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Well I Never…

So, the most recent shared topic from Blog Azeroth is content/goals met that you never thought you’d achieve, and where you see yourself in six months, after the launch of Wrath. This topic, by the way, comes from the awesome Breana, author of Gun Loving Dwarf Chick and co-host of the blogcast The Twisted Nether.

So, let’s see. Currently, my guild has most of Kara done, and we are 2/6 in ZA, and have downed Mags and Gruul with our allied guild, War Machine. The Champion of the Naaru title is a few heroics away, and it’s pretty cool. Certainly didn’t think I’d ever be getting that.

I’ve also been nominated to become an officer/raid leader for the guild, and that’s pretty cool. We have a Vent meeting coming up to discuss where we want to see the guild go, what we want our focus to be, etc., and I’m guessing the promotions of those chosen will happen then. To be perfectly honest, I was a little surprised when it was brought up to me by the GM. Not the leadership position, because, well, it’s something I tend towards in things like this. More the way he put it to me(and Sharon as well, who is also up for officership/recruiter). It’s one thign to think you’re giving back to the guild, it’s another to be told by the GM just how much you are appreciated. All in all, that conversation was one of my top 10 WoW moments(oops, that’s a different shared topic).

Really, another big surprise for me is being back in Wow at all. This time last year, Sharon and her son moved in with me, halfway cross-country, and I pretty much stopped playing WoW. Combination of work schedule, burnout, and wanting to spend time with my premade family(no pugs!).

And, lastly, and my favorite…I cannot say that I ever expected to be playing WoW with my favorite person in the world. Having gotten her playing, and being able to share our time in game with each other is a lot of fun, and I highly doubt I’d still be playing, or back to playing, if she hadn’t expressed interest. It’s just so much more fun when you can level up together, and always have at least 2/5 for a heroic, and just the idle banter while we farm, or do dailies. Her being the woman I love is just icing on the cake.

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