES!" I don't know if she was kidding or not but I'm sort of mad now. =| 07/06/09 10:00pm
  • en: Unfortunately gotta say NIN... RT @FuseTV: Daily Duel: Radiohead or Nine Inch Nails? Vote here: 07/06/09 10:00pm
  • en: @kids_eat_free Get 300 followers a day using Once you add everyone you are on the train or pay vip 🙂 07/06/09 10:00pm
  • en: @toonhead What if the book is only available through Kindle or you wouldn't be able to get another copy in time for class to start? 07/06/09 10:00pm
  • en: @The_Teach yes I do have unlimited texting, I don't know if that includes incoming or not, but I was impressed with myself haha 07/06/09 10:00pm
  • en: On-Demand Webinar: Effect of Recession on Outsourcing (excellent contracts advice, outsourcing or not!) 07/06/09 10:00pm
  • en: What a day now trying to figure out whats i need more new entertainment center or new kitchen appliances... Any suggestions? 07/06/09 10:00pm
  • no: @Ninnez Wear a dress or a skirt mama 07/06/09 10:00pm
  • en: I hate tests with questions that are a, b, both, or neither...and my teacher looooves them. FML. 07/06/09 10:00pm
  • en: IDK If what I'm feeling right now is right or wrong. 07/06/09 10:00pm
  • en: Feeling mildly sore today. Might go for a walk soon or somthing 07/06/09 10:00pm
  • en: Anyone have any fun restaurant ideas for downtown Denver? Not fru fru or too loud preferred. Mexican? Ideas welcome. Thanks. 07/06/09 10:00pm
  • en: #Synacor is looking for a #Search Mgr - do you have exp. with #SEM/#SEO or have you worked for a search engine?? Visit for info 07/06/09 10:00pm
  • en: @StTweetGrandPrx It's not good for business when drivers get hurt or killed. 07/06/09 10:00pm
  • en: "You create your own unpeacefulness by your reactions to the illusions of pressure or tension or despair that appear around you." 07/06/09 10:00pm
  • en: Was there ever a time in history when everyone went "Oh wow, I'm so excited. I got my chance at jury duty"? Or not so much 07/06/09 10:00pm
  • en: What should I do - change this to my BC user name? Change BC name? Change my real name by deed poll OR just continue to confuse ppl??? 07/06/09 10:00pm
  • no: @KaliiiBudd or freedom 07/06/09 10:00pm
  • en: @bazil749 As in smart lists from RTM? Hopefully support for that will be in future releases, or RTM will release an Android app... 07/06/09 10:00pm
  • en: Had severe reaction to bee sting 5 years ago. Stung or bitten this wkend - no reaction? Didn't use Epi Pen. Could it be a bite vs.sting? 07/06/09 10:00pm
  • en: Another 30 minutes sitting on surveillance. Now I don't care if I do or don't see the Claimant. 07/06/09 10:00pm
  • en: @MistaVoss and be sure to rip and save them to an external HD or DVD copy so you have dvd quality copies to add to your collection 07/06/09 10:00pm
  • en: Is it me or does @drakkardnoir have a lot of titties in his vid.... jus a thought. 07/06/09 10:00pm
  • en: @PhoenixAskani didnt c ur but, boobs, or else just looking at ur eyes all the time... I am kinda scared, ur eyes are huge... brr... 07/06/09 10:00pm
  • en: @carm3nutza the formula one, or the drift? 07/06/09 10:00pm
  • en: Woop! The bedroom's tidy now... might bake some brownies in a bit.. super mocha brownies or rocky road brownies? i'm torn! 07/06/09 10:00pm
  • en: Nothing left but an empty corona, dozen or so rib bones, the inside bit of a corn & some chip crumbs & few drops of pico de gallo 07/06/09 10:00pm
  • en: 35. They preach no Christian doctrine who teach that contrition is not necessary in those who intend to buy souls out of purgatory or to buy 07/06/09 10:00pm
  • en: @plutoniumpage Point. You also don't have to go through the mile-long security line. Or find parking. I think it's faster to drive to CLT. 07/06/09 10:00pm
  • en: @RealFastTlkr That is completely understandable. XD Jack Coleman, Adrian Pasdar or Zachary Quinto *winks* 07/06/09 10:00pm
  • en: @ironchaser does she know what she downloaded? Or do you know what it is? 07/06/09 10:00pm
  • en: If u prefer tofu to a t bone,never mooshed a toddler,or ever ate a chico stick for breakfast,then im pretty sure we'd have nothing in common 07/06/09 10:00pm
  • en: Raise your hand if you live in the UK or Europe. I have a question! 07/06/09 10:00pm
  • en: @therealpickler ha, if your tweets drive them crazy, what about diddy or ashton kutcher? Love form Maine. 07/06/09 10:00pm
  • en: This small world I discovered keeps getting smaller, and I don't know whether to laugh or cry. #socialmediapitfall 07/06/09 10:00pm
  • en: appointed minister of all things needing paint or drilling around the house #fb 07/06/09 10:00pm
  • en: @sirchunkalot They must be either going blind or they are figuring out where you live so they can stop by for a drink. 07/06/09 10:00pm
  • en: tell me if what you feel for me is real, or if it's just a game. HOMENS!:~ 07/06/09 10:00pm
  • en: Or maybe it's just the trunks that make him look like that. 07/06/09 10:00pm
  • en: Is it me or is summer moving fast as hell? 07/06/09 10:00pm
  • en: I hope that Sarah Palin will run for president or vice president. She has a good head on her shoulders. 07/06/09 10:00pm
  • en: Food for thought: When you were 10, how did you imagine your life would be now? Are you faring better or worse? 07/06/09 10:00pm
  • en: I am, therefore I twitt? (or was it tw*tt?) 07/06/09 10:00pm
  • en: @DyingAngelx3 it wasn't my fault, i wasn't even allowed to go on the phone or computer . and i want home and im sorry . 07/06/09 10:00pm
  • en: @TrYnnaBME i said that cus usally i hear 4rom u u bbm me or something but latly i haven' 07/05/09 04:42am
  • en: @heymadeline they better send it soon or else we need to get people to bitch at them 🙂 07/05/09 04:42am
  • en: @SnowBettyAU So what's a pro say about Hawke's controller for boarding games? Skill carryover or just for fun 07/05/09 04:41am
  • en: Forget expensive dinner cruises, fireworks barge is Parker outside my window! T-minus 45 mins or something, keep the music goin 07/05/09 04:41am
  • en: Xbox controllers are USB. You can either splice the cable with a regular USB cable or probably get an adapter, 07/05/09 04:41am
  • en: Maybe! RT @lauraluvsmariah @Bianca4Life u don't like Cali or NY lambs?!?! Are ya jealous that everything happens here and not in TX??? 07/05/09 04:41am
  • en: How come every time I try to drink water I get the third degree? "What the hell are you drinking?" Lol. My friends are nuts. Or alcoholics 07/05/09 04:41am
  • en: Checkout My Reviews Hard disk or solid-state? Think again - Though solid-state drives are in vogue, market forces a... 07/05/09 04:41am
  • en: Idk what in doing 2night, but I got open crib, and money in my pocket, that means I'm drinkin or fucking, most likely both=) 07/05/09 04:41am
  • en: RT @KyLynnis: RT @FlorianYoga: Tweet if you get choked up hearing our National Anthem (or God Bless America or Stars and Stripes Forever.... 07/05/09 04:41am
  • en: @AriesUBG is Janet Jacksin on Fame the movie or was it the TV show?? 07/05/09 04:41am
  • en: @cookiethief3 yeah u do all the time i tell u even when i'm not suppose to or we either tweet it so u know 07/05/09 04:41am
  • en: Fireworks at point park! 40 or so in our group 07/05/09 04:41am
  • en: @juz1complexsoul hahaha, Jacob gettin it in!!! Where is it!! Bbm me the address or directions, we comin now 07/05/09 04:41am
  • en: I think nethang month than 1 or mayb 2 thangs is ridiculas ----> RT @popnbulletz1: Ladies Would you have plastic surgery done on your body? 07/05/09 04:41am
  • en: @johanbruyneel love the cryptic messages or am I being dumb. 07/05/09 04:41am
  • en: @JoeysHeavengirl you know FOR SURE no one came out before OR after? At any time. 07/05/09 04:41am
  • en: Blame it on the Patron, Blame it on the Goose - VIP BOOTH Special: $175 for either Patron or Goose, party of 12 folks!!! 07/05/09 04:41am
  • en: @TerrenceJ106 aye man yall need to bring the show to tampa florida so we can show yall how we party or have a good time 07/05/09 04:41am
  • en: Damn aint no poetry slams or nothing?!!!!! Ugh at the poetry slam being canceled. 07/05/09 04:41am
  • en: @theonetruebix Someone was doing that last weekend - SE Taylor or Morrison - can't remember. SE 27th? 07/05/09 04:41am
  • en: @saalon I just thought that b/c she mentioned her kids voting on it (yes, yes, and hell yeah, or something like that.) that's all I took... 07/05/09 04:41am
  • en: DJ Donald Glaude LIVE in Spokane, Washington TONIGHT!!! Tickets available at the door or here 07/05/09 04:41am
  • en: @xlovex16FAN and email? Or phone? 07/05/09 04:41am
  • en: @confessius keep assuming I've never been in Iran or don't know wtf is going on. 07/05/09 04:41am
  • en: I managed to get 6 new songs written tonight - or at least their lyrics. I would call that a success. Tomorrow I put music to them. 07/05/09 04:41am
  • en: @5toSucceed actually yeah I did haha! I didn't decide where to watch the fireworks... At ala moana or at the beach. Whatcha think? 07/05/09 04:41am
  • en: They fall away as soon as they have problems or are persecuted for believing God’s word. 07/05/09 04:41am
  • en: Nugget of wisdom for the day: People with only left or right wings just flap in a circle & don't go anywhere. 07/05/09 04:41am
  • en: hit hurts when the person u like doesnt apreciate u or try hard enough to change to keep u but its all good i'm done and over it 07/05/09 04:41am
  • en: This last three days i always not get enough sleeps, sometimes i just slept three or five hours, and it make me got headache in the midd ... 07/05/09 04:41am
  • en: @trent_reznor Please please please play The Great Destroyer or The Beginning of the end at le ZENITH PARIS tuesday... i know its a long shot 07/05/09 04:41am
  • en: dazed out while listening to TFT & thought I was listening to Story Of The Year for a sec, idk of that's good or bad? lol 07/05/09 04:41am
  • en: is in bed before 2am! I know, it shocked me, too. Don't worry, normal service is bound to be resumed within a week or so. 😀 07/05/09 04:41am
  • en: Well, I'll be at Legends but definitely not at 10:30. Hubby wanted to c fireworks...but I'll get there sooner or later! 07/05/09 04:41am
  • en: Damn, I really want ice-cream right now! Or maybe a slushy... 07/05/09 04:41am
  • en: @DoubleOhBlondie you don't know the handshake or code word so 😛 07/05/09 04:41am
  • en: Do folks wear regular clothes anymore or do they only have club clothes? There is life outside the club. Smh 07/05/09 04:41am
  • en: @MikaGina He probably paid you in sandviches. Or boolets. Not like he has much else. 07/05/09 04:41am
  • en: @permeister yep so mayb when dd gos back to school in a month or so ill go 07/05/09 04:41am
  • en: Lunch at Panchos, Pacos or whatever its called, nap on the beach...I'd say the days turning out well :o) 07/05/09 04:41am
  • en: Considering a real estate career in California? We can help you! Visit or tweet us with any questions! 07/05/09 04:41am
  • en: @Andy_Bull Tell me, do you prefer the James Brown or Renee Geyer version? 07/05/09 04:41am
  • en: "Maybe I don’t have the blonde hair you like Or maybe I don’t have eyes like the sky And I’m not sure if..." http://tumblr 07/05/09 04:41am
  • en: @anovanto which you are? @roddick or @federer and why? 07/05/09 04:41am
  • en: Feeling too tired to eat dessert or have a second glass of wine. Highly unusual behavior for me. 07/05/09 04:41am
  • en: @SI_PeterKing: When you get a chance to write some words for the mag or website regarding Steve McNair, don't skimp on the Favre angle... 07/05/09 04:41am
  • en: Hey @iamdiddy maybe set up a contest for ten fans to win or something to get invited next time (#WhiteParty live > 07/05/09 04:41am
  • en: HK's Parent Education is far behind Taiwan or even Mainland China. Gotta see the first forum that CMF & AMS organised in Aug 07/05/09 04:41am
  • en: I hate how people alway hang up on me when i am still talking or saying my goodbye. 07/05/09 04:41am
  • en: Join me LIVE on my Youth ETERNALs CHOP SHOP show on #BlogTalkRadio at or call (347) 884-8165 07/05/09 04:41am
  • en: @ims tell me what you guys think bc i can't decide to watch it or not. 07/05/09 04:41am
  • en: @adm1nspotter Oh no! You said fajitas couldn't be bad. Or something like that. 07/05/09 04:41am
  • en: @bsharwood re: "restore madness": how about "restore kindness" or "restore hope" ? 07/05/09 04:41am
  • en: My album dropped today, go get it on iTunes! write a review for me or write a post on ur blog if u have 1! 07/05/09 04:41am
  • en: @j3lam yes i remember all those years, i still dress like a slut at some points, it depends on what im gonna do or where i go 07/05/09 04:41am
  • en: @Saint_Therese Ex-best friend had 2 abortions when she was real young. She said she believed what "they" said it's just some tissue or some 07/05/09 04:41am
  • en: @hobnobsftww_ haha i havent seen that in aaaaaaaaaages! toy story is my favourite :'D or pinocchio! haha x 07/05/09 04:41am
  • en: its days like these i wish my life had taken a different road, or at least that i could fast forward through painful reminders 07/05/09 04:41am
  • : Um and a beer. Or two 🙂 07/05/09 04:41am
  • en: Starving for some greek or chinese and nothings opened 07/05/09 04:41am
  • en: I am #moonfruit 'ing less and less =/ or maybe I was just busy till now 07/05/09 04:41am
  • en: Just had a nasty allergic reaction to either new body spray or a new granola bar. Scary shit, thank God for Benedryl. 07/05/09 04:41am
  • en: To Facebook or not to Facebook? Anybody? 07/05/09 04:41am
  • en: @moegreeb I can see your point... Pinching is way more subtle...the underside of the arm is especially tender... or so I've heard. 07/05/09 04:41am
  • en: that i dont hav my phone 2 wish my friends *&crush* how there 4th july is or say HAPPY 4 JULY '09like 2 twitter ;)yea it sucks-phonelss 07/05/09 04:41am
  • en: note to self if that ever happens again: despite what you may think, you cannot carry somone on yr back over the age of 10. or anyone 60kg+ 07/05/09 04:41am
  • en: @WickedBitch Either that or a single Mexican-American woman will rule the world. 07/05/09 04:41am
  • en: Can't say that I hated it or liked it... not sure. Watching the first episode of Crescent Love now. Whee 07/05/09 04:41am
  • en: @ddlovato You didnt Invite me... I wish I was your friend... You dont even notice me or my comments... Im sad 07/05/09 04:41am
  • en: Watched Transformers 2, I really liked the movie, and I see what you did there Bay, with the subtle Bad Boys 3 announce, or not so subtle... 07/05/09 04:41am
  • en: Wow, i hardly go on myspace now... 'cosz Im always on here or tweaking on YouTube. 07/05/09 04:41am
  • en: it's funny how when I'm speaking to someone, I say what I think, but over the computer or phone, I can't. 😐 07/05/09 04:41am
  • en: wow....i have 17 followers,but not one of my followers has said hi 2me!! are u all mute stalkers? 😮 or does twitter have bots like yahoo? 07/05/09 04:41am
  • en: So glad UNL employed the umbrella police. It isn't raining or anything 07/05/09 04:41am
  • en: Do the Ughnaughts actually DO anything in this City? Or do they just throw miniature explosives at unsuspecting protocol droids' feet? 07/05/09 04:41am
  • : mOOd=pissy. 07/05/09 04:41am
  • en: RT @FlorianYoga: Tweet if you get choked up hearing our National Anthem (or God Bless America or Stars and Stripes Forever.... 07/05/09 04:41am
  • en: FT9 (have your daughter already born or what? :S Luvyadude!), RM (y Ribery quiere pq quiere irse al Madrid!) & Espa?a Selecci?n, osQuiiero?? 07/05/09 04:41am
  • en: Too Patriotic? Or amazing? I'm goin with amaZing... Lol 07/05/09 04:41am
  • en: RT @AskFrontierCity: Randy Travis concert Saturday July 4th. Plus Fireworks- is it canceled or still happening? 07/05/09 04:41am
  • en: @johnsts get that ass to go watch. Not everyone can walk or see like u to see them 07/05/09 04:41am
  • en: @BridalOpulence do the Tennesseans reporters ever leave their desk to investigate a story or do they just monitor twitter? They are lazy. 07/05/09 04:41am
  • en: being lazy...all my friends are workin or outta town today, should do some unpacking...we'll see 07/05/09 04:41am
  • en: I know I spent time last night with student politicians, but I don't know why, or how many times I need to shower to feel clean again. 07/05/09 04:41am
  • en: can't decide if I am sad I have no one to hang out with today or not. 07/05/09 04:41am
  • en: to add to the last post, i meant you'll know who let one rip or who had enchiladas, pervs. 07/05/09 04:41am
  • en: Are there any parks in hawthorne or close by doin fireworks? 07/05/09 04:41am
  • en: @milnertant @Milereb it's just a forum, let them have their fun :-p or is this really important or something! Man it's early 07/05/09 04:41am
  • en: Access Guest House: Bed and Breakfast or Self-Catering Accommodation - 07/05/09 04:41am
  • en: oh, not 'cause of her looks or anything, 'cause she's his favorite singer. hahaha. 07/05/09 04:40am
  • en: @kaysesoze yeah they do. I'm in Norfolk right now. thinking about moving to Chesapeake or VA Beach 07/05/09 04:40am
  • en: RT @Bianca4Life: For the Record, I do not like NY or Cali Lambs one bit! (retweet that) lol 07/05/09 04:40am
  • en: RT @windowsot Just got back from my Twitterholics Anonymous meeting. Very short as we communicated in 140 characters or less. 07/05/09 04:40am
  • en: @ry_anmcdonald what about zero or diet 07/03/09 09:41am
  • en: Is this a crab or a turtle with a long penis? 07/03/09 09:41am
  • en: Ahh waitin n da car n Harlem... Mom is running around looking for change for $100... Seems like everywhere don't accept or don't have smh 07/03/09 09:41am
  • en: @daveyank I like the idea of one suggestion on #followfriday. If there are 10 listed in one tweet, I rarely investigate or follow... 07/03/09 09:41am
  • en: @chrisDAPS na i dont think my mom or gf would like that as my new career 07/03/09 09:41am
  • en: If "it don't matter if you're black or white," why did Michael Jackson change his skin color? LOL 😀 07/03/09 09:41am
  • en: wonder why not many people at UBD Mosque just now. Was it becos of the storm or H1n1? 07/03/09 09:41am
  • en: @KrombieFitch84 umm it has like about 16 or 17 somewhere around dat number 07/03/09 09:41am
  • en: @msssfit you better only have eyes for @ringo2k9 or ill have to hurt you because my bestie cant be hurt!!! 07/03/09 09:41am
  • en: Live on CKUW 95.9 or Radio Schizophrenio. Bringing the shoegaze tonight. MBV, Slow Dive, Mazzy Star, SIANspheric, Ride + More! 07/03/09 09:41am
  • en: The grown woman in YOU needs to come out. If you got a problem w/ me or anyone I associate with then SAY it & stop faking. & oyea, we ou ... 07/03/09 09:41am
  • en: @mainlinedine in the city? Probably QT Sandwich or Ba Le Bakery. 07/03/09 09:41am
  • en: @SarahGoulden was my grammar anywhere near the real thing? Only studied german for about a month or so 2,5 years ago lol 07/03/09 09:41am
  • en: @bwonnacott did it just take u 6 hours to figure out that @stevied71 was a giants fan?!?! Did u see his son's outfit? Or his daughter's hat? 07/03/09 09:41am
  • en: @DMosley ...or that which makes one "idolize" the artist rather than simply admire their work...among a few problems... 07/03/09 09:41am
  • en: I guess everyone is sleeping or partying, well night, night everyone, I'm out. 07/03/09 09:41am
  • en: @puffaddering I've got to get to bed. So tomorrow night, I'll give it another try. Maybe my mind is muddled or mrt is down 4 maintenance. 07/03/09 09:41am
  • en: i need to either drink more often, or less. 07/03/09 09:41am
  • en: @rellefierce poor @AudreyFiierc3 one more you year and you can go with us LOL, it'll be better next year we'll be in MIA or Myrtle Beach 07/03/09 09:41am
  • en: Does she not know right from wrong? Or that people will most likely always screw you over? There's only some you can trust. 07/03/09 09:41am
  • en: @rickyyyyy_d PAW!!!! whats up man every time i go to your pad your working wth... all of the sudden you're too good for me or what? haha 07/03/09 09:41am
  • en: @jddalton anything that involves my foreskin getting tugged or played with is aaaaalllll good with me. 😉 07/03/09 09:41am
  • : Lucia told me she'd put either 5 pennies or a nickle on my grave. 07/03/09 09:41am
  • en: RT @travisb93 is it just me or is twitter better than myspace?? 07/03/09 09:41am
  • en: Holy just being a dumbass or what. 07/03/09 09:41am
  • en: @caralluch not even mall? Hmph... Or iunno. Nvm alanganin na tanan.... Is ur mom gonna let you? ;( 07/03/09 09:41am
  • en: Kickin it then merckin to get up to rehearse or jus kick it. Two new songs to learn. Possibly! Annex. Come at 830For Leif. 07/03/09 09:41am
  • en: @JadeJadore so as a STL guy, gotta know, are you a Cub or a Sox fan? 07/03/09 09:41am
  • en: Several Dutch satellite TV channels (Ned1-3, RTL&Belgian network) broadcasting Free-to-Air this night.Policy or mistake of Astra provider? 07/03/09 09:41am
  • en: The interlocking fingers of physical, mental, financial & addictive challenges either become a fist or a hand of support reached out in love 07/03/09 09:41am
  • en: @AnotherJanessa what about Ree or Clam? 07/03/09 09:41am
  • en: @ElizaPatricia not a winner, probably been mentioned too, how about my girlfriend for a day, date at an awesome cafe or something 07/03/09 09:41am
  • en: @daphness84 OMG you beat me to it. Adorbs. Its a good thing we don't live in the same state or I'd never share (: 07/03/09 09:41am
  • en: Some of the greater things in life are unseen thats why you close your eyes when you kiss, cry, or dream... 07/03/09 09:41am
  • en: My insomnia is back for the past week i have to try to force my self to sleep at 3 or 4 in the morning this is getting ridiculous 07/03/09 09:41am
  • en: @YoVilleOnline are these summer picnic items just for July4th or are they seasonal like the spring collection? 07/03/09 09:41am
  • es: Gila, di lagunya fergie yang labels or love merek2 ternama disebut, dior, gucci, sgala macem 07/03/09 09:41am
  • en: WHAT OR WHO U WANNA DREAM ABOUT TONITE ? 07/03/09 09:41am
  • en: @frog247 not to condone being brushed off, but at one point or another people are going through their issues in life as they go through life 07/03/09 09:41am
  • en: Is a tomato a fruit or a vegetable? 07/03/09 09:41am
  • en: @altepper looks to be true - being reported in the Times this AM - could be the start of a new career for him (or an all round disaster..) 07/03/09 09:41am
  • en: @MeiLinMiranda You're much more calm than @alexandraerin or myself. Good for you - that can only be a good thing for blood pressure 😀 07/03/09 09:41am
  • en: @vivalos which bike? Track, road...le roi or cento uno, road tandem, MTN tandem, 69r, ifg, cento crono tt bike, ttx (4 sale), Wilier cross 07/03/09 09:41am
  • en: goodnight or whatever... 07/03/09 09:41am
  • en: @VioletMarcell You're doing yoga now? Or just wearing the pants? Isn't it fun? 😀 07/03/09 09:41am
  • en: Deadlines or coming fast for next summer project. N the last stage of planning stil need to find out about asistance and marketing. HELP 07/03/09 09:41am
  • en: @Corrie71 When I see #moonfruit, I get the thought of moon being "fruity" but we know it's not true. am I dumb or crazy for thinking this? 07/03/09 09:41am
  • en: @aly_elso and I are selling 2 extra demi lovato tickets in the 100 section. Close to the stage. 56.00 bucks each. Or we can negoitate.Txt me 07/03/09 09:41am
  • en: I have to remeber this.......janelle this shit is good or was because i loved it 07/03/09 09:41am
  • eo: Japan or France? 07/03/09 09:41am
  • en: tv is no longer heart felt or socially aware 07/03/09 09:41am
  • en: The ever-growing, updated list of those dead or detained in Iran from the UK Guardian #IranElection #neda #gr88 07/03/09 09:41am
  • en: - lovely sunset at brasada ranch outside bend, or 07/03/09 09:41am
  • en: @dijunky or maybe chris just likes her for her bod.. well idk because i didnt even see the 1st transformers so idk what megan fox looks ... 07/03/09 09:41am
  • en: hit me on AIM: PrettyBoy NA,or YAHOO: Naiquan718, im on right now feel free 2 holllllllla 07/03/09 09:41am
  • en: wonderful news dad stopped breathng & was put on life support. Spent an hour or two @the hospital & looking 4 my mom 07/03/09 09:41am
  • en: Love cant tell whether or not it has a fat dick in it's ass. 07/03/09 09:41am
  • en: "sometimes you can't make it on your own" U2 so that's why we fall in love, whether it be a girl/boyfriend, or just a friend. Love you guys! 07/03/09 09:41am
  • en: brother man or another man? 07/03/09 09:41am
  • en: You can leave with me or u can have the bluesssss 07/03/09 09:41am
  • en: Last assignment for you?? I laugh at your naive idiocy...or mine? 07/03/09 09:41am
  • Celtic: Norse: Month: Haymoon 07/03/09 09:41am
  • en: Athletes crack me up just bcuz I'm nice doesn't mean I'm a groupie or want u. lmao love the assumptions they just tickle me 07/03/09 09:41am
  • en: I'll be going to see LYKIN tonite at 7:00 p.m. BE THERE OR ELSE! O.o 07/03/09 09:41am
  • en: @clintonjeff : V200 is out. Now, I don't know whether I missed it or its new! No bugs per se, I find it better than the E71! 07/03/09 09:41am
  • en: @popbytes @spicypants The only current celeb that I think could have come close to this (and still failed) would be Madonna or maybe Cruise 07/03/09 09:41am
  • en: IS MS.BECKY ON TWITTER RITE NA OR WUT.. 07/03/09 09:41am
  • en: !@Sarah3000 maybe it's ur parent playing the role of God to keep you on your toes! Kinda like in HS or something! 07/03/09 09:41am
  • en: oh man skinny jeans suck! I cant walk or sit or evn stand in them! 07/03/09 09:41am
  • en: @sphinx729 he was saying like 8 or 8:30 I think 07/03/09 09:41am
  • en: @RyoMisaki or bananas. Bananas are so much more different than oranges. 07/03/09 09:41am
  • en: @velvethammer long as it is done by choice then it's a freedom; like wearing a wig or suspenders or mirror shades, a balaclava & a beard 07/03/09 09:41am
  • en: my fav MJ vid: black or white. 07/03/09 09:41am
  • en: swisher or white owl?? 07/03/09 09:41am
  • en: @AmyPerry04 If this in response to me... Yes me too, not too much heckeling goin on... Or else the experience wouldn't have been so good! 07/03/09 09:41am
  • : lets go tweeeeeeet! 07/03/09 09:41am
  • en: Am I obsessed or what ? 07/03/09 09:41am
  • en: @Mattie_Jean i know right?! well my dad just yelled at me to go to sleep. 🙁 text me tomorrow when you awake! 🙂 or tweet me! better yet! 🙂 07/03/09 09:41am
  • en: @KayteKaBOOM is there a page where I can copy & paste the info about the drives? like what the pass gets you etc? or just use my own words? 07/03/09 09:41am
  • en: will probably stay at work till 3 or 4 the music blastin, should be a breeze 07/03/09 09:41am
  • en: @muSicFienDkiCks yes! or grab onto them... 07/03/09 09:41am
  • en: @ExquisiteGETTEM you want a 211 or a budlight lime? 07/03/09 09:41am
  • en: you cant get rid of him, or anyone else for that matter. And all the haters, grow the fuck up. This is a big scary world, and if one single 07/03/09 09:41am
  • en: @ElizaPatricia Substitute teacher (child protection) or tour guide (anti-terrorism) would be preferable to other suggestions. And, yes... 07/03/09 09:41am
  • en: @ADRIANDOOM is he okay now?! did he hit something or was he on the freeway?! 07/03/09 09:41am
  • en: Teens can win an iPod touch! Submit videos, photos or stories to Cancer Council Australia's SunSmart competition 07/03/09 09:41am
  • en: @ninjahate prob centro mart or somewhere out south 07/03/09 09:41am
  • en: @deejrandom retro big hair #moonfruit has nothing with classic 80's #moonfruit tv shows, like #moonfruit PI or 21 #Moonfruit Street. 07/03/09 09:41am
  • en: Missin' if its just NY or certain people...=P 07/03/09 09:41am
  • en: @kayYAYOfierce (: . so you qoto NY alot or you havent been there since you moved ? 07/03/09 09:41am
  • en: @mileycyrus you know what else is fun? Dancing with your mates at a fast food outlet until your asked to leave -or to quiet down- 🙂 07/03/09 09:41am
  • en: The hospital bed is pretty cool you can inflate or deflate as needed for comfort. It's got more switches than a low rider. 07/03/09 09:41am
  • en: @AngelAmyRF well once you do send me a link or something. 07/03/09 09:41am
  • en: I just took a sample of the speedtouch telnet interface and, wow, waaaay more flexible than the web iface or the old 2wire 07/03/09 09:41am
  • en: Here playing video games till when ever i or @kylemayers get tired 07/03/09 09:41am
  • en: @xxBeckeh TAKE PICS OR IT DIDNT HAPPEN 07/03/09 09:41am
  • en: dat u cud break, fracture or tear off a body part.. OUCH!!!! 07/03/09 09:41am
  • en: RT @ViaLBC @Aramis85 RSVP for $1 or $5 all night just like the good ol days lololol< man I'm tired. lets make it happen 2moro I'm super down 07/03/09 09:41am
  • en: @babydoodle_22 Wondering should i do Mcdonalds Or PizzaHot tonight?? .. & wbu? 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: I don't like drama or attention. I just want to tweet to my friends. 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: @bobbyrettew Surely @georgelaw can build a script or robot to do such things. @agautsc already trained his iRobot to answer the phone. 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: I'm thinking of going to Vipassana meditation at the end of September, but not smiling or even looking at people for 10 days seems tough. 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: @RyanGan Visit sis-in-law. Don't know our schedule, though. Might have time to hook up for a bit maybe Friday night, or at some point Sat. 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: I just finished 15 chapters of crap, I deserve a nap @YoyeBanks do they deliver to Ogudu GRA or do I have to order from a branch nearby? 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: @Konfuzion1 OMG wasn't it dabomb! Did you get a slush? Or the chili cheese tator tots? Omg you making me wanna make that 40 min drive 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: Does anyone know where to buy a chess set in San Francisco near Montgomery St. or Powell? 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: I need to find a car by Tuesday or I'll be walking everywhere.. awesome! 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: no offense to @misterbutter, @teshishell, or @mktg4good, but I quite like having the office all to myself. 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: RT @ludajuice: Battle of the Sexes (#BOTS) Question: WOMEN do you prefer to spit OR swallow? Explain why..Ionno if I wanna answer this 1 LOL 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: A mans hair intrigues me....fresh but wit waves or those neat dreads....hmmmmmm 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: @ urban outfitters.I can't find who actually works here.They all blend in. Or is it because I'm really hungover and I can't tell what's what 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: in tdf mode; just like tele-woman...ok, for a CHANCE to win, a kit, or a jersey, what the hell, #blackbottoms hashtag ...there i did it! 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: RT @ryan_silver88 I think u should get landshark or blue moon. Is Landshark a type of beer? 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: In the United States, travel and tourism is a $1.6 trillion industry (or $1,600,000,000,000). 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: @lovepierre26: haha yea. hopefully he sends me at like 6pm or somewhere around there. 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: ~ Approx. 20 minute Call 212.990.4000 code 0027# @ 3, 8, 9 or 10:30pm EST ~ Worldwide opportunity!!! Check it out! 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: @talk0fny logos can b fonts or symbols. so yeah its a logo. 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: Is it me or does this Drake Kid sound like Warren G ? Sorry not impressed .. 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: Ive realized how much i love all put up or shut up by All Time Low. 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: Completely lost with Dan, Greg, and Christina in what is either Springfield or Holyoke. We have been lost for two and a half hours. 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: @abigvictory or Snot Goblins 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: Should you ask her number or Would you just wait for him to make a move? Know the what-not's of dating 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: the appreciation or depreciation of #michaeljackson - margaret and helen-those sassy 80-year old bloggers 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: @MissMktr Dunno which is worse, Dean's Uggs or Tori's ... whatever those are 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: @TiaTheModel so tell a model as gorgeous as yaself a materialistic lady who has to have everything or more chill and down to earth 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: @GhostHunterLisa It all depends on your philosophy: Should psychics be on the team, or are your investigations based on scientific data? 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: Phone or write Gov. Schwarzenegger to sign the Harvey Milk Day bill. 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: making plans with my roommie what should we do tonight. out or stay home and chill? 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: @dannygokey - Bottom line: You are extremely attractive - with or without - however, I prefer the scruff/glasse ... 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: Good Luck Mrs. Jackson or DIANA ROSS!!! Those kids will become very DISTRAUGHT in the hands of Debbie "GOLDDIGGER" Rowe!! 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: @baseball_mommy has the Tour already started or is it this Saturday? 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: i think i need to get a gym membership or something...i am so bored at home 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: is it jus me ? or are 90% of the hispanic chicks on twitter .. porn stars =S ... jesus 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: @xnipek I can help you buy a car for wholesale. Call Debbie 7274604772 or I have access to national auto auctions 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: @KatiieCrazii All we could hear in our maths lesson was the sound of you laughing. Was it you or is everyone mad? 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: Yo 4 those out there who curious about da kid dunno who I am or what I do 4 a living. Here's the bottom 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: @mamikaze oh yea, I bought a HUGE brisket for brisket tacos whether or not my family wants them. 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: I dont like waiting.. Who ever invented that word.. I sure do not like it in any way, shape or form! 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: @maripeneh lol do any of your friends or family call you that? 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: Or kevin. lol. but thats ok. there probably busy with there awesome lifes. i'm jealous. ): ): ): ): 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: Got a hankering... who knows of some cake or cookies in a food cube somewhere? #bbytreats 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: @outrage_designs or pears 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: RT @ludajuice: Battle of the Sexes (#BOTS) Question: WOMEN do you prefer to spit OR swallow? Explain why... Lmfao!! This is great!! 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: RT:@SexyLexi25 @kingboola tad #5. The least amount. Well, I do with or without, but I prefer sex everyday. 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: did anybody see his gig in capetown or joburg? #asot 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: still waiting. glad i made that appointmen at 1045, or i might have never gotten in before 2. 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: I love how I have a Tyra sense so I can turn my head to the TV at exactly the moment she appears in the 'Black Or White' video. 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: @chiccityboutiq so are you gonna wear the maxi to bey and then change? or just wear the maxi the whole nite? I have a romper for the concert 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: Thinking that I need some sun real or artificial tired of all this rain!!!!!!! 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: @WildIrishRover you're most likely reading it correctly. but who cares, cause its our Friday!! rain or clouds, we must rock post-work! 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: @urkillingme No shit. They are trying to destroy me. I will persevere. The Man can not break me or force me to work harder. 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: @THE_REAL_SHAQ "BIG EErie", play on lake erie, puts fear in opponents, means, so mysterious, or unexpected as to send a chill up the spine 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: @johncmayer I think so. Or it's investing in future goodnesses. 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • : or not. 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: The cavs thinking about picking up artest or maybe ariza. They are really trying to get lebron his first ring. 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: @GainesConaway either that or a boyfriend. 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: @CBOE zicam by matrixx will be in the toilet or should be for producing a product that they damn well knew caused loss of smell & taste. 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • : Reply to me if you know the anwser 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: Is it me..or is it just wrong to have 17 year olds and people over 18 in the same party? 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: @ScottLeamon be nice or I'll tell Leslie about the 5th book 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • pt: @m1k3hf camel toe or camel nose 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: Or just throw your hands in the air and yell..good golly, miss molly.. ♫ 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: i wish i could design something really beautiful for #moonfruit or #squarespace (via @ketley2aug) 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: @lazygenius Whadupdoe! W.O.D: Vagary - An extravagant, erratic, or unpredictable notion, action, or occurrence. 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: buzzcut or long hair? fulltime teaching or perdiem/longterm subbing next year? telemarketing or two weeks unemployed? decisions decisions. 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: @StrollingAlong Which flip did you go with? I'm thinking about the same thing... Ultra or Mino HD? 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: or the darkness or maybe the drugs they put in you 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: '...exercises up the hill' & I chuckle saying 'yeah I'm so stiff' & he replies 'yeah I know what u mean'. Is it me or does this sound wrong! 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: @ewalker9 Umm...rinse with cold water or use an astringent. Those pores are now open--need to shrink them because they're kind of prone now. 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: @Alicia121@HelloKari15 Oh u busy now...What yall having a pot luck or Sumtin 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: The Portland Waterfront Blues Festival starts today @ 3:00 pm. Come down & hear some great musicians. Also on KBOO 90.7 FM or! 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: @tariza C'mon know staying in L.A. is the right thing. Money w/ the Cavs or money & rings w/ the Lakes? 'Nuff said. 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: @sallyheart damn. ill ask anyway. or for something similar! i dont even like wearing sunglasses haha 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: Hey @PhillyD Rock Band or Guitar Hero?????? (PhilipDeFranco live > 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: @donttrythis Got a Sony upscaling DVD a month or so ago, maybe same one. I'd say it's worth it. But then results depend on source material. 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: So either my mom sent herself flowers with a card that said love you happy bday" or she's seeing sum1. My dad sure wldnt snd her n e. 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: (@DomBrady) lol @ the conspiracies that Kanye purposefully made a bad video to sabotage that kid. Or that Kanye can't direct. Y'all... 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • eo: Home .na w or 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: From a meeting: "Everyone has different communication styles, ie: Robyn is a Judger. I can't be too casual with her or she'll judge me." 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: @JimHolmes Oh! That was totally my fifth or sixth guess. 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: @critke My iPhone is not like my laptop, but also my laptop is not like my Mac SE, or a VAX machine. Computers have varied a *lot* over yrs 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • nl: @johnserba @geekguide jean claude van dam and steven segal in Contra! Or Bad Dudes! 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • : i vote funny 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: @2Boknows yeah maybe or was that apart of the plan??? 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: back home! so happy here. too hot for me. or I'm to fat for the weather ,). 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: Hey @PhillyD PHIL -- DO YOU THINK MEGAN FOX HOTTER IN TRANSFORMERS 1 OR 2 ?? (PhilipDeFranco live > 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: @Selenagomez: Okay which do u like better, Twilight or Harry Potter? 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: Friday, July 3 - Sunday July 5th, come in out of the heat and receive $1.00 off any smoothie or granita at The Human Bean - Hillsboro. 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: Is it win a ring for the king or with the king? Damn u dan gilbert ur confusing me with ur boots and snow shovel. 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: @tonyaAM i already broke my rule, i replied. But no more from here on...what? r u mad at me now or r u drooling over the scruff? i'm sorry!! 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: i wish i could design something really beautiful for #moonfruit or #squarespace 07/02/09 10:40pm


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