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Agents of the Bronze Dragonflight

So, BBB posted a pretty intriguing idea yesterday, and then followed it up today with some cool ideas for instances that could be run by this new faction. At the end of the post, he asked for suggestions on other stuff that could be included, and I’m ganking it for a blog post!

What I think would be really cool, would be to have this come in with a major content expansion, Wrath for example, and then have it use the old world to enhance the new world, and further the story line of the expansion within the background. For example…

Old Hillsbrad is New Again…Again
Our interprid timeline shadow ops discover that, while the brave heroes of the Alliance and Horde were able to foil the Infinite Dragonflight’s meddling with the Warchief’s timeline, they were at the same time secretly infiltrating Southshore, and corrupting the inhabitants. Their goal? To influence the children of Southshore, who would one day join the Scarlet Crusade as zealous champions against the Scourge, to turn them eventually to Arthas’ side. Without these champions to lead the Scarlet Crusade against the Scourge, the Crusade would likely fall before the might of the Forsaken, and would not be powerful enough of a player to get the Argent Dawn to accept them as allies in the battle against the Scourge when Naxxramas appears, and the Brotherhood of the Light would never be formed.

Our heroes are tasked with infiltrating the town, disguised as humans, to root out the meddling dragons. In speaking with the townsfolk, they find that a cave-in has prevented access to the Azurelode Mine. Upon investigating, it is discovered that the “boulders” blocking entrance to the mine are actually an illusion woven by the dragons, who sense the presence of our heroes and ambush them. From there, they battle their way into the mine, taking out dragons until they reach the end of the shaft, where they encounter a lieutenant of the Infinite Dragonflight. He is engaged and killed, and on his corpse is found a letter mentioning captives being held at Dun Garok.

Our heroes then proceed to Dun Garok, and discover that the dwarves stationed there are being controlled by the Infinite Dragonflight, and are forced to dispatch them. Making their way through the Fortress, they reach the final chamber, where they discover another agent of the Infinite Dragonflight holding captive the future champions of the Scarlet Crusade. He is engaged, however at the last minute he makes off in one of the dwarven siege machines, and our heroes must give chase, “borrowing” a siege engine of their own and pursuing. They are able to cripple the dragon’s siege engine, and rescue the children. It is at this point that an agent of the Bronze Dragonflight appears, promising to take care of the children’s memories and ressurect the innocent dwarves.

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