Raid !

I watched you all raid last night and listened to all the gab while it was going on.  It’s easy to see why everyone loves it = what camaraderie!  What hilarity!  What joie de vivre!   Of course, you want to be there!

I was especially impressed with the Thaddeus/Feugen/Staggerlee (Stigmata, Sabbata – can’t recall his name) battle – that was epic.  And I still can’t get over how you all chat while chopping – incredible.  Oh, I don’t mean the calm, controlled constantly-changing stat quotes that Malfean and others insert, but the casual, off-hand comments; e.g., Iga’s “the chick who hit her is going to JAIL! – Ha, ha!!”  while simultaneously rezzing and/or healing and buffing 79 people (it seems) 79 times while under attack in the midst of furious battle.  Incredible.

And Iga, I was only laughing at your Frogger Annihilation because of the irony of it – I mean, you all had JUST discussed whether or not you were going to continue to make incessant fun of all who cratered at the Frogger crossing (quiet snickering from all)  with comments about how maybe it ought to be changed to the Thaddeus Leap, and you immediately went and Frogged out.  The humor of it just struck me, that’s all.    Just WAIT until I get my warlock out there, with her Doom Guard, and I will make up for it.

Whatever foul creatures you go after tonight (or tomorrow?), I will be cheering all of you on in the bleachers, here!

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  • en: Didn't leave the house all weekend. Needed rest from being run down or just depressed? 07/13/09 12:01pm
  • en: is it over? is it over????? or maybe nearly over? 07/13/09 12:01pm
  • en: Back to tweeting, not just twatching. Exciting live search tool or creating an over-reliant population? 07/13/09 12:01pm
  • en: INCOME BOOSTER___EARN EXTRA INCOME ___FULL or PART TIME_____ 07/13/09 11:53am
  • en: @MoMoneyMixtapes got you my nigg shomething club type or some go hard ish? 07/13/09 11:53am
  • en: @pbarone which is the same for any programming, web based or otherwise. 07/13/09 11:53am
  • en: @twitrobo No feed specified, or Unable to read RSS feed 07/13/09 11:53am
  • en: i want boba or yogurt! 07/13/09 11:53am
  • en: @REALjasonKapono speaking of nicknames, how about Kap-three? or Kapt.-Three, whatever. Kap-"the kaptain"? 07/13/09 11:53am
  • en: Wouldn't it be great if the product manager was around every time you have a good or a bad experience with a product or service? 07/12/09 10:39pm
  • en: @peninasharon I smell movie or TV promotion and I like it. :) 07/12/09 10:39pm
  • en: I may not be rich or live in a million dollar house. But I can say, I'm right in so many other ways. 07/12/09 10:39pm
  • en: @IamButtenz We grew up on Ramona's. My fams addicted to it. We go to the ine on San Pedro all the time or the 1 in Gardena off Western 07/12/09 10:39pm
  • en: @SavyBoss we also gotta fly to like Cali .. Or pay MADD money to cruise from NYC to there lol 07/12/09 10:39pm
  • en: @SK8JUNkiiE are you retarded or somethin, please retweet where u saw that 07/12/09 10:39pm
  • : Issue 47 onsale Aug 9th 07/12/09 10:39pm
  • en: Hey #mariomarathon which is worse Mario as last name or Peach as first name? #badideas (Mario Marathon live > 07/12/09 10:39pm
  • no: or Lark Rise 07/12/09 10:39pm
  • en: @puppydogdiaries there is nothing like British bacon or anchor butter!! 07/12/09 10:39pm
  • en: @RupertRead Didnt see you out on Saturday in the town centre Saw Chloe, Ukip and craig murray but no Greens or Labour 07/12/09 10:39pm
  • en: @adrianweckler Good point. You would even still see the odd , [, or other lame symbol in print instead of €. What are we, 8 years in now 07/12/09 10:39pm
  • en: ♪ Breaking Up or Breaking Down. When I need you, you can't be found. I want someone who's around for me ♪ 07/12/09 10:39pm
  • no: Business Gift or Promotional Advertising - 07/12/09 10:39pm
  • en: how do you tell someone you love them for all that they have done for you when they really don't know you or the impact they had on you? 07/12/09 10:39pm
  • en: listening to "Ready Or Not - Drum N Bass Remix - DJ Hype" ♫ 07/12/09 10:39pm
  • en: Is gladiators shoes comfortable? Most celebs find its very (i mean very) comfortable which is true or not ? 07/12/09 10:39pm
  • en: They better get Helio a bodyguard or four! 07/12/09 10:39pm
  • en: @umbrielle go to settings and it'll tell you. or google it. 07/12/09 10:39pm
  • en: if you could receive only on present for your birthday, anniversary, graduation or wedding, what would you want? 07/12/09 10:39pm
  • en: 30 or so miles on the bike b4 11am, coffee and muffin at Good Earth, quick read of Snap. It's all gravy! 07/12/09 10:39pm
  • en: @I_AM_SWAGG Lol, & r y'all rocking the MJ moves or no? 07/12/09 10:39pm
  • en: You can be a sweet dream, or a beautiful nightmare. Either way I, don't wanna wake up from you 07/12/09 10:39pm
  • en: @sdpdx There are some nice places. I like hiking around chiricahua national monument, or the Flagstaff area. Phoenix is hot & brown tho 07/12/09 10:39pm
  • it: @Tori_Da or a cornetto mcflurry mmmm 07/12/09 10:39pm
  • en: #ihavetoadmit chicks with small tits and big nipples or thick thighs and no ass looks odd...sorry...NO PASS!! 07/12/09 10:39pm
  • en: To clarify - when I said it wasnt about you, it wasnt about those that misjudged me, lied about me or slagged me either. It was my feelings. 07/12/09 10:39pm
  • en: Baseball without brats or beer. How un-American. Should have packed a better cooler for this game. 07/12/09 10:39pm
  • en: @deestayfresh SoO, i'M pOSEd To ASk YoU iF @FlyGuyLou HaS oR EvER HaD WaVEs? 07/12/09 10:39pm
  • en: @politico44 Mr. President Need some arm twisting with Blue Dog Democrats, think LBJ. Play hardball get results or we are the lame duck party 07/12/09 10:39pm
  • en: By @wisdomismisery Michael Jackson wasnt sure if he was 'Black or White.' #-song Chuck Norris confirmed he was black. 07/12/09 10:39pm
  • en: So at work on a Sunday, either it rains or it's a drought... 07/12/09 10:39pm
  • en: @mario_prosp yeah really or MJ 07/12/09 10:39pm
  • en: @soxanddawgs @amyc15 You'd have to pay both and bump up your payroll. seems to be a hurdle. Sox are down $15 million or so from 2 years ago 07/12/09 10:39pm
  • en: is looking for free, trucking industry content to add to our nationwide magazine and website. Send me a message if you have ideas or write. 07/12/09 10:39pm
  • en: looking for work; full-time or part-time; in the field of video, or publishing, or business communications, willing 2 07/12/09 10:39pm
  • en: Investor planning to retire or relocating to the Sunshine, let me Show you the Possibilities- 07/12/09 10:39pm
  • en: I just paid $15 for a grilled fries or chips. Gotta love that. 07/12/09 10:39pm
  • en: i love dancing nice hannah or miley you were a wig 07/12/09 10:39pm
  • en: @SailorFrag Either shopping for dinner, or, picking up something with my roommate for his cats. I'm not willing to be any more forthcoming. 07/12/09 10:39pm
  • en: SEO Or PPC: Which One Is Right For You? | Internet Marketing Surplus 07/12/09 10:39pm
  • en: I don’t think that traditional school like Harvard or Stanford will survive in 21st century, unless they reform :- Kenichi Ohmae 07/12/09 10:39pm
  • en: finally got break at work. i might just kill my coworkers. or at least managers 07/12/09 10:39pm
  • en: my laptops hot like badly : ohh shit Eilish found Tom in my bed XD or so she says ohh god she jsut asked wat i do at night? 07/12/09 10:39pm
  • en: My camera hoe better call me tomorrow, or I am PISSED c: 07/12/09 10:39pm
  • en: i aint sure wot 2 say or do on dis! 07/12/09 10:39pm
  • en: @SuperCori i think my mom is getting used to it. I mean its just, you can't find music that doesn't cuss or use pervertedness anymore. sad:( 07/12/09 10:39pm
  • en: The tweets expressed in this twitter are the tweets of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views or policies of yadiyayayaya 07/12/09 10:39pm
  • en: hasn't even thought about her l/t or big brother.......till now.......agh 07/12/09 10:39pm
  • en: Do fiber tablets expire? I just started taking the ones I've had for at least 2 or 3 years now. 07/12/09 10:38pm
  • en: @MsLoyalty salt and warm water time wash the dick or purell it ...jk 07/12/09 10:38pm
  • en: who would you hit singer chris brown or laker shannon brown freak of the week 07/12/09 10:38pm
  • sv: porn or xbox, porn or xbox hum? 07/12/09 10:38pm
  • en: Sometimes I have to go elsewhere to find out what's happening in the US.... or was this big news here? 07/12/09 10:38pm
  • en: and the seeds of discontent can be heard saying “my kid or an animal could do that.” #art #paint 07/12/09 10:38pm
  • en: if it turns out arturo gatti's wife killed him... i'll be speechless.. women ain't taking shit no more or what? 07/12/09 10:38pm
  • en: I need to sleep or work will #epicfail tomorrow. Ergh. I hate sleeping before I have to. #fb 07/12/09 10:38pm
  • en: I'm not sure who Helio should be more afraid of: PT or the Canadian fans??? #indycar 07/12/09 10:38pm
  • en: Wanted; Dead or Alive. 07/12/09 10:38pm
  • en: @Miareeva What type of camera are you looking for (compact, quality or cheap)? 07/12/09 10:38pm
  • en: i'm so dead.....and by dead i mean that in like.. 3 different ways..or so. 07/12/09 10:38pm
  • en: im now in the mood for watching a bit of harry potter.. seen a horror and a weepie today... need something uplifting or action packed! 07/12/09 10:38pm
  • en: need garden gnomes apparently. or a wicked housewife. books have stalled. "sometimes in her eyes i see forever." - caribou 07/12/09 10:38pm
  • en: @Ampiphy Hey guys, I just listened to your stuff on myspace. I really like it! Can i buy your stuff on itunes or cd or anything? 07/12/09 10:38pm
  • en: @fishlamp Thanks! Believe it or not, those pics were taken with a simple iPhone! I'll post the real pics on Flickr once I get home. 07/12/09 10:38pm
  • en: re-assembled linda's cb350's clutch and replaced the cable but i can't find torque specs for the spring bolts. or my torque wrench. whoops. 07/12/09 10:38pm
  • en: haha reading glamour mag ... 'blackberrys: purely for posers or life saving gadgetry?' 07/12/09 10:38pm
  • en: @IamButtenz We grew up on Ramona's. My fams addicted to it. We go to the ine on San Pedro all the time or t 07/12/09 10:38pm
  • en: @haaretzonline when discussing FB groups or external sites, including links in story to source material would be good. 07/12/09 10:38pm
  • en: Y do I have 2 choose btwn being a human or a dancer??? 07/12/09 10:38pm
  • en: I dont get this @ ... followers love u ur content or may be ur work so they follow you. Is this spamming? 07/12/09 10:38pm
  • nl: Is it just me or are Jake T. Austin and Jansen Panettiere gorgeous?? 07/12/09 10:38pm
  • en: @marygazze 1437EDT There must be a cafe or some place where expats hang out. Hotel lounges are good a fallback for finding English banter. 07/12/09 10:38pm
  • en: If you want to stop over at the new house (438 S 49th), we're here and breaking to eat. Come say hi or just play with dogs. It's official! 07/12/09 10:38pm
  • en: @Liverpool_TX or they seem to find you... 07/12/09 10:38pm
  • en: @Yatzooey This boatride was for 'The Tall Ships.' A bunch of old, giant sailboats that sail the world every 10 years or so. 07/12/09 10:38pm
  • en: @akashic_rik Skandha or aggregates are phenomena. Self then would be non-phenomenal which can un-identify with phenomena—the via negativa 07/12/09 10:38pm
  • en: @kempster621 Are you talking to me? You'd be more sucessful w/ an @ or a direct message :) I use TweetDeck 07/12/09 10:38pm
  • en: trying to get 'inspired' 4 new project. what does that even mean? you either have it or you don't, or u either sometimes have it or u don't? 07/12/09 10:38pm
  • en: Lord, bless this camp staff who volunteer their summers to spend it with Mentally Disabled, or "diffrently abled" adults like my bro. 07/12/09 10:38pm
  • en: Waiting for dessert and full. I may pack it for lunch or supper tomorrow. 07/12/09 10:38pm
  • en: @Director_Cherry Purple Label by Ralph Lauren, True Religion, or Antidote.... Euphoria is nice too! 07/12/09 10:38pm
  • en: Gather friend id’s from browsing the Channels, Video Pages, friend lists, groups or any other area of YouTube 07/12/09 10:38pm
  • en: I do everything I think possible or acceptable to escape from this trap. Jacques Derrida #quote [CountingCrows]... ♫ 07/12/09 10:38pm
  • en: @1045CHUMFM yay it's shirlee or just turtle shell!! Thanks girl! 07/12/09 10:38pm
  • en: RT @Sinareet: RT @logannathan: “People always come into your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime.” - 07/12/09 10:38pm
  • en: I have to run or walk for at least 2 hrs as i pigged out myself this past 2 days.... 07/12/09 10:38pm
  • en: Looking for more energy, better health, or maybe want to lose some weight? check out 07/12/09 10:38pm
  • en: Had Five Guys for lunch today. Can't decide if I like fries or burgers better. @vivid13: @MilliGFunk @arogersphotos 07/12/09 10:38pm
  • en: stopped real quick some where off of 101 I think in Coalinga or Greenfield & we got the esse's out w/ car shows hittin switches w/ old scho 07/12/09 10:38pm
  • en: #idontunderstand why brownskinned black women get blonde or red weaves. 07/12/09 10:38pm
  • en: @luwees get creative with your link posting...tell people its n00dz or gonna help Ernesto btw 07/12/09 10:38pm
  • en: @herrea Do you gotta work out there all day them til launch time? or are you not out there right now?? lol 07/12/09 04:09pm
  • en: RT @MGNLiners: Initiations galore! Hopefully new plants galore in a year or two. from Texas Y'all :) 07/09/09 05:15pm
  • en: is hoping to get a usb drive in the mail today or tomorrow from his bandmate containing a 20+ min song for him to work on. New album soon. 07/09/09 05:15pm
  • : she killed him cuz she's Persian or just dumb?poor McNair 07/09/09 05:09pm
  • en: RT @RevRunWisdom 2 choices...Either motivate yourself or be miserable!! u choose! 07/09/09 05:09pm
  • en: @little_chilli Yes! It's outrageous. I'd completely forgotten.. you have to go to their website & take yourself off or anyone can find you. 07/09/09 05:09pm
  • en: @singpolyma @ossguy my prof from UT is running this course: – maybe you or friends might be interested? If so, @ @gvwilson 07/09/09 05:09pm
  • en: @christyny631 tks 4 the rt,i try to update by google news every 5mins or so #iranelection 07/09/09 05:09pm
  • no: @BassmasterZona Cool! No smallies in OR? 07/09/09 05:09pm
  • en: @CathyZielske Sounds like fodder for Cole to draw or build from Legos. Hope you're ok! 07/09/09 05:09pm
  • en: @votethirdparty they started a month or two ago with the more detailed caller screening process. I kinda like it tho most prob use sir name 07/09/09 05:08pm
  • en: RT @RevRunWisdom 2 choices...Either motivate yourself or be miserable!! u choose! 07/09/09 05:08pm
  • en: @EdMorrissey I wonder if she just means poor people or poor black people? Eugenicists always focus on income to soften the slide to genocide 07/09/09 05:08pm
  • en: @infamousgodhand 400 swings is a lot man.. all in one go ? or do you have rests? 07/09/09 05:08pm
  • en: RT @RevRunWisdom: 2 choices...Either motivate yourself or be miserable!! u choose!>>> IM MOTIVATING MYSELF! ITS A NEW DAY!! 07/09/09 05:08pm
  • en: Here we go! Just left the hotel - hopefully florida by noon & west palm by 5 or 6! 07/09/09 05:08pm
  • en: @staciehays is irish born or irish blood? 07/09/09 05:08pm
  • en: @joanieFOD I want David to be MY boss. All I need is free tickets to the shows and a bunk on the bus or a hotel room! 07/09/09 05:08pm
  • en: @Lisa1134 lol okkk? want to come out or something later? 07/09/09 05:08pm
  • en: @shanellove then we pass out around 6 or 7 AM 07/09/09 10:54am
  • en: considering going for a run - after three busy days tasting and eating - need to. So, is it tidying or running? 07/09/09 10:54am
  • en: @AK618 @Tina_Murphy I think a bottle of water there is like $4.50 or something. CRAZY 07/09/09 10:54am
  • en: @DonnieWahlberg a tweet or DM? can i get something? a twug? show me some twitter love......... 07/09/09 10:54am
  • en: So any one know a good fancy castle to stay in? Has to be in the UK and have a whirlpool, hot tub, or jacuzzi 07/09/09 10:54am
  • en: To go, or not to go? THAT is the question.. 07/09/09 10:54am
  • en: @astroboyisgay What if, then how? Or Why not? hahaha 07/09/09 10:54am
  • en: @JeremyAhn or boxofficemojo's second highest grossing film of all time. 07/09/09 10:54am
  • en: New episode of #Justrelax now available - in iTunes or at 07/09/09 10:54am
  • en: @RachDowling OMG invite to your hen do! Are you getting married or somethin'? xx 07/09/09 10:54am
  • en: @trinitelearning hi there - anything for primary or high school? 07/09/09 10:54am
  • en: @trabeezy Nevermind fag.. what'd you do today or what 07/09/09 10:54am
  • en: FYI: If a nig (past or present) isn't worthy enough to taste this, I hope he knows he's NOT getting a(nother) slice... 07/09/09 10:54am
  • en: Really miss Cash right now. Beat dog ever. Love you buddy. Man do I know how to bring down a party or what? YeahIdo! 07/09/09 10:54am
  • en: @PatCashman What is it? some sort of jingle truck or something? 07/09/09 10:54am
  • en: Its annoying when people dont have working phones, dont answer it or lost it. 07/09/09 10:54am
  • eo: mo beli kado, tp bingung antara jam tangan or ikat pinggang :P 07/09/09 10:54am
  • en: my wife tells me I have granny taste......or LOUD aloha ; ) 07/09/09 10:54am
  • en: @valdezign would you say you're a lakers fan or an NBA fan? I think I'm more NBA. 07/09/09 10:54am
  • en: No matter what kind of passion you have, a poker player or a casino one, on sportsbooks, or even you like forex trading, PROFBETS.COM 07/09/09 10:54am
  • en: Time 2 recharge my body battery and I'm gone!!! BTW FUCK BILL O REILLY, Pussy ass fuckboy!! Bet he won't say that shit on BET or Detroit!!! 07/09/09 10:54am
  • en: Shud i or shud i not? 07/09/09 10:54am
  • en: @kevinadams is that musical keyboards or computer keyboards? :-) 07/09/09 10:54am
  • en: Uncle, aunt and their grandkid are about to leave. Hah, I guess I won't see them again in a year or so. I hate that >.< 07/09/09 10:54am
  • en: @dantheshive: Apparently it's also a bad idea to be a nice guy or gentleman, as chivalry is seen as chauvinism, or worse, stalker-ish-ness. 07/09/09 10:54am
  • en: @moonfrye: when i can't sleep.. i listen to music, or i see if anyone is on AIM to talk to!! big fan<3 xoxox 07/09/09 10:53am
  • en: @jarelleventura Ahaha I can eat 3 or 4 in a minute. What made you try it? 07/09/09 10:53am
  • en: RT @designdroplets -can anyone suggest any industrial design magazines (print or online) in South Korea? in English, Korean or dual langu.. 07/09/09 10:53am
  • en: On the way to our #wiki workshop - more organic like stewart mader or more typical german-structured? Let's see... #foswiki #intranet 07/09/09 10:53am
  • en: @MizzKris what, u got a toothace or something? 07/09/09 10:53am
  • en: Question all you boys up late or early: what is the UN secretary general's name? @DMAkron I'm counting on that education of yours! 07/09/09 10:53am
  • en: @Mendelsberg We should definitely meet up when you are at Emerson. I am planning on leaving CO on the 3rd or 4th to be back in Boston. 07/09/09 10:53am
  • en: On face de bouc or face de book (Facebook) 07/09/09 10:53am
  • en: I should be asleep or at least in bed by now, but I if I go to bed then I'll have to wake up and go to work tomorrow... 07/09/09 10:53am
  • en: Nissan Altima COUPE - Anyone out there buy the 09'? Do you luv it or do you have buyers remorse now? Almost bought one today, yikes! 07/09/09 10:53am
  • en: Wants to go see @mileycyrus in Dec at Birmingham or Manchester but it's pretty much sold out and the tickets on ebay are SO expensive :( 07/09/09 10:53am
  • en: So, goodnight (unless I can't get to sleep or I wake up again) TwitterWorld. I can't believe I spent 3 Tweets saying goodnight.... 07/09/09 10:53am
  • en: I may not have a computer for a couple weeks, it pinke be gateway now or soon for the new hard drive. 07/09/09 10:53am
  • en: my faith in God has no restrictions or bounds. i know he is real 07/09/09 10:53am
  • en: Now every time I see someone's name in the trending topics list, I think they've died or something. It needs to stop. 07/09/09 10:53am
  • en: @sonmica for presents or something? rather than the other way around? 07/09/09 10:53am
  • en: Great food :) time to head home or maybe to edison stay over my god fathers house 07/09/09 10:53am
  • en: If its a Special occasion & Im drinking Remy Martin Cognac Louis Xiii like the Super Bowl or a Friends Wedding I'd have a Gurkha Cigar Best 07/09/09 10:53am
  • en: @c_distortion Don't you like getting totally soaked in it? To the point where it's irrelevant if you run or not? 07/09/09 10:53am
  • en: shit im sick of niggaz and bitches actn like thy got money but always askin for me to pay they way or borrow sumthn 07/09/09 10:53am
  • en: Wonder if #Battlefield 1943 will allow me to play tonight, or again just mock me whilst allowing my friends to play. 07/09/09 10:53am
  • en: is having trouble sleeping, hasn't slept a wink and just laid theree like...x.x. I think I've caught some bug or infection. Ehh well. 07/09/09 10:53am
  • en: Call 877-702-7466 now for a State of Maine Petition to restore marriage or email now! 07/09/09 10:53am
  • en: @gabebondoc i always wanted to be on GUTS or LEGENDS OF THE HIDDEN TEMPLE. haha i got the shirts though!!! 07/09/09 10:53am
  • en: About to meet up with a guy to sell a guitar pedal I posted on Craigslist. Pray that I don't get mugged, raped, killed, or infected with ... 07/09/09 10:53am
  • en: @dr_crane Is that you, Scarecrow, or rather, Dr. Jonathan Crane? ::looks at Thomas, confused:: 07/09/09 10:53am
  • en: what you mean: the triple x or johnny depp movie. illigal downloadsite or what? pirates 07/09/09 10:53am
  • en: - i can't decide if i like this pic or no.. yeah im a luvo got a problem? 07/09/09 10:53am
  • en: @shakrox did u take some british snacks for lunch or something? 07/09/09 10:53am
  • en: @BoxenRyan or you could leave me alone as we are a computer service and have it sorted and don't appreciate spam 07/09/09 10:53am
  • en: @PositronicBrain You want it since college or is it the first time you can't afford something? 07/09/09 10:53am
  • en: Is there anyone in power in the UK or responsible for upholding the law who isn't on the make and corrupt to fuck? I don't think so. 07/09/09 10:53am
  • en: @PrettyPoiison Yea I Jus Sed Lunch Or Something In The City Or Lafayette (ok thts not a memory, we cud def top tht n have a full girls day!) 07/09/09 10:53am
  • en: @OGOchoCinco oysters are high in chloresterol or how ever u spell it but nah u should be koo 07/09/09 10:53am
  • en: @fsas1987 are you going to vc or oc??? 07/09/09 10:53am
  • en: eughhhhhh. still lfeelin lik sht! iwish i had a visitor or 22222222222222. 07/09/09 10:53am
  • en: 370 current students for the BCMHS MySpace page. There are only 400 or so students, aha, we are sad souls. 07/09/09 10:53am
  • en: @30SECONDSTOMARS HOLLOGRAMS (Belgium band), or DEUS (Belgium band too) 07/09/09 10:53am
  • en: @onlyobsessed Well, I don't hate it. But nowadays, I normally by a different flavor such as strawberry preserves or blackberry or something 07/09/09 10:53am
  • en: Stephenie Meyer needs to finish book 5..not just consider it in 2 years or whatever..but actually write & finish it please. 07/09/09 10:53am
  • en: so irritating when most or all trending topics are taken over by spam tweeters. 07/09/09 10:53am
  • en: changed on 07 9 06:00 UTC/9C: View this change or all changes. 07/09/09 10:53am
  • en: I don't pay much attention to anything anyone tells me in here unless it comes from my supervisor or the security officer. Too many rumors. 07/09/09 10:53am
  • en: Hello Everyone . did u watch the RHWONJ? did u like or did it scheeve u out!? LOL 07/09/09 10:53am
  • en: @ladyrayriz or he cant see your posts. 07/09/09 10:53am
  • en: some higher power did not want me to play call of duty today. all of the matches went whack or I just did horrible. where's my A-game? 07/09/09 10:53am
  • en: been slackin on my latenight TSMB twitter ish :( but still on my quest 4 a job so time 4 bed. night fam! DM me if unc Troy or Trey go live 07/09/09 10:53am
  • en: menikmati ? it means menik is dead or enjoy ? 07/09/09 10:53am
  • en: Current favourite insult: Calling people or referring to people as a 'Shit-whisk' I have no idea why I find this funny, but I do. 07/09/09 10:53am
  • en: @johnnyaylward wait. you're outside Hard Rock or you're outside, rock hard? 07/09/09 10:53am
  • en: @windinthewire, the only ones you can lose now are prolly ones that involve @AubCat or more than one partner. 07/09/09 10:53am
  • en: @oliviemunn and @kpereira do you guys really tape live or a day before?! B/c TMZ says you tapped the 1,000th ep on Weds. no tomm. live?! lol 07/09/09 10:53am
  • en: @fredman80, I like posts status to here or Facebook, handy if you have gaming buddies so they can find you if you're on 07/09/09 10:53am
  • en: @ShortlyTi Nice! Is that motorbike or bicycle? 07/09/09 10:53am
  • en: @ray_marie ohshit =-O luckyy nahh I can't get her to follow me or yet alone reply 07/09/09 10:53am
  • en: @katiebebe87 yeah right. I'm sure your a hot number perfect lahes or not :p 07/09/09 10:53am
  • en: So ive got this idea I think i might want to do some pinup pic But idk where to go or if i should i want to feel sexy again any comments 07/09/09 10:53am
  • en: Is it me or do these work days just get longer and longer???? lol Oh well. 07/09/09 10:53am
  • en: The word Torah comes from the root word yarah meaning "to shoot an arrow" or "to hit the mark." The word means "teaching" 07/09/09 10:53am
  • … <b>or</b> send resume to: United Counseli.. <a href=""></a>: 07/09/09 10:53am
  • en: lawyers /politicians/ bearucrats dont understand what it takes to start a business or run a business, how can business trust them? #tcot 07/09/09 10:53am
  • en: Wants Wii or playstation to bring back Alex the Kid 07/09/09 10:53am
  • en: What an irritating night. The day better improve or someones gonna pay. . . 07/09/09 10:53am
  • en: #rememberwhen u were kool cuz u had a Gameboy Color and da new Pokemon Blue or Red Version, and havin all da badges legendary pokemon!! Lol 07/09/09 10:53am
  • en: RT @Twitterati.ny@bbdo.c: To Tech or Not to Tech: Creatives Roundtable 2009 | Creativity Online | 07/09/09 10:53am
  • en: Fightin on twitter is like winnin da special olympic. Win or lose ur still special. 07/09/09 10:53am
  • en: I am too, too in love with you. I want Lee Pace to marry me! Or at least watch Japanese movies and drink tea with me. <3 07/09/09 10:53am
  • en: @rach dowling OMG invite to your hen do! Are you getting married or somethin'? xx 07/09/09 10:53am
  • en: @wukaiyuan either the G2 or the HTC hero are a really good call. Android's gonna be hot in the next 6mo+ 07/09/09 10:53am
  • en: Get L.E.A.N. Weekly To Do - Create A Daily Wellness Ritual: When I find myself sick or stressed, I o.. 07/02/09 10:41pm
  • Somehow <b>or</b> another, D-Link managed to com.. <a href=""></a>: 07/02/09 10:41pm
  • en: @ScottieLoree ... That is beautiful is it a quote or did u write it? .. Hi Sis .. Love Ya 07/02/09 10:41pm
  • en: Why you should put Ontario (or your own local) pork on your fork! 07/02/09 10:41pm
  • en: @deathoftheparty xbox or ps3?? 07/02/09 10:41pm
  • en: @sanjay you mean, those cars were unsellable or not selling due to market conditions? 07/02/09 10:41pm
  • en: @eaglesflite holiday whirlwind tour? you secretly play geetar in a band or visiting places/familia ? :) 07/02/09 10:41pm
  • : You're the mythbuster dude. We should be asking you. :) 07/02/09 10:41pm
  • en: Need to rent or lease a Conversion Van in Indiana, know anyone or anywhere that does this. 07/02/09 10:41pm
  • en: buy 250 dollar RIPPED AND DAMAGED jeans or save my shit? damn why r clothes so expensive! 07/02/09 10:41pm
  • en: What makes Catholic Charities different We offer maternity counseling regardless of the decision to parent or make an adoption plan 3368708 07/02/09 10:41pm
  • en: @aki_hoshi or or we should get jobs that let us travel to ALL those places. get paid to attend concerts and tv/film sets *dreams* 07/02/09 10:41pm
  • en: Dear @annahodges: will you marry me... Please check 'yes' or 'no'... thank you ;-) 07/02/09 10:41pm
  • en: @PowerAnime Do need me at AX Friday, Saturday, or Sunday? 07/02/09 10:41pm
  • en: @donttrythis You won't notice a difference with RCA cables or coax. Some improvement with component, biggest improvement with HDMI. 07/02/09 10:41pm
  • en: why do you hate me?!! I stay late! hours late! It's a wimpy 20 minutes. Or EVEN ON TIME WOULD BE AWESOME. 07/02/09 10:41pm
  • en: @SodeExpress : WE THE PEOPLE don't need to be tied to them in ANY form or fashion!!! DAMN his hide!!! 07/02/09 10:41pm
  • en: @heathmild Hey...the Freedom days stuff downtown is what Uncle Boyd is in charge of. We need to go and try to find him tonight or tomorrow. 07/02/09 10:41pm
  • en: @warped09 What Would Be The Best Bet On Warped Tour Tix? Buy them befor Or On The Day? 07/02/09 10:41pm
  • en: Or will she just convince them that she deserves to be recognized for her contributions.maybe theyl let her steal someone eleses lively hood 07/02/09 10:41pm
  • en: Don't let it rain on our parade!!! D'or Afterwork 55th btw 7th and me there 07/02/09 10:41pm
  • en: Really wants to go to the blues fest. on the fourth. $10 or 2 cans of food. :) Anyone wanna go?? 07/02/09 10:41pm
  • en: spray painted my bmx bike! like spraypaint, photography or street art? visit my site! 07/02/09 10:41pm
  • en: If I told most of u what's happened to me over the past week, u'd say I was on acid. Shall we start w Iran deportation or the kidnapping? 07/02/09 10:41pm
  • en: Probably not gonna be online tomorrow or saturday very much. 07/02/09 10:41pm
  • : If you need a flash drive or USB hub there are many useful and, more to .. 07/02/09 10:41pm
  • en: What... So 4 different people or groups of people that I know are at the same gig?! 07/02/09 10:41pm
  • en: Everyone to Alexanders tonight 7pm or after. Donna is bartending solo!! 07/02/09 10:41pm
  • en: @jasonkruit whew...thought you were popping open some spam or something equally as frightening 07/02/09 10:41pm
  • en: no offense to @misterbutter, @teshishell, or @mktg4good, but I quite like having the office all to myself. #adroc 07/02/09 10:41pm
  • en: just shared a response to a hater as a note on facebook: i REFUSE to reduce my identity (or dietary choices) to a word! 07/02/09 10:41pm
  • en: give me #moonfruit ! or give me..... more #moonfruit !! HAHAHAHA!! 07/02/09 10:41pm
  • en: ...coyotes, or does the study just show that cats in general are at risk from coyotes, so pet cats are best left indoors?? 07/02/09 10:41pm
  • en: @TychoBrahe One word: Flowers. Preferably of the genus Rosa or Dianthus. 07/02/09 10:41pm
  • en: @Lukerice86 Bit of a grey area, but because the person selling the used CD has deleted any digital copies they may or may not have made. 07/02/09 10:41pm
  • en: RT @Miles11Hour DJ Miles11Hour Stanley Clarke tribute podcast now available for streaming or D/L! 19 BLAZIN'trax 07/02/09 10:41pm
  • en: @cedricz I can help you buy a car for wholesale. Call Debbie 7274604772 or I have access to national auto auctions 07/02/09 10:41pm
  • en: @Princesz22 Twittterrr Queenn i just realeased my new track you have to retweet ittt or ima tell your boss to make you work tommarooo lol 07/02/09 10:41pm
  • en: Just because it is #organic doesn’t mean it’s the best. Or is it? 07/02/09 10:41pm
  • en: @rappublicist ha. yeah. me neither. figure now's the time, tho. don't wanna be in a movie or on the train when a check's on the line. 07/02/09 10:41pm
  • nl: @moontweet mb or gb xD 07/02/09 10:41pm
  • en: @lilcrazedkid I heard Transformers 2 got the worst reviews for the most selling movie or something... But I loooved it! haha 07/02/09 10:41pm
  • en: whenever ne Form of Gov't bcomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People 2 alter or 2 abolish it, and 2 institute new Gov't 07/02/09 10:41pm
  • en: I need to find a party this weekend. OR I can get sloshed by the pool and work on my tan. 07/02/09 10:41pm
  • en: @preaChdotcom @toPnotchMAYA Lol or if she jus love the D 07/02/09 10:41pm
  • en: @ReporterHaley should I be offended or flattered? Never heard of that hashtag before... 07/02/09 10:41pm
  • en: @ronakdarji BCC, maybe drexl or rutgers after 2 years, and yes we got out really early 07/02/09 10:41pm
  • en: Mathew: (puts on eye drops) here is the flashlight! Halim: HAHAHAHAHA wtf flashlight or eye drops? 07/02/09 10:41pm
  • en: Hey @PhillyD What do you think about the daily vlogs? Are they getting annoying or what? (PhilipDeFranco live > 07/02/09 10:41pm
  • en: @thesupermario69 Was Transformers 2 any good then or what? 07/02/09 10:41pm
  • en: Good morning twitterverse! Or afternoon haha. Hmmm..what should I eat? 07/02/09 10:41pm
  • en: #Googleappengine was being shut down???or what??? 07/02/09 10:41pm
  • en: Anyone know a good lotions for dry chapped hands that is not oily or grease? 07/02/09 10:41pm
  • en: @belgia ((Do your best! D8 Or get one of Austria's cake forks...)) 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: #iadmit I'm cooking right now LOL any one want chicken cutlets ?? Or chicken breast?? I'm throwing down rite now 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: Have a question or need advice on Borghese products? Join in our forums or start your own! 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: @erexthetraveler wuz good wit cha? Sailing under the mooniight or fireworks? 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: the fact that Perez Hilton has a million+ followers and I (or @onethirtybpm) don't is upsetting. 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: I FEEL LIKE I CAN'T TRUST ANYTHING OR ANYONE ANYMORE. what's wrong here? 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: @Sanasu We promise not to do anything freaky or blow anything up. Well, I promise not to. Don't know about the rest of the wierdos. 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: Wondering if i should save money for the PSP"go" or not.. hmm, i wonder... 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: I'm broke so I'm not "doing" anything, Twitter. Although to suppliment my income, I'm concidering having octuplets...or at least sextuplets 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: @ludajuice No one nowadays should spit or swallow. They should put a condom on it and not have to worry about ingesting any kind of std. 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: is everyone on here a pornbot and/or aspiring porn star?? 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: I need to keep reminding myself that stupidity cant exist without geniusaty.. or should I say I need to get this yin and yang tattoo already 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: @MarieLuv That's quite a combo, I may have to try it or something similar,lol 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: @alfredobergna I don't know how to NOT help #moonfruit and/or #Drake either (via @jccord) 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: Is it just me or are so many of the hot weather pics just so cliched? People sunbathe when it's hot. Who knew?! #photog 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: My temple wants super nachos ala red iguana or molca Asap RT @missbreton: They say the body's a temple. Sometimes that temple wants nachos. 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: just wrote my grandpa in i a good boy or not??? 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: @The_Abdul hahaha. Did they ask you if u wanted juice or cream?? Wither way, that sounds real Gay my ni**a! 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: Getting my class schedule at 3:30 or whenever my mom gets hommme. Never gunna drive with my dad again. Fuck dat shizzzzzzz. :) text me. 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: airport. flight in four hours or so? 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: @HONEYSICCLE back of your neck...or back of your hand? 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: Think you have what it takes to get your club featured?? Do you think you are the best local Rugby club in the country or World? Click a ... 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: @STE131GONE I did hear last year. Harry Enfield is her step dad. Mad family or what?! lol. No wonder she's nuts! =) Awesome. Fucking 'ad u! 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: @jackgraycnn No headaches or withdrawal symptoms? Maybe you were drinking caffeine-free & didn't know it. lol 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: Apt Update: 3:45PM for a 45min massage with Megan (mention Twitter and get 30% off!) or 6:45PM for a 60min massage with Anna (full price) 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: -Do not seek revenge or repay evil for evil. Let God handle it in his perfect way (1 Peter 3:9) 07/02/09 10:40pm
  • en: @Akona1 yeah i'll have to safety pin my pants shorter though. Otherwise I don't have hat, or glove, or curls, or ponytail... Grr! 07/02/09 10:40pm


  1. Iga said,

    April 6th, 2009 at 10:35 am

    Ahh… actually, it was more lame than just me Froggering out, I fell of the freaking pipe then died on Frogger. Uber lame. Yes, that is how it goes for me… I am “mayhem” specced for a reason. I’ll do something stupid, like hit the auto run key instead of the reply key and run right into the boss’s leg, right after we all just got set up, killing us all. I’ll mock someone, then it’ll come back 10 fold, or I’ll say or do something that everyone else finds hilarious. And then I get to be the little retarded girl. You’ll probably be seeing “does dragon things” come up in Gchat for quite a while. That would be “let’s mock Iga time”. I’m used to it. ;) And it’s what we love about our guild. It’s not necessarily how far we get to go, new content is awesome to see, but it’s always been about the people you take with you. Get higher soon so we can kill stuff together! :D

  2. Phabala said,

    April 6th, 2009 at 7:19 pm

    Well, I am under strict orders not to work on my main on my OWN, as Mal and Ally want to run the level-up WITH me (crossing guard for the blind), so it may take a while. I have five alts that I play with for S&G while they do other serious stuff, and those alts are worked up to around 15 each. Just wanted to see what each class has to play with. I mean, I love the warlock the best, so far, but I like the paladin also. I would like to work up a mage, warlock, paladin and shaman, maybe druid, to high levels, but it’s so hard. I am not fast!

    I understand about the pipe. Ally told me when and if I ever do that instance, I will never make it across that pipe!

  3. Iga said,

    April 7th, 2009 at 2:22 am

    Stupid pipe… I play on my laptop, & I learned how to play mouseless, so I’m not the best at walking/flying. I’ve tried a mouse, it was worse, so stick with whatcha know, right?

    And if you want company or help while you’re on your S&G toons, hit me up on either Iga or Honovi, I’m always happy to be of service (and usually rather bored, but wanting to help makes it sound better). :D

  4. Phabala said,

    April 7th, 2009 at 2:01 pm

    Iga, thanks so much for the offer! I work on Tuesdays and just got home – tried to post a comment at the office, but the thing wouldn’t work, for some reason.

    As far as the pipe goes, Ally told me I would NEVER make it across that pipe.

  5. Phabala said,

    April 7th, 2009 at 2:06 pm

    Iga, Malfean just told me that I do NOT have to have the toon in Guild for you to run with me – I thought I did. He said, just tell you the name. I am working now on my Level 15 Paladin, Baigne, and am down at Tranquillien working on those projects.

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