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We Bought the Hype

Have you seen it yet? Simply Recruit-A-Friend and you get all sorts of lovely bonuses. A free new mount! Triple XP! Free levels! Come on, you know you want to. The siren’s song of triple experience is too seductive to pass up. It’s obviously Blizzard’s attempt to encourage people to, if not do exactly what we did, then get anyone and everyone involved in WoW before their big expansion. Mmm, that $15 a month must be like mother’s milk, dripping in from all over the world.

I consider myself WoW-addicted, but I wasn’t sure how badly until I saw that advertisement and actually woke Malfean up to pester him to start a third account so that we could take advantage of the deal. It also doesn’t hurt that we’ve lost a few tanks and heals from the guild lately, so it just seems like a great way to quickly level up both. Plus, I get to try my hand at tanking while Malfean heals!

If the levels go fast enough, we likely will do another pair with him tanking and me healing so that we have one of each on my account and the spare account. Honestly, the levels are going so quickly that it feels like cheating. We actually dinged our first level off of the very first “go see” quest and made 16 levels in four hours yesterday. It’s crazy. Crazy awesome.

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