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You might have noticed we’ve added Twitter to our site. Part of the reason for this is that we’re moving and I wanted to be able to keep in touch with our WoW guildies and also the blog as we’re in transit and before we get our internet set up. That should be an interesting task, since we’re going to be out in the country and there is basically ONE broadband option. A WISP, or wireless provider that caters to “last mile” wireless rural broadband. Looks to be good, just will take some time to set up. In the meantime, you can look for “Tweets” from us about our trip and on the status of our internet setup. Pray for us gamers, now and in the hour of our installation.

Secondly, I have a new and fun thing for you Windows Vista users! If you are using the Vista Sidebar with all of the fun gadget options like calendars, clocks, sticky notes and slideshows, there’s a new one just for WoW players! It’s called WoW Explorer. A neat little gadget with several nice background choices, that will display the realm status of your chosen realm(s) on your desktop all the time. (Handy for Tuesdays.) Also, it has a search feature that lets you search from among your favorite WoW related sites such as WoWDB, WoWHead, Thotbott, Allakhazam, WoWInsider, Curse Addons and even the Armory! Just today it’s been really handy for me when I was trying to figure out where to find a kind of fish I hadn’t gone after before. I recommend it!

And on a final note, when we do get our access back up and running, we should be introducing a new blogger to you. A blogger with a unique viewpoint. Stay tuned!

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  • en: you do your best work late at night or early in the morning 07/13/09 12:00pm
  • en: should i go to sleep or should i not? 07/13/09 12:00pm
  • en: @Coodieranks I just think that before you take a name like @soljaboytellem u should do a tour in Iraq or Afghan at least live up 2 the name 07/13/09 12:00pm
  • en: Hiya Caroline great to see you amongst us twits !!jou enjoy your day now,may the force be with you or something! 07/13/09 12:00pm
  • en: #truth: i never lost a battle joell ortiz won cuz they thought he was better he sound or look hungrier 07/13/09 12:00pm
  • en: @praguematic always happy to lend an ear or shoulder. or make old poop jokes 😛 07/13/09 12:00pm
  • en: @Lil_hermie I took photos. Not that great but I could e-mail you them if you have a fanclub e-mail or something if you want me to. :o) 07/13/09 12:00pm
  • en: Starting to use thunderbird from now... its real cool when compared to kmail or any other... 07/13/09 12:00pm
  • en: is it me or am i hearing chainsaws..?!!! AHHHHH call.txt me please :[ 07/13/09 12:00pm
  • en: @KevinRuddPM Come on Mister PM, surely you have a favourite or two in Triple J 100 of all time?! 07/13/09 12:00pm
  • en: @Trey64 funny so what are you gonna do sports still or crime 07/13/09 12:00pm
  • en: jeslynmarie: petewentz: p.s. the surprise isnt a gift or a song or a reveal. so if you want to unfollow thats ok. its so 07/13/09 12:00pm
  • en: @David_DB Umm, I have to clean -rolls eyes- then go with my sis to the optical like at 1pm or something. You? 07/13/09 12:00pm
  • en: @ashleymwatkins You should check out Chuck Palahniuk, maybe David Sedaris or Augusten Burroughs [depending on what type of books you like]. 07/13/09 12:00pm
  • en: Dylan your a doork. Do you want it on twitter or text XD 07/13/09 12:00pm
  • en: quot;Sweet Home Alabama quot; by Lynyrd Skynyrd review in Songs about Alabama or that menti... by twansalem: 07/13/09 12:00pm
  • en: @ChristianIvann ur still not guna answer 2morrow or the next day 07/13/09 12:00pm
  • en: @vincentrompies should I stay or should I go by The Clash 07/13/09 12:00pm
  • no: I need a homie lover boyfrend or ima find a girlfriend 07/13/09 12:00pm
  • en: 4 days or 5. well who's counting! 07/13/09 12:00pm
  • en: How to Get More Visitors to Your Website Or Blog (Your Grandma Could Do This!) - 07/13/09 12:00pm
  • en: @artwiz Hi, what sort of artistic movement do you like the most or what does your oeuvre mostly consist of? I love impressionism and realism 07/13/09 12:00pm
  • en: Wate! Are there really 23 tweeters following me or is twitter bluffin'?? Man, i cant stop dis gangsta talk xD 07/13/09 12:00pm
  • en: to be or not to be, that is the question 07/13/09 12:00pm
  • en: last sketch plus one liners sent for Newsjack - quality not so good but I think I'm no longer in a position to judge what is or isn't funny 07/13/09 12:00pm
  • en: @malloryrayne is that a quote or did you thinnk that? 07/13/09 11:53am
  • it: #truth ...or dare 😉 07/13/09 11:53am
  • en: And they hang glide silently onto pirate ships and murder them by the masses without losing a single soldier or being heard. 07/13/09 11:53am
  • en: as long as he says it was an accident or you threatened him 07/13/09 11:53am
  • en: hello miley hau are you ? my mail is or or kiss you sweet. 07/13/09 11:53am
  • en: Ok now im REALLy going to sleep. Or imma atleast try. haha. 07/13/09 11:53am
  • en: @RoyceDiamond u a**hole... I wld've textd or twittd a long tym ago... get @ me... 07/13/09 11:53am
  • en: Ahh i go crazy over a guy that can play the guitar XD haha man or if he can play the piano idk what's up with that lol 07/13/09 11:53am
  • en: Have you ever wondered what goes through his head at any given time of the day? @johncmayer is a complicated man. Or he could be so simple. 07/13/09 11:53am
  • en: E-mail news tips to or post anonymously in our Facebook honesty box 07/13/09 11:53am
  • en: aight, i'm fuckin' tired. good night y'all or good morning if you on the other side of the planet..... 07/13/09 11:53am
  • en: some people say i'm the life of the party cuz i tell a joke or two. 07/13/09 11:53am
  • en: @CristaltheGreat shiiiiit its! ok so do u prefer hooked or straight? 07/13/09 11:53am
  • en: The work week hasn't even started and already I feel the need for a holiday. Breakfast in Paris or Amsterdam sounds good about now. 07/13/09 11:53am
  • en: @lizz1979: don't know if u're still driving or not, but if so enjoy the breeze and high volume lyrics. 07/13/09 11:53am
  • en: @MrsClemmensen all ss is ugly, the signer and guitarists of all time low are hot, but not the bassists or drummer. 07/13/09 11:53am
  • en: #truth: ppl use online to try and get at ppl if u got something to say then plz confrOnt the person on the streets or SHUT THE FUCK UP!! 07/13/09 11:53am
  • en: bilang i'm gonna love you, like nobodys loved you, come rain or come shine (music) 07/12/09 04:08pm
  • en: @tommcfly making it or eating? i thought you could only make Tomelets 07/12/09 04:08pm
  • en: Wow, @applicake party was amazing... I think I'm still drunk... Or in between hangover and being drunk. Thanks guys for the fun:) 07/12/09 04:08pm
  • en: @ home its morning time looking for another party or somthing to do go 07/12/09 04:08pm
  • en: Whew! If you haven't already, check for English translations of various yuri (or lesbian-themed) manga. 07/12/09 04:08pm
  • en: @jasonbtchan - Either a glass scrubber or a painful tongue cleaner. ;^) 07/12/09 04:08pm
  • en: @vanity_rock and ur gonna tell me about it later right, or right NOW if u r up 4 a min! 07/12/09 04:08pm
  • en: I just spent 7hours in EVE Online looking for something to kill in .4 security status or below and I finally found someone, an Arbitrator. 07/12/09 04:08pm
  • en: Is ABC's iView failing or is it just me? 07/12/09 04:08pm
  • en: Stupid Sunburn:[ Family Party at my Aunt's House for Evan and I:] Text it or im meeeeee:] 07/12/09 04:08pm
  • en: bruce=amazing!! 7 hours in the rain, double pnuemonia all well worth it. highlight? hard ,poss 10th ave freeze out or 7 days to rock 07/12/09 04:08pm
  • en: Well, am I a gay if I won't do stuffs or what-so-ever that things for MOS? Seri'ouhsleeey Aim Lazeeh fOr ThiSs, Ar' yoUh? 07/12/09 04:08pm
  • en: I also have begun the process of checking out some real estate properties with some friends of mine,it is a great time to buy or rent. 07/12/09 04:08pm
  • en: Back from the gym, time to shower up, pound a little protein, do a lil writing then head to Caminito in about an hour or so. Good morning! 07/12/09 04:08pm
  • en: @EpicSeth if theyre still passed out on your floor id probably be checkn 4 a pulse or some signs of life. just an idea 07/12/09 04:08pm
  • en: Blueberry or Chocolate Chip pancakes? Life's toughest decisions... 07/12/09 04:08pm
  • en: @ziaword of your house or theres? I love 21 year old boys I should have come out 🙂 07/12/09 04:08pm
  • en: is it me or is 'Phineas & Ferb' one of the smartest shows on television...? 07/12/09 04:08pm
  • no: i didnt go to harvard to enter barcodes. or... 07/12/09 04:08pm
  • en: Growing up, all I watched was Star Trek and X-Files. Yet I have no interest in their movies. Should catch Star Trek though...or download it! 07/12/09 04:08pm
  • en: @tash_j tomorrow it's a bit late now...go on msn we will have a video call or to make up a long convo online hahha 07/12/09 04:08pm
  • en: @track7grrl well hello to you as well! Or as i like to say, hello to you laswell. 🙂 07/12/09 04:08pm
  • es: @farfithriyaani haha, yatahkan. sjs nada cooking class wah. 🙁 haha. OR OR.. couple dgn si @nuraliaa ku eh. (6) haha apakan. 07/12/09 04:08pm
  • no: @KRANGofEZACCESS or a girlfriend... 07/09/09 05:15pm
  • en: @mileycyrus Question: Whom you'll find sweet robert Pattinson or Taylor Lautner? I am delighted to have an answer! 07/09/09 05:15pm
  • en: Money is like manure. You have to spread it around or it smells. - J. Paul Getty 07/09/09 05:15pm
  • en: Following him makes me feel better. & <3 Run's House, haha. RT @RevRunWisdom 2 choices...Either motivate urself or be miserable!! u choose! 07/09/09 05:15pm
  • en: talking to a friend on the phone, debating to still go to Splash valley or not, we'll decide about 9:00 or 9: 30, maybe 10 DX 07/09/09 05:14pm
  • en: @ShropshirePixie Thanks, that means a lot. It is not my place to convert or change POV. If I entertain and make others think, it is enough 07/09/09 05:14pm
  • en: Loves getting long emails from someone you haven't spoken to in months who don't pick up the phone or call you. Joyous 🙂 07/09/09 05:14pm
  • en: @MarkPower @ambrouk @andypowe11 tags could be as simple as #1256 or as complicated as #jointinformationsystemscommitteeconference2009 07/09/09 05:14pm
  • en: You must b a v insecure girl 2 make it ur mission 2 try 2 destroy other peoples relationships. Get a life! Or a man of ur own.... Lol 07/09/09 05:14pm
  • en: RT @Eco_Feed: IU Blog: Witch Hunt? Or Fair Trial?: Yesterday we got news that the CFTC is paying attention to the ETF .. 07/09/09 05:14pm
  • en: RT @RevRunWisdom2 choices...Either motivate yourself or be miserable!! u choose! 07/09/09 05:14pm
  • en: RT @RevRunWisdom 2 choices...Either motivate yourself or be miserable!! u choose! 07/09/09 05:14pm
  • en: We shall discuss if she should have won the role or not post quiz, a fair few angry people. 07/09/09 05:14pm
  • en: ahh kaika forgot to buy me the things I told her tho I texted her twice or more 07/09/09 05:14pm
  • en: @Kochachan Haha, please point out the people that feel that the 1.99 or whatever they spent 21 years ago entitles them to keep a... 07/09/09 05:14pm
  • en: Have you ever had your identity stolen? Call 774-2424 or 866-290-BUZZ! 07/09/09 05:14pm
  • en: Israelis in positions of command authority 'retire' from the army after committing their atrocities. Then they teach int'l law or pol. sci. 07/09/09 05:14pm
  • en: If there is a better place or institution in America than the Public Library I have not seen it. 07/09/09 05:14pm
  • en: Rt @RevRunWisdom: 2 choices...Either motivate yourself or be miserable!! u choose! 07/09/09 05:14pm
  • en: RT @RevRunWisdom: 2 choices...Either motivate yourself or be miserable!! u choose! 07/09/09 05:14pm
  • en: Indy fans are a bunch of mouth-breathing, knuckle-dragging Neanderthals who have no business voting or breeding. Flame on...:) #fb 07/09/09 05:14pm
  • en: don't know yet how i feel today but i have a feeling its gonna be one extreme or the other 07/09/09 05:14pm
  • en: whatever happen to our funneh talks? Was it me or just you. And hello Limwell, you're alive?!! 07/09/09 05:14pm
  • en: Stay ahead of the next storm with Text Me 12. Breaking news/weather alerts sent to cell phone or e-mail. Sign up at 07/09/09 05:14pm
  • en: You have reached the pinnacle of success as soon as you become uninterested in money, compliments, or publicity. - Thomas Wolfe 07/09/09 05:14pm
  • en: @JadeLive who should I bother for some more help around it? you or @jakenbear? 07/09/09 05:14pm
  • en: I am not sure if i am very grateful for @mklopez comment or scared of @AgustinaP 🙂 07/09/09 05:14pm
  • en: is wondering why people give jobs to people who are not as qualified or have the relevent experience, 07/09/09 05:14pm
  • en: notes its to early to try and figure out if she read chapter 68 of BxB brothers already or if she should just give up and read it again. 07/09/09 05:14pm
  • en: @stealingfrom did cody stay the night or something. That's my only idea. 07/09/09 05:14pm
  • en: OMG my head hurts so much rt now & the same w/ my stomach I think I'm sick. I nevr get sick or until 2 years ago when I had to go to the ER 07/09/09 05:14pm
  • en: on breakk . decidin if I should eat or not . 07/09/09 05:14pm
  • en: @poneee I go nuts a lot but it ends up internalised because I'm not allowed to be hurt or upset. Just stresses me out 🙁 07/09/09 05:14pm
  • en: @FollowTheAshes I guess he will get out soon OR hoping 🙂 07/09/09 05:14pm
  • en: @jodywallace Or amuck. Only one cup of coffee. And lots of amuckness. 07/09/09 05:14pm
  • en: -most innovative yet easy-to-use tool for an automated online business that yields 6 or 7 digit earnings range 07/09/09 05:14pm
  • en: I love fring application! talking for free all arounf the world! with wifi or by the companys data package you buy! No.1 Application for me! 07/09/09 05:14pm
  • en: RT @RevRunWisdom 2 choices...Either motivate yourself or be miserable!! u choose! 07/09/09 05:14pm
  • en: itz a phenom non profit org that helps women get back on track. we all know how that dress or suit can make us feel, so share the love. 07/09/09 05:14pm
  • en: Plan for tomorrow,the jungle? Or just fx huh? 07/09/09 05:14pm
  • en: Why do all he striaght people think its ok to go to U and Level ?, fuck em' let them go to Grandview or Dublin....damn heterosexuals! 07/09/09 05:14pm
  • en: 1)funny how ppl send me messages tellin me 2 lisend or check out their shit,yo show love stop tellin me 2 follow u 07/09/09 05:14pm
  • en: @plastiqq ehn! who or wat is BF? @SapphireChic, u get boyfriend?...hun? lol lmaol 07/09/09 05:14pm
  • en: @ratusyura what did i missed? which answer? guys dun like u? they blind or what? LOL 07/09/09 05:14pm
  • en: @bsabatino Argh-I feel yr pain,Bethie. Baby girl's 5, but acts like 3.We have to completely not react to her malarkey or it's nuckin futz. 07/09/09 05:14pm
  • en: @SLIMMAZZ or fly...whatever... lol 07/09/09 05:14pm
  • en: Would you rather have really bad breath or really bad body odor? 07/09/09 05:14pm
  • en: @Oxhorn does this mean cross platform? or are you referring to players from L4D1 can also play with ppl from L4D2? i'm @work so can't see... 07/09/09 05:14pm
  • : Learn about JIN SHIN JYUTSU. or contact me 07/09/09 05:14pm
  • en: I just realized I've been watching It's me or the Dog. I hate that show. The techniques that bitch uses are some of the worst possible. 07/09/09 05:14pm
  • en: @asgerd I've heard things about that area - isn't it also called 'point' or something? 07/09/09 05:14pm
  • en: @hatethispart Hehe, i don't have a pair yet, but have to buy one before i'm done with my education, or before next work-practice.. 07/09/09 05:14pm
  • en: @notahickie gmorning!!! haha yuhp!! how i waste my first hour or so at WORK!! lol. 07/09/09 05:14pm
  • en: We're looking for rosacea sufferers to sample Combray. Learn more @ or email 07/09/09 05:14pm
  • en: to go or not to go? 07/09/09 05:14pm
  • en: @ddlovato do you know when your life chat is here in German time? or just when it is? thanks in advance! we love you 07/09/09 05:14pm
  • en: @ECnCC1921 wat is kaylins new twitter...or am i left out of this too 07/09/09 05:14pm
  • en: @ApolloBLAQ big rojo da drink or chiclet? 07/09/09 05:14pm
  • en: @souljaboytellem #TurnMySwagOn i brushed my teeth ...tht or peeing should be the first thing everybdy did .lol. 07/09/09 05:14pm
  • en: can put at least $5 or $10 in there.. not the whole $20, because I don't go out as much. 07/09/09 05:14pm
  • en: NY now has an un-elected un-elected Lt. Gov. (or do we?) un-elected Comptroller...and no consensus State Senate President. 07/09/09 05:14pm
  • en: I slept in a sea of pickle juice. Taunted by the ricing cost of land, I was consumed by fantasies of a pickle-free life. Dream or nightmare? 07/09/09 05:14pm
  • en: @duckbokey He is all healed up now. Is Pauline still red on the back of her neck? If so, you might want to try changing up her soap or oil 07/09/09 05:14pm
  • en: but you two look like lover anyway . . i wouldn't be surprised if you fuckz with him or if that's your man 07/09/09 05:14pm
  • en: @teepham yeah 🙁 I cant / couldn't sleep . . . and I usully never do this unless im out or with people. 07/09/09 05:14pm
  • pl: - Yuckyy or Nice 🙂 07/09/09 05:14pm
  • en: Compile a SharePoint feaure project specific to the server type (32-bit or 64). Specify it from the Configuration Manager in Visual Studio. 07/09/09 05:14pm
  • en: U only have two choices motivate yourself or be miserable....which one will you choose? 07/09/09 05:14pm
  • en: Buying a new computer: should I get a refurbished macbook or a new HP? 07/09/09 05:14pm
  • en: mommy needs a lil nap this morning. or coffee... 07/09/09 05:08pm
  • en: love this quote. wow! encourage YOURSELF!! ----> RT @RevRunWisdom2 choices...Either motivate yourself or be miserable!! u choose! 07/09/09 05:08pm
  • en: hopes The Girl's medication kicks in. Pneumonia sucks, or rather wheezes... 🙁 07/09/09 05:08pm
  • en: @BeyonceKnow have a good time or u working 07/09/09 05:08pm
  • es: Nak request lagu kegemaran anda di Desa FM? Req di or YM: 07/09/09 05:08pm
  • en: @AFS_55 You ok? DM or Txt! Hope it worked out. (via @clickflickca) yes absolutely! 07/09/09 05:08pm
  • en: How do I go about making Bill O'Reily's life miserable. I need him to go through some pain or misery!!!! 07/09/09 05:08pm
  • en: This morning WWL - debate about Lyme Disease. send us questions or comments... 07/09/09 05:08pm
  • en: RT @RevRunWisdom 2 choices...Either motivate yourself or be miserable!! u choose!----> Co-Sign 07/09/09 05:08pm
  • en: @KarlRove re:ur oped 2day why media still giving obama free pass? They don't know enough econ to ask right ?s or is this still his honeymoon 07/09/09 05:08pm
  • en: RT @RevRunWisdom: 2 choices...Either motivate yourself or be miserable!! u choose!<< love it!! 07/09/09 05:08pm
  • en: @steframos Guess I missed greeting you then. Belated happy birthday! Hehe... Really bad with dates. I oughta have a calendar or something. 07/09/09 05:08pm
  • en: Is that thunder or just very loud trucks...? 07/09/09 05:08pm
  • en: Avail Of A Good Forex Made Easy Program To Make Consistent Profits: FOREX Trading or better known as Foreign Exc.. 07/09/09 05:08pm
  • en: Halikinu Radio. Live now on NU 107.5 or just click this: 😀 07/09/09 05:08pm
  • en: I wish there was a way to organize my javascript with #region or other such grouping. 07/09/09 05:08pm
  • en: @ddlovato ahaha are you on your tour bus or at home?? 07/09/09 05:08pm
  • en: @CoverGurl824 looking for that Jack or better 07/09/09 05:08pm
  • en: Looking for designers or "fashion junkies" to interview! Email me at asap! 07/09/09 05:08pm
  • en: We are not Fans of Twit-Spam (who knew?) so please don't, or we will block you. Happy to connect over Hollywood & Laurel Canyon Happenings. 07/09/09 05:08pm
  • en: RT @RevRunWisdom 2 choices...Either motivate yourself or be miserable!! u choose! 07/09/09 05:08pm
  • en: Should i succumb to my caffeine cravings or if i should try to get energy a "natural" way? Must see if pizza shop sells mnt dew. 07/09/09 05:08pm
  • en: @Trisha080887 lol wut? to turkey! dats debbie, she get thinks cheap as always! No better, fo free haha! in a lottery or wut? 07/09/09 05:08pm
  • en: @Kitty_Irby I am also an STA Travel fan - they're absolutely fantastic, aren't they? Great offers if you're under 25 and/or student too x 07/09/09 05:08pm
  • en: RT @ColinBowen Party in my office! I'd really love my jobs if I had more clients. Anyone need a computer technician or financial adviser? 07/09/09 05:08pm
  • en: RT @RevRunWisdom: 2 choices...Either motivate yourself or be miserable!! u choose! 07/09/09 05:08pm
  • en: @ddlovato is the facebook live chat 5pm in east or west coast? o.O 07/09/09 05:08pm
  • en: does Harper need more fiber in his diet or are the G8 bran muffins just too good to resist. 07/09/09 05:08pm
  • en: RT @RevRunWisdom: 2 choices...Either motivate yourself or be miserable!! u choose! 07/09/09 05:08pm
  • en: @halfgoon true, but no worse than #moonfruit or #squarespace. Or facebook quizzes. Annoying but just ignore it use the scroll wheel lol. 07/09/09 05:08pm
  • en: @beevek My eyes hurt. Too much looking? Maybe downside to dual 20inch widescreens. Or werethey22? 07/09/09 05:08pm
  • en: @hannajamesnivek RT PLEASE RT follow @alchemission Give me CHARLIE or give me DEATH 07/09/09 05:08pm
  • en: I go see a movie in the theaters like once or twice a week 07/09/09 05:08pm
  • en: For you parents: SODA FOR BABIES, which may or may not be fake. (via @rj_white) 07/09/09 05:08pm
  • en: symbiotic economics- or- breastfeeding? 07/09/09 05:08pm
  • is: I'M LOOKING FOR FANS OF CBS'S 'BIG BROTHER' OR 'BIG BROTHER AFTER DARK' @traymcguire 07/09/09 05:08pm
  • en: @Misty712 the couple from Tyler?? I just saw that on a sign! You know they just peaced out to Mexico or something 07/09/09 05:08pm
  • en: to be back in SA nxt wednesday or thursday. 07/09/09 05:08pm
  • en: RT @dixiebrown Pretend that every single person you meet has a sign around his or her neck that says, 'Make me feel important.' Mary Kay Ash 07/09/09 05:08pm
  • en: FISHING Week of 7-11: Stream trout and smallmouth bass from the bank or wade is a great choice. Boat Trip good for big bass. 07/09/09 05:08pm
  • en: aachariyam aanal unmai, @yoge_babu is tweeeeeting, Yogi, is this your first tweet or am I a little late 07/09/09 05:08pm
  • en: Artest saying "I'm number one in my life," or Terrell Owens saying "I love me some me!" Which is better? 07/09/09 05:08pm
  • en: RT @RevRunWisdom 2 choices...Either motivate yourself or be miserable!! u choose! 07/09/09 05:08pm
  • en: @racheleurquhart or I will give you mine and you can sell that ... you'd probably get about the same amount anyway. 07/09/09 05:08pm
  • en: Going Down Town Chicago. Second City Improv for PonyTail Express...@rutledgewood is S0 excited. He should work there or SNL. He's THAT good! 07/09/09 05:08pm
  • en: RT @rucha_334: one gr8 part of traveling alone (or only with ur Dog) is tht even if u change ur Schedule, ur Dog doesnt Bark 😛 07/09/09 05:08pm
  • en: Re: Current DDOS Attacks. Wouldn't it make sense for other countrys to make it APPEAR that attacks are from North Korea or NKor sympathizrs? 07/09/09 05:08pm
  • en: @dasnl I can help you buy a car for wholesale. Call Debbie 7274604772 or I have access to national auto auctions 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: @sherylcoleman true, but it's a challenge not to hurt them when you disappoint them or are not what they need you to be 🙁 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: If more than 2 different companies are involved, is it still considered a joint venture - or is there another word for it? 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: @LesJamesCD101 "Two Weeks" is OK; not nearly as good as Kasabian's Fire or even the new Placebo track 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: @MsJ_Rob you still don't remember ypsi? And is prego talkin shit or sumthing? 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: @mrsgangster i know she does but i need to hear it from @NettieBoom1 's mouth. How come Atmos doesn't have a day? Or is everyday Atmos day? 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: $20 off any service at Do or Dye today!! 813 884 9100 or simply walk in! 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: @chelsea_janae Did you get the bounce house or do I need to call? 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: Keep a regular rugby blog and let everybody know what is going on in your Rugby life or just your friends, either way check it out here ... 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: after my #wolfmotell meeting i will be 'editing video' at the BDNE. come help me 'edit video' if you are thirsty. 4-6 or so. 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • nl: @mikeyway frank miller or alan moore? 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: @twitrobo No feed specified, or Unable to read RSS feed 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: Interested to try the Aion beta, but couldn't get a key. I wonder if the combat is cliche mmorpg style (like wow) or if it's action-based. 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: ludajuiceBattle of the Sexes (#BOTS) Question: WOMEN do you prefer to spit OR swallow? Explain why.Dats NASTY but from a LESBO point I spit 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: is it just me or *gasp* is the temperature going down somewhat?! 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: RT @markknoller Though WH thinks worst job losses may be behind us, still expects the unemployment rate to hit 10% in next month or two. 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: Just had some face time with the Pre. I wish RIM would have taken more time with the storm. Or at least use open gl. 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: Photo: :: Peonies - My Favorite :: No apartment or house should be without fresh flowers. It totally changes... 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: @rhoward3 I can help you buy a car for wholesale. Call Debbie 7274604772 or I have access to national auto auctions 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: Hey @PhillyD --PHIL -- DO YOU THINK MEGAN FOX HOTTER IN TRANSFORMERS 1 OR 2 ?? (PhilipDeFranco live > 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: Drake. it's such a soap opera name. Or a hotel. A male duck. Or a famous explorer. Perhaps we should all refer to the rapper as Francis 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: @Danman1116 Hunwick is fielding offers? Or Phil? Or Both? 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: Can anyone help or be a part of this vision? Do you know anyone who could help? I also need someone to volunteer write a business plan 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: @enzemo I miss you too! </3 Try not to think about it too much. Read the chapters i sent you or something. XD 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: @FarRocksReese i might go to soho or something 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: @johncmayer one way or another it gets people to do better things/be better people. thats called motivation 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: I hate when I say "that's it" to the people at subway or any other sub place and they respond with "that's it??" yes damn it! that 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: @heymadeline it'll be fine. you guys aren't going without me or reena. we'll find a way. 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: @fabulousfefe the spit or swallow. Someone really asked this on twitter?! 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: Hmm to get into trouble or not??? 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: @ShashiTharoor success cums frm being honest 2 wat v r dng n dng wat v r dng d bst way v can....wat is grtr being a gud leader or gud polt? 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: RT @ludajuice: Battle of the Sexes (#BOTS) Question: WOMEN do you prefer to spit OR swallow? Ladies be honest 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: @jrob100 19miles bloody hell did you get lost or something 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: Is it 5:00 yet? I want to go home! Or at least somewhere other than work! 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: @TheEntertainer RT:See if you can add at least one act of kindness or generosity to someone's life today, it may just change the world 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • <a href="">#gacorlando</a> <a href=""></a>: 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: or cancer! 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: The Glass Garden has disappointed me for the last time! Only ordering online or going to the bead store in Eagan from now on. 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • : i vote lolz 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: Gov't of Alberta has redefined "moped" as of July 1. Bikes of 50cc or less w/ a top speed of 70km/h are no longer considered motorcycles. 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: Only freaks RT @Seriouz973 RT @ludajuice Battle of the Sexes Quest. WOMEN do u prefer to spit OR swallow? Explain Why 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: Any local tweeps have a mini dv reader or video camera I can view my 8mm on? It just came in today and I can't wait to see it!!! 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: Well, my email address is created. Still no computer or network ID 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: @laydeexsantha @deeBrooks33 *group hug* except Dee, u lyke n baq of her or wait ur turn, cuz no touch'n between us..dats gay lmao 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: @athefitz No shit! You should give Dave the night off so he can do it. Or do IT. 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: @Chele615 I'm totally going to be here so you have to come up! I'd love that. We can do lunch or dinner or something. 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: @KWAMEDIDIT Hit his Ass with something a Rock shoo Homie off or something a Bird blocking your V,Definetly classic Ny. 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: @ajbiol he had db yesterday. not that im consciously looking at your tweets or aything. 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: @RomeFuckinItaly @ the hellboy comment or the other stuff? 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: i'm never taking my brother or sister-in-law to a concert, they complain it's too "cold" and leave right after two band sets. 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: Who has the most talented pet in the twittersphere? Does your Twitter Dog or Cat Got Talent? Tweet us your pets trick! Pls RT 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: wow i had Insomnia or something last night i couldnt sleep and idk why... i finally went to bed between 7 and 8 in the morning obviously 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: @BeerTownAustin Sam Adams? Or LoneStar if you're in the Great Republic 😉 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: DUI-Misdemeanor-Felony-Criminal Matters 877-7NO-CUFFS or email me 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: @wrnunba6 or were you pulling @missegreen 's& my legs 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: RT @RepPartyofTexas: Session seems to be moving well so far. It's amazing what happens when no one filibusters or threatens to leave town 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: Not afraid of getting punched in the face, kicked in the body, or doing sit-ups. But I AM afraid of the gym's cold shower. 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: @donttrythis also it's ironic that you're the one asking other people if something is real or not 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: There will be no more humorous updates. I will only discuss things that are of great importance to me. Like comic books or HBO sitcoms. 07/02/09 10:40pm


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